Madchild – Blood Beast (Video)

blame it on Shake August 28, 2013

After chopping it up with Nardwuar earlier this week, Madchild hits us with a new video from his recently-released Lawn Mower Man LP.

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  • tictac

    shit is
    C O R N Y
    annoying ass voice,
    and cliche “real hiphop” lyrics..
    pure weak.
    ya’ll need to start posting zeroh up in here, if you guys want lyrics.

  • k

    this is not good

  • Nolan

    Madchild is dope as fuck your comments are a quack like a duck “y’all” must be dumb as fuck to think he suck. … Video could be better but still the best lyricist around

    • Shaun

      You guys all suck if you think madchild sux, guy’s got an unreal voice and can use metaphors like no other rapper can. Underground king.

  • chance

    Madchild is so fuckin amazing he is my all time favorite raper in the world

  • nick

    dope sick was the best. now he’s back on top and and his new shit stinks new album can suck a dildo.

  • Ryan

    Mad child is killin it how can any of you say he is wack?! Are you listening? He’s one of the best mc’s out right now he talks real shit not drugs money and chicks I hope he pulls a jay and silent bob and goes to all you shit talkers mad is back!! BAXWAR fam will never die

  • Mitchel

    Meh. I usually love BAXWAR… This was just boring.

  • Jason

    Dope!!!! van city baby keep em comin mad and fuck all those haters you got skills !!!