Saturday Night Sexy: Khrysti Hill

blame it on Illy August 31, 2013

Twitter: @KhrystiHill/Instagram: iamkhrystihill

ATL model-turned-t-shirt line maker Khrysti Hill fits very well on the webpages of the DopeHouse and we’ll prove that to you when you hit the jump and check out more of the ungodly plump vixen. Best Saturday night ever?

khrysti-hill_01 khrysti-hill_02 khrysti-hill_03 khrysti-hill_04 khrysti-hill_05 khrysti-hill_06 khrysti-hill_07 khrysti-hill_08 khrysti-hill_09 khrysti-hill_10 khrysti-hill_11 khrysti-hill_12 khrysti-hill_13 khrysti-hill_14
  • YES

  • FreshSup

    That works

  • gt

    kinda lookas like a darkskinned beyonce in the last 3 pics
    but thicker

  • Dime Pounder

    Round of Applause for 2DBZ & especially dat ass. Well done!

  • brrrrrrrt


    Would fuck, tho.

  • adi Pre

    She’s fucking hideous. She looks like a horse.

  • Billy

    Body: 10
    Face: 5

    Still an incredible bitch

  • kiko

    this woman is a goddess. fuck the faggots. #thatasstho! #thoseeyestho!

  • weirdo!

    I swear black people would fuck a fat ass connected to anything.

  • SteATL

    Finally a chick with some kind of complexion on here. Light/Mixed chicks are cool, but switch it up sometimes. This shorty is a dime piece.

  • fo nigh

    it looks like 2dbz put some other girls half way down this post



  • Nicky g0iNEs.

    This dude @SteATL said shortys a dime… ya’ll must be fukin wit some trash ass chicks caus this bitch is a 5 or 6 at best.. This aint nice thick either..this bitch is fat..SMF

  • Code

    She’s getting old. Back in the day tho!! Check her out.

  • BEAM

    Finally, some chocolate, and some shape. Finally a real woman. lol

    Tbh, 2DBZ does a HORRIBLE job of maintaining any sense of diversity with this series. All you guys post are generic, skinny, default-faced women who are either mixed, latin or white and from Califlorida. The last brownskin girl posted was Bria Myles, almost SIX Months Ago, back in March..

    And to all the guys saying Khrysti Hill is fat and/or ugly.. For the life of me, I’ll never understand how someone could be attracted to shapeless, panckae ass, plain-faced, copy and paste shorties..


  • “Exquisite thick bitches who body bless us.” ~ Common

  • who cares


  • 730

    Yo, some of you dudes dont know what a woman is……

  • WHAT!

    ATL has some of the baddest females I’ve ever seen in my life, and she’s one of them. Good lookin out 2DBZ.

  • mazoomy

    The first set of pics look pretty terrible, but the rest are nice.

  • Pdouble

    You kno a chick got cakes when you can see it from the front..lol..I’d mash those with the wrath of Zeus tho in all honesty.

  • k3

    everyone got the jungle fever
    this the ugliest bitch in the past few weeks
    still would fuck/10

  • 4real

    “Gurrl.. I want your body, I want your body, cuz you got a big ole fat ass” – Kendrick’s Pops

  • Never thought, I’d see as many muafuckaz call a female ugly whn it’s quite the opposite. Quite obvious closet fags who still live with their mom, who call beatin’ they dick a good time, smh. Get a life, better yet some PUSSY. This woman is cute af, smh. 8/10

  • gorgeous rap god

    shes so thick bruh

  • Welsh

    @Ill Son – She’s not going to read what you wrote, you’re being a white knight for no reason. Not everyone is into horse faced, fat women. Just because someone has a difference of opinion doesn’t make them a “fag”. This isn’t elementary school, time to grow up. You’re wasting your life if you’re going to take the time to insult everyone who has different taste than you.

    …You tell us to get a life when you’re posting about masturbation on a rap blog at 6 in the morning.

  • metoo

    Shorty is ok. Just cut off her head, and take off like 10 pounds, she’ll be good.

  • Bleezy

    …Yeah best ever. Horseface or not.

  • Super Yams

    Too many honky’s have infiltrated hip-hop and related blogs. Talkin bout lose 10 lbs and she’s fat. Can’t stand you crackkkas

  • FakirWise

    Oh my!

  • Jonesy Stark

    Shorty favor Roxy Reynolds a lil’ in the early pics

  • 4real

    @Super Yams… I hear you on that.. true talk.

  • Terri J. Perry

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  • m.black

    Body is crazy. Nigg’s be hatin cuz they ain’t got a knife big enough to cut all that cake!!! LOL Good luk

  • i love this bitch her bluestarlive vids epic

  • jr

    thats a whole lot of woman… damn