And Now, Kendrick Lamar Goes In-Depth on “Control” w/ Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg (Audio)

blame it on Illy August 29, 2013

Yesterday, Kendrick phoned into Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 to finally speak on the year’s most controversial rap verse and today, he’s phoned into Hot 97’s morning show with Peter Rosenberg to give a more in-depth interview on “Control.” K. Dot spoke on the responses to the verse, his intent, his favorite response, and the east coast vs. the west coast, amongst other things.

  • Kai

    good response from, Im glad tha he finally spoke about it, and did it in a mature manner, all love from him, people thought he was trying to stir shit up. he is just trying to make artist wake up and do better for any rap fans r

  • krow132

    damn it i dont have the right plug in at work. smh

  • mc604

    Great response. Mr.Lamar has a long career ahead of him, especially with a head like that on his shoulders. Don’t see rappers act like this often, just the great ones do.

  • @JoseRio29

    New Golden AGe

  • HHH

    Man, I want that new album from K. Dot

  • dagel

    sounds like shit. rosenberg needs to invest in some sort of phone recording tech instead of fuckin holding up his cellphone to the mic

  • D

    It sucks to say, but his verse was vastly overrated. Nothing really happened. Kendrick backtracked here. He said what he said on his verse then comes back to be modest. WEAKSAUCE!

  • Kiko

    @d the place where a true MC says what he has to say is in his verse and then let the other niggas talk about it. The fact that he is so modest outside the booth should be more reason to respect him. Also what do you mean nothing happened the Internet blew up after that verse dropped.

  • T9FTW

    His flow wasn’t even that good and he was repetitive. It wasn’t that good a verse, definitely not verse of the year. The MAIN thing was the NAMES HE CALLED. Shut the FUCK up already about this average ass verse.

    I’m a Kendrick fan, too.

  • Abe

    Agreed. the people blowing up this verse are the same people who think maclemore is a rap genius. His delivery is forced, and dude sounds nasally as fuck . his rhymes are completely unmemorable. ..its not KDOT thats so amazing….its his fucking label that funds all of this internet promotion in such way that makes it look organic and grassroots.. wake up!! listen for yourself….dont let a”viral” video or song make you think something is actually dope when its trash. and Guaranteed Phil Jackson was paid to tweet about the song- you really think PJ gives a FUCK about Kdot?? lol . he tweeted that shit same morning the song dropped….like Phils keeping his ear to the streets. GTFOH!!

  • These kids will hate on anything. Nobody paid for the internet to take the verse and run with it. Countless tweets, reposts, memes being created, IG blew up, etc… That was the PEOPLE. And his verse was amazing for what he said, not how he said it. It wasn’t the most important verse this year in terms of flow, or delivery or any of that. It was important because he laid a gauntlet down to the rap game to do better and be better. The fact that that goes over heads and people still wanna hate is funny to me. And you’re telling other people to wake up? The irony is comical.

  • D


    Meaning no rapper was harmed. The verse was supposed to “change” hip hop. It didn’t happen, and especially with his backtracking nothing will happen.

    Dude says he’s untouchable and continues to compare himeslf to Tupac on record, then says he’s a “student.”

    Say what you mean and mean what you say in the studio!

  • D

    and i’m a Kendrick fan and he’s not my favorite, but i’m rooting for him and all, but HE SAID sparring words.

  • truth13


    he comes off as weak with this. if you are the “king”, then be it. not just when u grab a mic. too many sheep on here agree with whatever comes out his mouth. i’m a fan of the guy, but some of the biases from these hip hop stans are pathetic. glad i dont associate with these weirdos in real life

  • eastny

    So what he says he’s a “student”, students don’t surpass the teachers like all the time in hip hop? Makes sense that he says he’s a student, he said he’s makevelli’s offspring, meaning he’s influenced by Pac. “Say what you mean and mean what you say in the studio”, who are you to say he didn’t say just what he meant in the studio? you and everybody else can only say their interpretation of what you think he meant, but he clearly said people took it the wrong way and now feels he has to dumb down his lyrics so people understand lol

  • Eastny — right? Apparently you have to walk around in an arrogant manner and talk shit in your interviews too!! Haha, haters gonna hate, as they say.

  • D

    C’mon don’t be so biased people. For every rapper you don’t like you try to hold them accountable to what they say/act.

    Look at what Kanye rapped about all over Yeezus, but when he goes on the Kris Jenner show and changes his voice EVERYBODY joked about it.

    If you going to say on a record that you think you the best. The next time you are asked about it, say you think you the best.

    What other rapper gets away with that?

  • eastny

    “If you going to say on a record that you think you the best. The next time you are asked about it, say you think you the best.”, There you go again putting words in his mouth, and hearing what you want to hear. He basically said he’s TRYING to be the best , like every rapper should….he said he HEARS talk in places like barber shops saying he’s already in peoples top list, which is true….this isn’t a case of people not holding someone accountable for what they say because he didn’t say what you said he said, this is someone putting words into someone’s mouth and not liking the response from something that was clearly misinterpreted in the first place.

  • WaLky cHaLky

    Silly kids think his raps are to be taken literally. This ain’t Chief Keef. This is art…

  • gregory kruxx.

    kendricks the truth..mad humble this dude is..gota respect it

  • bulletwithyournameonit

    Papoose is fucking Garbage Pail Kids. His “Control” response was just horrible. Somebody needs to Stack Bundles his corny ass up, quick fast.