• cam

    Hopefully these are better than his horrible No Love Lost album

  • who cares

    @cam - Agreed. I wasn't a big fan of that album either.

  • ssdj

    thx kendrick

  • jwiii

    Not Kendrick, go thank Tahiry & that young one who did the threesomes.

  • jus10

    Excellent. Joe been my favorite out the group. I think we all can agree that No Love Lost was simply a step in the wrong direction, but these new album titles sound like a return home.

    On another note, I think Joe is trying to capitalize off Eminem's upcoming momentum. No harm in that!

  • jus10

    Gotta say, this dude is always pulling some fine-ass hoes! Word up. It's funny because this dude dwells in so much depression, but girls love him! Wtf?

    I'm depressed and I ain't catching this much attention. Go Joe!