• Cazzie

    Good Songs

  • Jack

    I sent this to Shake. Im glad to see they support the Underachievers. Peace 2DopeBoyz

  • Twlight Zone

    My boy Lex came a long way from the BMF days, great production and lyrics.

  • J

    Dope as fuck. Wow.

  • Eagle


  • Just My Opinion

    Classic!!! Spreading consciousness over these crazy trap beats. What more could you ask for... #BeastCoast

  • Juicy-G

    This shit goes harder than "The Thing" with an erection.

  • bkallday

    This shit is garbage...NOT that BK sound.. DuckDown!!

  • quas

    underachievers hungrier than ever! feelin these guys more than asap, pro era, or zombies..

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Not feeling lex Luger tracks

    Only feeling N.A.S.A guess I'm a fake fan because I'm not gonna condone Wack music as a fan(one of the last dudes who buys from time to time) that's all...

  • Joe.

    Melody Of The Free>

  • Jzik


  • Brooklyn-Boxcutta

    Makes me ashame to be from Brooklyn. This is fucking straight garbage on fire.

  • derrick

    Not good. I'm from Cali. Brooklyn should be better than this. Real BK keep fighting for you're good music, not this weakness. I feel that real BK sound.