Papoose – All Me Freestyle

blame it on Illy August 31, 2013

With help from some auto-tune, Papoose tackles Drake’s latest banger with his own freestyle over “All Me.”

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  • Papwho

  • jaydubbs


  • papwho

    Those songs he’s naming aint really him though, those are other peoples songs he rapped on lol how about making original songs that are actually good

  • Dope_Boy

    lol so now everyones gonna hate on pap because he went at a popular mainstream artist and his fans are angry smh what loosers

  • ogGreg

    @Dope_Boy shits so stupid, these dumb as fans have to pick teams, the other thing people say is, “is pap relevent?” So you can only like what people tell you to like

  • Yup

    lyrics are dope…autotune is not…Paps back!

  • j

    pap is relevant
    he made himself relevant now lol fuck can you say ?

  • *name

    whenever I hear the word Papoose I just think of a really wet sandwich. like if I dunked my pb & j in a bucket of water and pulled it out, I feel like it would come out a Papoose.

  • Bullets

    Last couple of freestyles was tuff except Control Just cant get over that “Funny like he he he!” line, Wtf was he thinking lol but this shit tuff

  • duke

    pap is garbage lets just be real. has no original work all he does is spit over other ppls beats. and lyrics well Bullets ^^^^ said enough. WACK!!!

  • i’m lmaoing at this guy’s career

  • Pauly D


    This nigga bout wack as fuck xD

  • Pauly D

    A-B-3-1-2-Z raps

  • Pauly D

    Too many beta rappers, now enough alphas

  • NYdreamz

    this guy coulda been something if he would of capitalized off that touch it remix…

  • scoot

    When you copy someone’s flow you just show how much skill you lack and how you ARENT the “king”. The freestyles he has lately, without knowing how artists came on them first and mimicking it, his versus wouldnt be no were near as (barely) OK sounding as they are now.

  • come2roost

    It would be a humiliationg failure for any artist to attempt to mimic any Papoose verse – verbatim or transposing their own thoughts. HE IS DOING WHAT ALL THESE OTHER RAPPERS CAN NOT DO. open your ear holes. The Most Lyrical Alive. King of NEW YORK. Papoose.