Joe Budden Announces New EP & LP

blame it on Shake August 26, 2013

Looks like things have changed since the release of No Love Lost back in February. Taking to Twitter, Joe Budden revealed that he’ll be following that up with two more projects this year that seemingly will have a different tone. Before 2014, the Slaughterhouse member is planning to drop both the Some Love Lost EP as well as the full-out All Love Lost LP this Fall/Winter. #MoodGodBack

  • cam

    Hopefully these are better than his horrible No Love Lost album

  • who cares

    @cam – Agreed. I wasn’t a big fan of that album either.

  • ssdj

    thx kendrick

  • jwiii

    Not Kendrick, go thank Tahiry & that young one who did the threesomes.

  • jus10

    Excellent. Joe been my favorite out the group. I think we all can agree that No Love Lost was simply a step in the wrong direction, but these new album titles sound like a return home.

    On another note, I think Joe is trying to capitalize off Eminem’s upcoming momentum. No harm in that!

  • jus10

    Gotta say, this dude is always pulling some fine-ass hoes! Word up. It’s funny because this dude dwells in so much depression, but girls love him! Wtf?

    I’m depressed and I ain’t catching this much attention. Go Joe!