Jay Electronica Originally Wanted “Control” For Act II: Patents Of Nobility (Video)

blame it on JES7 September 1, 2013

Speaking with Vibe Media while out in Croatia, Jay Elec stated that the original plan for the most talked about song of the summer was for it to appear on his mythical debut album after being scrapped from Sean’s Hall of Fame (available now). The bigger question is when are we getting the fucking album? Props to Mikey Fresh.

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  • Sharkzulito

    Damn. A Jay Elec sighting, and we’re still waiting..

  • bobbyk

    Jay Elect is a fuck ass nigga

  • HarlemGawd

    This Nigga is killing me, drop the fucking album already! Please my Nigga! I can’t continue to argue for you like this lol word though

  • kiko

    he said hip-hop has been laying dormant like mother fucker you been fucking sleeping if you still working on that album.

  • hova scotia

    hes waitin for world war 3 to start so his shit can sound more profound and prophetic…EYE SEE YOU

    • B

      Yup ur right mans are not ready for that third eye rap. He prolly gon wait till the year 2020

  • JEFFe

    He startin to make me mad now. Put that shit the fuck out!

  • jus10

    @kiko. LOL!

    Glad it didn’t end up on the album. Honestly, Big Sean would be a waste of space, and Jay spit some mixtape shit. If “control” was on the album, I’m expecting that to be the weakest song on the project… Saying this so you know what our expectations are, Jay.

  • Juicy-G

    OOOOO so he wrote the verse before Kendrick wrote his and it was still up too par. Jay Elec is that nigga!

  • gbiz

    Jay Elec-Hannukah one ugly ass nigga … still waitin on that album doe.

  • tony

    don’t read into this very much, he’s just talking out his ass. check the bottle of jack daniels in his hand, he’s talking crazy. happens to the best of us.

  • t.bigums

    Album in stores same day as Detox! Neverary 31, 2113