Wiz Khalifa – Look What I Got On (prod. Stargate)

blame it on Illy August 23, 2013

In celebration of the release of his new sneaker line with Converse, Wiz gives us the appropriately titled, “Look What I Got On” produced by Stargate. His upcoming studio album Blacc Hollywood arrives later this year.

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  • jus10

    What? This dude back to claiming crip again?
    Stop it dawg, stop it.

  • malcyvelli

    Pretty dope, I dig the flow switch

  • fuk2dopebois

    anything with look at me or look what i got on is for the lame saturated and for the groupies. sorry to the groupie ass niggas that dont want to hear the truth lol

  • wasabi mcgruff

    better than that look into my eyes shit

  • kiddjewce

    wiz snapped on this shit, give that man his props.

  • Some dude than took Wiz’s next title for his single.

    I’m a retire me a stripper. With Kanye on the remix.

    I’m a retire me a porn star.

  • This is pretty dope.

  • You can talk shit bitch I’m worth a million whaaa

  • OG

    lol you know niggas dont know rap when they say pop artist SNAP on records lol cmon lil nigga you were prob born in the 90s sorry you dont know what rap is

  • streetstreet67

    ^ chill out you sound like a grumpy old man and this is coming from a child of the 80s let a yung nigga cook dont be bitter #bebetter


    As talented as Wiz is he chooses to waste it on shallow-materialistic bullsh*t. Man there’s no hope for us in Rap. These white kids are bout to take it over. smh

  • RICH

    As talented as Jay-Z is he chooses to waste it on shallow-materialistic bullsh*t

    You can put a handful of artists names in that sentence and it will be true

  • Point of view

    I see it like this.

    I’m a fan of different forms of rap.. if I want to listen to something thats gonna make me think, I listen to Nas.

    If I want to listen to a more modern mc that rips the mic, I listen to Kendrick.

    If I want to listen just for the mood, the beat, the catchy hook, I listen to people like Wiz.

    Wiz damn sure aint no Nas or Rakim, but I feel like theres different forms of this shit… I will say this tho. UNFORTUNATELY too many modern rappers are the Wiz type.

    meaning, too many newer rappers only rap for the radio. I still think we need a few more kendrick lamar’s, who have appeal and still deliver the message.

  • King Will


    You sound like a disgruntled hipster if you do not like this type of music then cool, but calling people groupies. There are far more kendrick stans than Wiz talk about that, oh you won’t because you probably happen to be one of them. Stop with the better bullshit.