• Lord Quas

    This track HITS . Action x Premier is beautiful

    oh ya, Joe was cool, lol

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    I like how Fat Joe (CRACK TATS) has the most authentic tag on that wall.... Anybody saying he ain't real hip hop can eat a dick after seeing that

  • r/lgij

    Action writes also Action Smart Crew

  • marty mcfly

    CRACK !!! Action should've did a Kendrick response over the Control beat.

  • No One

    Premo is NOT in his prime . . .
    Lame beat. Every time someone gets a Premo track
    I just hope hope hop dat the beat's good,
    dat Joey Badass track was dope tough, but this beat? Nah.

  • just a person

    I like how this shit doesn't work. it's straight silence. link fix please

  • JC

    Wow! Those cuts are vicious!!! Also glad to see Fat joe back on his BX grimey shit.

  • will

    Good god this is CRACK!

  • Njpitlife

    This shit is tough!! Fuck what all these cornballs is saying

  • kamu

    Classic ny Shit.

  • meh

    sounds like action wrote the whole song. not premios best beat, its ok not a classic or anything....

  • Wackiness out

    Beat is mad lazy and uninspired, Sellout Joe was ok, AB was dope but I am not feeling the beat at all.