Pusha T – Sweet Serenade f. Chris Brown (prod. Swizz Beatz)

blame it on Illy August 28, 2013

Now that My Name Is My Name has a release date (October 8th for those that missed the memo), Pusha Ton enlists fellow Virginia native Chris Brown for the LP’s latest single.

  • ralph

    Okay Push, I see you!

  • JeffKO

    Aight ok ok

  • Isaac

    meh, I mean I like Pusha T, but, I don’t know about this one.

  • Dope. #MNIMN108 is shaping up to be a solid project.

  • kiddjewce

    not a hit but it’s cool…. expected more out of this collab tho.

  • LA

    Drake will sell more, but this album will have better lyrically content

  • jeriogjeorgje

    yeah…” better lyrically content ” ..smh

  • Ok

    Sleepy music. Forgettable.

  • NYC

    Don’t have to be a hit…..IT’S STILL DOPE AS FUCK

  • LA

    @jeriogjeorgje Bitch you know what i mean ” lyrical content ”

    You happy now fag

  • gregory kruxx.

    Im so half and half on this…Pusha’s my guy. Probably my favorite Rapper/MC of the last 3-4 years but I dnt know about this track..I like it, but I dnt..It didnt make me go ohh shit…Not cause its mellow either…Sumthin aint resonating but I dnt dislike it either.
    I thinking myself is it forgetable??!!??

  • *shrugs

    For some reason i want some sweet lemonade

  • DoubleClutch95

    Rap Album of the Year!!! Bet your life on it!

  • HHH


    His name is his name.

  • k3

    now i want lemonade

  • “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”

    Pusha keeps putting out the same drug-rap riddled projects, and while his followers will love them regardless, he will never expand beyond them. I used to root for this guy so tough. Now I just half expect to be let down with more of the same. Here’s to hoping he releases a piece of work that surprises everyone, and in a good way.

  • no hate on Pusha, Chris Brown or Swizz….but this sounds like a Swizz throwaway beat that should prolly just be a free DL release.

  • booooo

    same old drug raps! come on man, so tired of that shit. lets keep it real, keep it fresh and honest. the new guys like cole, drake, wale, etc, have changed the game. you gotta have more to say then how much coke you supposedly sold or guns you claim to hold. i wanna hear about this guys life, like real life. lame ass push! even his brother malice got off that coke shit!

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE. Bad kid mad city music

  • marty mcfly

    @boooo, I say that because the safe rap lane is already filled up with friendly rappers. There is always gonna be a dark side to the streets and “authentic” MCs should still rep that to a degree because its still a reality.

  • Joe

    weak.. nothing grimey about this


    back when Push was on the Clipse shit now this aint the same but its aight tho


    The Beat will put you to sleep…I like the vibe of the song but there’s just not enough going on to keep my attention after the first verse.

    All I know is Exodus 23:1 betta be on that album or I ain’t buyin it.

  • .

    ^^^ STFU

  • Verbs

    I think it’s hilarious how people like @Booooo ask why Pusha keeps doing coke rap! Have you checked his album name? It’s called “My Name is My Name” for a reason! He is talking to everyone that keeps asking “why keep doing coke rap?” His Name is PUSHA T (dope dealing Terrence)!!! He is going to keep being him till the Casket drops!! He wouldn’t have named himself PUSHA T if he wasn’t “bout that life”! HIs name is his name for a reason!

  • Tobias

    Verbs… Perfectly said.

  • i loved it :)

  • I hear Pusha and his twin are conjoining again.

  • realtalk™

    ^Pusha and (No) Malice are not twins.. just brothers..

  • B

    x3 Lemonades

  • Shawn

    I wouldn’t have been able to tell that this was a Swizzy beat. Interesting to see him do something new but still a pretty basic sound. Not a bad song at all overall.

  • Flip

    My nigga pusha t puts out a dope single and niggas is still hating… crazy