Big Sean – 10 2 10 (Video)

blame it on Illy August 30, 2013

With his sophomore album Hall of Fame available in stores and online now, Big Sean sneaks out visuals for the LP’s standout banger, “10 2 10.”

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  • Kd

    SONG is dope. VIDEO is wack

  • MewLover34

    Real quick, who wants to pretend Born Sinner is better than this album?

  • DatGuy

    I could barely get through this album..

  • Quickstrike

    Lol I like Big Sean but I just fiund this video to be funny. If you’re going to yell you should have some sort of pitch and base in your voice. Just makes me wonder what he sound like upset.

  • MusicHead

    DOPE VIDEO. DOPE SONG. Too bad homie album was a slight disappointment besides “Sierra Leone” , “MILF”, “Mona Lisa”, “10 2 10”, “Nothing Is Stopping You” & “Fire” it wasn’t really great..not even really better than his first. Born Sinner is slightly better as well…coming from a person who prefers Sean over Cole.

    • Jarvo

      Wayyy better than his 1st, Better than Born Sinner and Yeezus imo it has replay value.

  • MewLover34

    ^Ummmmm First Chain?

  • dope shots of the HI-State… Very powerful area he filmed this in. Respect for sharing the Hawaii with the world.

  • Jazz

    This is a horrible album with no substance it’s selfish, it’s dull and absolutely nothing special about it..not even a lil…this is comin from a diamond supply limited edition big Sean shirt rockin in high school fan so nothing against him but he really needs ta stay out them clubs n hoes n get ta this music if he wanna make it in the rap game cuz the rap game is on the verge of elevating back to the 90s from artist like jay elect kendrick ab etc. p.s this will not get u in the hall of fame step ya game up Sean or get left

  • T9FTW

    I found this video boring. I would have imagined his adrenaline boosted by those nightmares, but nope. Okay song, not the best. That great lineup of producers was unnecessary for one beat. His flow (2nd verse especially) was the worst part, but, oddly enough, I still like the song.

    Hall of Fame isn’t phenomenal, but it’s SO much better than his debut.

  • Dolo808


  • TDE

    This album had to be one of the worst albums out next to trap lord & anything pappoose has ever drop!yeezus is better than this shit & the album is trash! LAME MUSIC

  • malcyvelli

    was hoping he’d do a visual for a better track on the album, this is probably one of my least favorite track on the whole thing if not my least favorite period, can’t stand that weak ass voice, I would’ve expected him to be surrounded by a bunch of beaners with lawnblowers and ride on lawn mowers judging by the hook lol, this whole track is just a no for me, video wasn’t bad though, just extremely plain

  • truth1234

    this album was terrible. this guy has become all cliches balled up into one rapper. just a poor mans version of so many different cats all put together. his flow is elementary. this album was a dud, i wont be checkin for his garbage again.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Lil Seanita. The male hair dresser’s favorite rapper.

    Worried about his cholesterol. He should be worried about the testosterone levels he received in the womb.

    Half woman half man ass nigga.

  • Fish

    So… You guys are going to act like this song doesn’t suck huh? I don’t care where he filmed the video, this is a horrible song. I haven’t heard the album besides the released singles and I don’t plan on it. Dude voice is cracking and sh*t. Y’all can’t be serious. He was better off releasing “Detroit” as his album if we’re going to talk quality and replay value.

    • Jazz


  • RwMcquarters

    This is hard to listen to.

  • veesky

    I was definitely expecting more from the album after “Detroit” and all the hype but I was honestly disappointed. Slightly better than his debut but not as good as “Detroit”.

  • x

    Clayton Bigsby you on point!

  • Mark J.

    Damn never knew Sean was that fit, dude is toned as fuck (no homo)

    Song is dope, got me jumping on my bed like a fool haha

  • Gifts

    ^I don’t think it’s gay to talk about someone being fit but I do think it’s suspect for a grown man to jump up and down on his bed singing along to a Big Sean song lol

  • Bradda IZ that is

    the video should’ve been in Detroit. is he even allowed to go back there? Hawaii is my home but he should’ve chosen a different song for the location. I could switch out the audio for Over The Rainbow and it would’ve been more cohesive.

  • gLC knows all

    wtf is hard about getting to the old Pali trail? the only way to get there is by car and you can walk for a minute to where he was. and has this boy not hit puberty yet? did the production team and all the engineers and Kanye let that weak ass moan at the end go through?

  • x

    Fit? Dude has no muscles and he is cocaine thin. Looks like a 11 years old boy. Broads be laying up with this dude wondering if they laying with a man or their homegirl Lil Seanita. Gucci Mane’s bitches asses weigh more then this dude. He be lost up in them hoes. Stick to the little asian broads Seanita.