• L

    Hate how ima have to wait for the ps4. Ain't tryna buy this game twice. Same wit gta. That's how they get ya

  • gt

    appropriate song choice with it being lebron and all i read the sound track and they keep reusing songs which is not appropraite

    lmao and that was the first time i saw rose play in a grip

  • blase

    I only play sports games, Madden, Nba 2k, Fifa, MLB the show. I do not own any other genre of video games. Just some market research for ya

  • http://www.reupspot.com vick

    I play both.

    anyone interested in a ps3 league? I think Meka does 360.

  • yetti

    Sports games are wack as hell now. They are all the the same rehashed games with updated rosters and fanboys always think they are the greatest innovations in the world. "Yo did you see now you can see their leg hairs." OMFG.....MIND BLOWN. Fuck outta here.

  • skittles4hoes

    @vick I'm in. You referring to NBA? and @yetti there's not much more they can do to up the ante - especially in sports games where the foundation has proven to be successful. All you can really do at that point is elaborate on the detail and throw in more game modes. NBA and Fifa have almost perfected their respective crafts...but yea idk about that Meka i got numerous friends who play every sport game. I personally have NBA, Madden, Fifa & Tiger and play them all pretty frequently.

  • realtalk™

    I would almost buy this just to shit on the new Brooklyn Nets.

    But $60 is kinda expensive for what's basically just a roster update.

  • L

    Anyone planning 2 buy this shit twice or wait for new console??

  • mazoomy

    True dat, I play FIFA/PES and no other sports games (okay I lied, I enjoy tennis games too but don't have anyone else interested in playing so I never buy 'em).