Busta Rhymes Shoots Video For “I Wanna Thank You”, Features Kanye West, Q-Tip & Lil Wayne

blame it on JES7 August 24, 2013

Photo courtesy of MissInfo

We saw a teaser trailer for E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2, Busta’s follow up to 2012’s Year of the Dragon and the sequel to E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event). Since then, not much info has popped up on the upcoming album. Until Miss Info snapped the above photo of Bus, ‘Ye and Q-Tip on the set of the video shoot for “I Wanna Thank You” which features all three aforementioned artists and Lil Wayne. Hit the jump for a BTS IG video.

  • Fish

    I am going to be honest: this new Busta Rhymes project is going to have to be a straight-up classic album;, no flaws, fillers, stupid features, or anything deemed “not dope” for me to give him his respect back as a legendary MC. I’ve been completely disappointed in him since like “What’s it Gonna Be” w/ Janet Jackson due to his catalog from like ’02 to right now. I’m sure you guys can feel me on this, man.

  • JHP

    ^^^^Well if you consider “Twerk It” as a flawless, non-filler, non-stupid feature, dope song, then this album may just meet your criteria. You’re asking an awful lot of Busta though, damn, he’s just a human being.

  • Ashton

    I feel ya homie, Busta has disappointed me too the last few years. Trying to appeal to the radio and younger crowd who doesn’t really know about that real hip-hip and don’t know where Busta really came from. Calling his next album E.L.E 2, it has to sound a certain way and live up to a certain expectation for his *real* fans to accept it. So if “Twerk It” is what most of the album gonna sound like, then Busta’s gonna let alot of his fans down.

  • Jus10

    Starting to think Q-Tip is hanging with the wrong crowd. I know Tip and Busta go waaay back, but in recent times, Busta and Kanye aren’t rappers Tip should be around (especially Wayne).

  • Jus10

    But that sample video is CRAZY!!!

    …just so you know I’m not hating.

    Wish Kanye was about to spit some realness, but you know he’s gonna rap about botox or men’s lipstick.

  • Twins king

    Big Bang was Awesome!!! And Year of the Dragon had its moments My expectations for Busta isn’t at an All time high but you’ll get a few club bangers (he’s signed to Cash Money so look for a fe “stupid features”)

  • gregory kruxx.

    @Just10 Who the Fuck are you to say who Q-Tip should hang around. Are u is friend or family??? Im sorry let me guess you want things a certain way forever. Thats not life bruh. And Kanye always spit that realness you jus aint like the experimental over the type yeezus ish…get over yourself…u and all the otha hatin ass negative clowns on this site.

  • Fish

    @JHP I don’t consider “Twerk It” anything special especially since it’s pretty much the same thing as “TOUCH IT” off the Big Bang from ’06. Anyways, I think you’re absolutely right – I’m expecting a lot from an artist who clearly doesn’t have it in him to deliver a classic album. I just assumed someone who has been around for so long and worked with so many excellent artist (Tribe, Dilla, Neptunes, etc. etc.) that the least he could do is put together a collection of songs that are not only dope but not so feature/commercial heavy that sonically flow together in a creative way that someone could appreciate and listen to say 10-20 years down the line. You’re right, and I’m not being sarcastic – I truly believe Busta Rhymes can’t do it – especially being signed to Cash Money. What happened to Flip Mode or Violator from back in the day? He should be running his own shit. It’s sad really.

  • nigel.noir

    shut up, all of you shut up. I’m tired of suckas that feel that they and ONLY they know what artists should/need to be doing. fuck outta here. I have followed all of the above artists throughout their respective careers, all of them, and the thing is that music/artistry evolve with time….get over it

  • Wackmustdie

    Q-Tip should not be wasting his talent working with these wack, sellout clowns.