Joey Bada$$ - Killuminati pt.2 (Kendrick Response)


After sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Joey Bada$$ finally decides to rep "4 brklyn" and deliver his official response to Kendrick Lamar's claims on Big Sean's "Control" with the Knxwledge-produced "Killuminati pt.2."

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  • KillaCam

    Finally a control response i give a fuck about

  • elduderino


  • jwiii

    why he using that wack ass gravelly vocals? He think he sounds hard? sounds like a cheap jay rock.

    And, this is coming from someone that thinks unorthodox is one of the best singles in the past year

  • Slaughterhouse

    ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzZ... This is supposed to be a response to K. Dot? Wow, lol. Yeah, well no one should ever be scared of getting in a rap beef with Not-So Bada$$ if these are the type of bars you'll get in response.

  • cinematic91

    this shit is fucken wak... what kind of response is this weeak shit

  • Starks

    joey badass needs to stop acting like he's was a part of the golden era... seriously. yet another weak response.

  • Frost

    Bootleg Jay Rock sound/flow...


  • mks


  • Lowkey

    I'm sorry.. but this shit is HOT GARBAGE!


    joey > dot

  • Sir Anomaly

    I was really excited to hear that Joey made his response. Then I heard the song.....

  • MyFiddyCents

    lyrical posturing. No ones actually gone at K.Dot. Someone needs to offend this guy.

  • Mitas

    @MyFiddyCents - Papoose went at Kendrick pretty hard. Not the best response, but he definitely tried to offend.

  • 4thumbsDOWN

    i wish i had more hands

  • gt

    listening to this just made me delete all of my joey

    caution tape great
    1999 fucking great
    pro era superb
    summer knights wtf
    this shit wtffffff

    he had so much potential he shouldve sign to hov and have guidance he has lost his guidance since steez died n fell off

  • http://FuckinHoes! FuckinHoesAllDay

    lmfao Killumuinati? they´re in this bitch tooo....

  • P!

    There's only 1 Joey that's bad ass

  • tre

    @P!, exactly my comment

  • kl

    joey badass>joe budden

  • notahatertho

    Joey and Kendrick are both in my top 5 rappers (in the game right now) and i gotta say, kendrick won this one hard. that hook was just weak.great to do the shoutouts, but make it rhyme next time. and his voice is really starting to fall off. go back to your 1999 style man, dont sound so gravely and pissed

  • Lownbehold

    Dafuq yall talkin bout? This shit is dope as hell...Beat and lyrics.

  • danny

    That beat is so smooth. Not the beat for a "diss track" though. Came off too soft. Perfect track as a stand alone song, but not for a diss.

    I do really like it, but not a diss vibe

  • Descry

    Something about the cadence is irritating about Joey's flow on this track. Nails on a chalkboard-like.

  • J_Sizzle

    I'm not sure what the fuck this kid is on to compare himself to some of the greatest. Saying he's Biggie, Pun, L and Pac all in one.

    Go kill yourself Joey Bada$$

  • J_Sleazy

    Joey Bada$$ sounds like the Down Syndrome Rapper.

  • beastcoast!?!?

    3 weeks later for this!? If you Niggas don't stop overrating this dude...

  • Mr. T

    Good shit bada$$. This is hip hop fuck yall niggas

  • Mr. T

    Yall niggas too slow to understand badass. Yall stick to that mainstream bullshit...Beastcoast nigga........LongLiveSteez

  • King Will

    A lot of kendrick stans on this site, give credit where it is due this dude bought bars. He bodied this shit. I read some dudes said this is not a diss vibe, a diss does not have to be loud and mundane, hello 90's anyone? His voice sounds annoying af, but you listen to kendrick his voice is even more annoying, especially with the needless rifts.

    I know many so called hip-hop fans are contradictive in their approach to music. For example the hip-hop purist, they say they want one thing and then they get a full embodiment of it, and now they act brand new. His voice is straight up 90's inspired hip-hop for all the fake 90's inspired fans on this site. He sounds more closer to Big L and Nas than kendrick so why the hate?

    What is so mind blowing about kendrick that we hate other good lyrical rappers who are around about, or even better than him. I hear so many people argue that they want lyricism in their music again, they are getting it but people are dick riding one average MC.

  • maj

    first time iv checked for this dude...

    is this really what hiphop heads listen to these days??

    insomnia cure

  • JEFFe

    I been waitin for this one right here.

  • JEFFe

    a good track, but lackluster as a dis

  • Bobby Row

    @King Will

    "A lot of kendrick stans on this site, give credit where it is due this dude bought bars. He bodied this shit."

    "His voice sounds annoying af, but you listen to kendrick his voice is even more annoying, especially with the needless rifts."

    "He sounds more closer to Big L and Nas than kendrick so why the hate?"

    "What is so mind blowing about kendrick that we hate other good lyrical rappers who are around about, or even better than him. I hear so many people argue that they want lyricism in their music again, they are getting it but people are dick riding one average MC."

    LMAO!!! Nobody gonna listen to you. You're originally called yourself "biggin' up" Joey, but your post is completely anti-Kendrick. You were mentioning "dick riders," but you just rode Kendrick by mentioning his name more than any other comment in here. Kendrick is dope, Joey had a little bit of notice, but he's not what we THOUGHT he was. The diss is trash, and now we're moving on.....

    I can't stand this new breed of hip hop "fans." First, they ride with a nigga until he gets to the top, then all of a sudden it's hate. This is why the South is still dominating the game; they just make dope ass club music that everyone can move their asses to. That way it's impossible to hate. The only people who hate that kinda music are bum ass niggaz who don't go no where. 100 Troof.

  • the realest

    Lmao co-sign @ king will. And I dont listen to Joey or Kendrick. French Montana my leader of the new school. Yeah i said it. But king will whole statement was on point and dead on.

  • hova scotia

    illuminati got ya mind soul and ya body

  • 9uknoww

    Joey sounds like Dot in this shit. give it up mayne

  • 9uknoww

    he sounds like Steez too. bitin ass

  • hova scotia

    "i do it all for dumb"

  • chillgod

    would be tight if it wasn't supposed to be a response/diss record...

  • knowledgeisking

    Both kendrick and joey badass are overrated. Pac dissed the whole industry on against all odds in 96, yet cats make it seem like kendrick doing something new. Immortal Technique, MF DOOM, Hieroglyphics, and so many other underground acts, since the 90s and 00s been saying how wack these industry cats are.

  • hova scotia

    ^ thank you!

  • jhock420

    Kendrick can not be fucked with

  • The Real TC

    Welp, for a response to a pretty hype track, this was pretty snooze-worthy.
    Cosign what knowlegdeisking said. Kendrick is a good rapper, but more than anything he is a good rapper with visibility. If we paid as much attention to some of these "no name" rappers as well as the known underground cats, we might actually change our tune as a hip hop community about who is the best and yada yada.

  • Zachariah

    I wasn't feeling Summer Knights as much as 1999, and this is lame. He needs to focus on a retail album and take his time.
    Don't get ahead of yourself and start putting out mediocre shit.

  • amowens33

    Why is he rapping the Batman voice?

  • Sam

    ^^^ not as bad as Kendrick's voice. It's pretty hilarious to picture little 5'6" Kendrick Lamar actually speak in that crazy ass voice he creates to make himself sound harder.

  • Roll

    Why do people expect the responses to be going at Kendrick? Especially has Kendrick hasn't actually got at anyone's head directly, if Joey was to come back with a straight response going at Kendrick everyone would be saying he didn't go directly at him. It's not a Eminem/Ja Rule situation or Game/50 Cent

  • Eazel

    Kdot is a great popmusik MC.
    But Bada$$ is for the real headz.
    To many kendrick groupies on this.

    "Underground lives forever. We just like roches, never dying always livin" GURU

    Greetings from Germany

  • gregory kruxx.

    @Eazel Premier said that on moment of truth not Guru your homework...
    KDot is far from a popmusic mc too you clown niggah...Have you not listened to anything he has every put out!!!!????
    You sound real mention Hiii Power and pop in the same sentenece just sounds stupid to be on sum ignant ish mang...
    Kendrick and Joey are dope...point blank...but you never listened ta overly dedicated or the kdotep or section80 or gkmc with those comments...

    kill yourself..

  • Billy

    Damn there sure are a lot of Kendrick dick suckers. Joey Bada$$ is a much better rapper than Kendrick but Joey's lyrics go over a lot of simple minded niggas heads lol. This track was weak though.

  • KillaCam

    "please don't leave your comment unless you are up to par"

    Thats for everyone who missed about half the punchlines. He did not go for the throat, but if you listen to control neither did kendrick. And for anyone upset he said he is biggie pun and them rolled up I have no respect for your hypocritical ass because kendrick makes bolder claims all the time.
    No this isnt better then control. No this isn't wack. No Joey isnt falling off anytime soon and anyone who thinks so is going to look stupid.

  • knowledgeisking

    @gregory kruxx When you're on stage with 2 chainz and miley cyrus, you're as pop as it gets.

  • knowledgeisking

    @eazel What real heads? Like I said before both kendrick and joey are overrated. They're just mixtape rappers until they start dropping albums. Most of these comments come from dick riding groupies coming from both sides, who've only listened to tde and pro era, and think thats what real hip hop is. I can't front though these cats have some potential, but many of you make it seem like they're the greatest.

  • Rap G Neus

    Yall talkin about joeys voice... Kendrick dont use weird voices when he flows? This shit rides fuck yall

  • TreeWon’Oh

    @Bobby Row That's a really ignorant and sterotypical statement about cats who aren't into that type of music! So is it safe to say people who like that supposed "dope ass club music" are those who spend their last on Givenchy, Gucci and Versace to pose in the club like they're balling but really on a budget? C'mon fam...

  • YouHeardItLast

    So many girls in here, another nigga doesnt like the artist you like(kendrick,joey or any other artist) so you call them 'small minded.' Oh, the irony. Why is every post a battle of wills over something so subjective as music? Why are you so concerned what other people enjoy?

  • og DanielReed

    I got mad respect for both joey and kendrick. but this verse just wasn't good enough to be a response to kendrick.

  • kingnigga

    i fucks with this track ya complain like young BITCHES


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