Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On Chelsea Lately (Video)

blame it on Shake August 29, 2013

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After cleaning up at the VMAs and having The Heist go platinum, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sit down with Chelsea Handler to speak on the awards, how they met, the inspiration behind “Same Love” and more.

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  • marty mcfly

    I would dive into a pool full of AIDS infested needles just to put my name in a hat with thousands of others for a chance to massage Chelsea Handler’s legs with gloves on.

  • marty mcfly

    LOL. FOH

  • raw


  • Smh

    Lol smh the only reason this guy is getting all this pub is b/c he made that damn gay song

    HIP HOP is truly dead

    • Jay

      If u knew macklemore before same love you would know he’s the only dude worth listening to. All the songs that made him blow up are the ones that you and the rest of mainstream think are great. Listen to “otherside” “10 thousand” and then go back to listening to your “new pac” lol

    • Amypnw

      Really, because he made a song about marriage equality that’s why you think theirs hype. Haha you’re pathetic man, this man is changing the game and bringing a new twist to things. Get your head out of your ass and listen to his album

    • STFU

      You don’t know shit!! He was on his way up long before Same Love. And he is effing hilarious

    • STFU

      You don’t know shit!! He was on his way up long before Same Love. And he is effing hilarious.

  • Check

    smh, they act like he is the first guy to do this.

    • Michelle

      That’s because he is…he’s the first rapper to write a song about gay rights.

  • JustTheTip

    Some of you need to listen to the rest of the songs on his album. The ones on the radio are nowhere near his best songs.

  • J_Sleazy

    Get this faggot Wacklemore out of here.

    He is not hip-hop, he’s pop.

    Hip-hop hates you.

    • Alicia

      He has two albums before this one that are def way more hip hop. Back in the day I used to see him perform in small venues way before thrift shop… I do love the new album but I will agree with you it is way more pop sounding then his last two. Try listening to his older stuff

  • C.J.

    You guys are morons. Otherside Remix, Neon Cathedral, Starting Over, Wings, Kings? Those alone make him one of the best, most real rappers out right now.

  • KC slick

    someone with skills pops onto the scene and he is a “fa%%ot” because he doesn’t rap about slanging crack or fucking so many bitches? God forbid the MC doesn’t have a hundred bastard crack babies out there!

    content folks….

    • Goodwill


  • Marta

    I love you, Macklemore & Ryan! You guys are so awesome and I’m very proud of what you’re doing for America. Actually, for the world.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    Much love from Portugal <3 xoxoxoxo

  • jayu

    criticizing macklemore on the premise of him not fitting into golden era hip hop fans’ outdated and small-minded tastes is idiotic. he is a white dude who embraces white culture, his own culture, not black culture, and is very successful by doing so. fucking swallow it. there’s more to the genre and world of hip hop in 2013 than tribe and illmatic and gang starr.

  • Z

    Just because Macklemore is killing it more than anyone else right now he’s automatically pop? Try listening to more than two of his songs before you judge it. Him and Kendrick are ruling hip hop right now and the rap industry is more alive than ever, how could you say its dead because a few songs get played on the radio a lot?? All the other best rappers in the game right now (Kendrick, A$AP, Q) like Macklemore and are bros, so obviously hip hop doesn’t hate him…

  • yoooooooooo

    I know yall seen how his boy Ryan kept trying to talk and they played him like 1000x timess! I would have got up and been like “F*** this! IM OUT*

  • Juicy-G

    I want Macklemore’s blazer. URGHH!!!