• Cam

    Not enough Stalley

  • Cazzie

    Got rid of the track wit Jadakiss? Oil Money?

    • Cramp


  • Dashboard

    Nothin but throw always and give me that shit for this album good move to milk the label for a check

  • http://twitter.com/hayabusaage hayabusa

    less gunplay more stalley please....at least he got a solo track.

  • jwiii

    stalley probably won't be affiliated long. can't see him moving units they why they want them to

  • RIP

    Ready to hear some unreleased lil Snupe!

  • baunique

    Stalley will bounce soon.

  • three

    track 7 please!


    Torch has got a feat. he must be made up .lol


    its funny they have so many features from a group that has so many people in. how many features did those gunit or dip set albums have

  • wackness


    I just checked on Wikipedia. They had maybe 2 features between all 4 Dipset and G-Unit albums combined.

  • brad stevens

    theres some WAAAACK ass features on here

  • Animal

    Too much Stalley

  • http://hiphopvancouver.com Realtalk82

    Poor Decisions is probably the best record on the album and it's been out for months!!!

  • Dutchboi

    How do they have Fabolous TWICE on the album and Stally online ONCE, doesn't make sense. especially because stally is one of the dopest out of the whole group.