• Fish

    Man, hell yes! I'm pretty stoked for this to drop. OJ Simpson (Madlib x Guilty Simpson) is like one of my favorite albums ever. I never heard of Small Professor before but I wouldn't doubt his skill one bit.

  • jnz

    Detroit's finest haha! He's dope tho waiting for i'm, it's, on.

  • Dan V

    I'm pretty sure I used to work with Small Professor in the backroom at a Target outside of Philly. Jamil is that you?

  • Riz.anks

    congrats Small Professor!

  • stillfuckinlikebillclinton

    I want to hear that AG track

  • http://twitter.com/smallpro smallpro

    Oh shit, that was me! Wattup Dan! Look me up on facebook when u get a chance...Jamil E. Marshall. Backroom @ Target Plymouth Meeting represent, word to Kane.

  • Dan V

    Haha. Looks like you've come a long way son. I checked out the bandcamp page. Very dope shit. Congrats!