• Kiddjewce

    Respect. Can't argue with the OG's here.

  • H60D

    Whoever wrote this, grammar is FUCKED up.

  • 25th September

    The only thing wrong with that is it's to late for a respond unless you come with a diss as hard as Ether nobody is looking to hear a Kendrick Lamar Response 2/3 months down the line if you don't respond in the first week nobody is gonna care.

  • ballzdeep

    you see, the retarded thing about kendrick fans, is that they wouldnt recognize a better verse if it hit them over the fucking head. it can be a response from Fab, nas, the ghost of biggie...doesnt matter ....dick riding kendrick stans will always side with him.

  • T-Luv

    Do there wrists hurt? Isnt that what the ice is for?

  • Bullets

    People are simple minded nowadays as far as hiphop is concerned! Its been so many years of wack rap that an ok verse creates a frenzy. No one has to literally respond to KDot smh he was being lyrical a proper response wouldnt be an "Addressed to," record or a diss record a proper response would just be a great record with great verses. Yes some things are subliminal but everything isnt a diss! saying someones name isnt always a diss refrencing other rappers isnt always a diss smh I used to think rappers were dicks now i know its really the fans

  • limpwristfags

    da fuck deez niggaz loook like straight up FAGS...smh...

  • naoshad

    this is a sign of the times for hip hop, and to a lesser extent the entire music industry. releasing and finding music is now a 5 second wait. listeners are pretty much spoiled by the frequency of new content and the availability of "exclusives." The days of the radio and CD made a hot verse or a diss song so much more valuable. If you wanted to hear takeover, you had to wait for the DJ to drop it, if you wanted ether in your library, you had to buy a copy of stillmatic. the internet has been a blessing and curse for this genre.

  • naoshad

    @limpwristfags yeah they do look like they want some dick

  • fritzln

    "twitter fans" as if their aren't real humans on twitter