Who Wants a Rocksmith x Curren$y G-PEN?

blame it on Shake August 29, 2013

On top of their Fall lookbook, Rocksmith and Curren$y also collaborated with G-PEN on an exclusive limited-edition personal vaporizer. I’ve got one to giveaway to one lucky dopeboy/girl and all you’ve gotta do for a chance to win is enter your email below. I’ll pick and announce a winner at random this weekend. Good luck!

  • Stax

    I need that g pen!

  • Waxy

    yoooooooooooo I want that shit so bad

  • Marcus

    Jet life all day…. Life

  • bones

    word up

  • G

    2dopeboyz giveaways >

  • QZA

    Love that y’all do this kinda shit every now and then. A blog for the people!

  • DxpeVura

    That Shits TreeDope….DAMN!! Its be more of a trophy then a Vape haha

  • Jax

    Maaan I need that shit straight up. Damn that shit is tight.

  • Shane

    Wow…I need this thing

  • tony

    Too dope! much love here!

  • hova scotia

    there shouldnt be any nopes to this

  • Wrigley Boss

    La La La La Life..

  • Fred

    I bet it won’t ship to EU… :/

    Jets tho! Audio Dope

  • Malcolm

    Gotta get that!!

  • Art

    let me Burn somethin

  • deebop

    Woooooo! i would love that!

  • Taite

    I need that in my life

  • i fuckin love rocksmith man some good ass streetwear. i love the GPEN all my nggas got one except me. id be stuntin on them with this green one. not to mention its from Curren$y fukk lemme get that dopehouse

  • VA phil

    Yes Please

  • Rick O Shea

    I’ll take and treasure that. Jet life!

  • Mcfilth

    Just Enjoy This Shit

  • baunique

    JET LIFE!!

  • Word Up!

  • SilentT

    Jet Life Till The Next Life!!

  • you

    I need something to smoke for Breakfast, holla at cha boy!

  • Eddie

    *raises hand*

  • Jermm


  • SummaKushLaude

    Need this for my higher learning when the juicy j scholarship falls through :)

  • Chris

    I really hope I win this.

  • Jay

    I need this!

  • Jack

    Oh fuck yes

  • John Amato

    Jet life all day

  • MeloD

    Jets Nigga now where haven’t we been yet?
    I dunno know, but we given out vape pens next!

  • Zane

    Ahhhhhhhhh, Need this to make my waiter job go by that much quicker!

  • ryan friars

    i need this

  • CABNumber


  • southernplaya

    i will be loved if i bring this home lol

  • Drew

    this is dope… #Jets

  • Maj


  • js

    This would help keep things incognito

  • X

    Need that

  • this would be nice

  • Maal


  • So dope I neeed! Hes about to be in seattle in a couple weeks too

  • DEL



    J.E.T. life, till the next life!

  • skittles4hoes


  • Bernard

    I would be happy to take that home.

  • John

    Please pretty please.

  • AK


  • Keith

    ohhh sureeee

  • I need that joint!!!!!!!!

  • Let me get that. I been down with 2DBZ since 8th Grade, and my last vape was SHIT-T.

  • Jets72

    Would love to have this or at least a sticker!

  • PJ23


  • i want one

  • Don E.

    Pinkies and Thumbs… JetLifer

  • Untuchd_Reno

    As long as Dusty Gonzaga doesn’t win!

  • MikeG


  • Jeanius

    *Insert stupid comment here*

  • Let me get the G-Pen so I can Just Enjoy That Shit!

  • Sohlman


  • datboijon

    That’s fly let me cop that shake

  • Dave

    Ayyyy pimp, send that to a Bama boy!

  • JL.

  • OG

    Trippy Sitckin’ at the table- smelling smoke, but they don’t see us!

  • OG


  • Perry

    Vaporizers, Flavors To Stabilize Ya
    I’m A Fully Baked Potato
    Spending My Cheddar & Chives

  • Joe G

    Trippy Stick please

  • JETS nigga!

  • killa


  • MnMaimer

    Jet Life

  • Daniel

    I need that pen!

  • Evan292


  • uncasked

    It will be mine…

  • Elden Campbell


  • Nick

    Hollow a mountain out, build a villa in it, Pimp, that’s what I’m talkin ’bout.

  • BigBabyJesus36


  • solking10

    That would be cool I never win anything though…

  • edwill

    yo hook it up!!!

  • Ian F

    Michael Knight SKIDIDIDIDI!!!

  • matt

    jet life. go giants though

  • dclxvi

    yung nino

  • Mac


  • M.Carver


  • Freddy


  • slowmo


  • make it back then we count it up, them other crews is clowns to us they lyin’ bout it, we flyin’ by ‘em

  • youhighbro

    dabs on dabs on dabs id love me a gpen :)

  • Abel

    When im not crumblin herb I could use this

  • Abel

    When im not crumblin ‘erb I could use this

  • Ravinbarbz

    My bathtub lifts, my walls do the 3-60

  • 4th&20

    Curren$y is the only JET I know that runs on vape #awwmarymarymary

  • jetsretweetthat

    jets homie retweet that

  • Sha-King

    Jet life is the wave get on it or get wipe out by it ya dig ..

  • Chris Gonzalez

    My bday is 2morrw..much love for 2dbz. Hip hop Kings 4 life.

  • scrose


  • Real Homie

    Never posted on 2BZ before but this site is the shit. Hope I win but you guys ignore the hate and keep doing you.

  • von

    I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soowooo

    let me get it

  • N


  • hell yeah i need that! :)
    greets from germany

  • J


  • this is pretty stellar

  • jtothehova


  • JLR

  • JetLaLaLaLife


  • JohnS

    Yes please!!!

  • alex norales

    JET lIFE

  • Need this

  • Master Lee

    Your a good dude Shake. The giveaways are dope. Jet Life

  • THe Kid.

    dope giveaway.

  • john


  • CP

    A G-Pen for a true G. Jet Life to the next life.

  • Phil Bernstein

    well at least my odds are better than winning Powerball

  • antone

    jets, fool.

  • mdz

    I need this!

  • zach

    george jets son!

  • david haim

    jet life to the next life….

  • waco


  • Bluz

    Hell yeah!

  • Qurel

    I need dat rite thurrr!!!

  • brix la flare


  • Citizen Kane

    Jets at yo muhfuggiin

  • Yes, please!

  • Alex Ranger

    this site is my crack

  • Nicole Wilson

    Vape Life

  • adam croghan


  • Nick

    while i’d like to say i’d put it up and not use it, ima have to vape out to some 2dbz tunes. much love.

  • Johannes Thorsen

    way too many ppl but shit why not??!

  • “Randomly” pick ME

  • scrote


  • chris

    that looks pretty legit

  • scrosepose

    good stuff

  • Ozzy

    A pothead College student needing that

  • I’m down

  • dramatik

    Def. need that.

  • JET


  • JoeDope


  • Druggachusetts

    I need this to save my lungs!

  • DOPE

    fly shit

  • DK


  • Mike Conrad

    The Freshest

  • Donny

    If ima life this Jet Life, ima need some Jet Ish!

  • AintNuthingChangedButTheAddress

    Yo! I lost my Jesus Piece one, and I from out that Nolia, so you know I’ll rep that ish to the fullest. Holla!

  • RedrumHippie

    eagle droppings

  • flip


  • DreDre

    Ill take it….come Seymore we have work to doooo.

  • yelland

    jet life 2 the next life

  • Bong Connery

    Curren$y has never let me down so you shouldn’t either. Lemme get at that pen!

  • I was regramming trying to get this on insta lol. Spitta been dope since his mixtape run in 08

  • DRE206

    Yo, let me hold that playboi!

  • Luis

    hook it up!

  • Esta

    Jet Life

  • disdatfiya



    the kid!

  • waruna


  • trend02setter


  • Calypsospliffs

    This is something i would be honored to even purchase if even possible this is pen is dope af a true collectable worth taking good care of…good shit.

  • Chase


  • Rene