The LOX – Too Hot (prod. Scram Jones) (Video)

blame it on Meka August 27, 2013

Can The Lox drop a new album before I move on to the next realm, please? Props to Splash for this. UPDATE: And just like that, the official video has been released as well. Watch it above and check out some behind-the-scenes footage below.

  • belve10

    at least 3 months too late. This would have gotten spins at least on NY radio.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Obviously you didn’t listen to the song and just read the title so the song is not 3months late and no way this would get consistent play cuz it’s a dark street song talking bout street shit. Song is a “summertime song” it’s hood shit. Anyway, the song is hot!

  • SnIpEs

    This better be a sign of whats to come

  • who cares

    Damn this was dope. That beat had my head bobbin’ like no other. These dudes really need to release a new album already.

  • Rock

    Yo I love the song but for REAL. Will someone tell people to DEAD these minute plus stupid intro’s to videos? I know there’s no more TV format that matters anymore but seriously, the super long intros, stupid intermittent breaks during the songs just fuck up the flow of the whole song. Just get into the song, let it rock and get the fuck out. Jesus Christ, who is making decisions these days? I swear, A&R’s were an underrapreciated asset. Rappers need someone to edit they shit nowadays. / rant off/

  • Rock

    ^ That being said…. I can’t fucking WAIT for a new LOX album.

  • then go to the next realm…do us all a favor

  • “almost had twins I could feel it in the skeet’ WOOOOOOOO! #LOX #FIYAH

  • mo

    video was wack – song was decent – BUT GLAD TO SEE LOX BACK WORKING AGAIN! Hope the album beats and flows r good.The game needs a real good album from them.

  • d-bo

    Now this shit knocks. Fuck “new” rap when this shit still being released.

  • jus10

    People love global warming. lol

  • mazoomy

    Fuuuuuuck… dat beat… on some Wu-Tang kinda shit…

    Need dat LOX album…