Lady Gaga Debuts “Jewels & Drugs” f. T.I., Too $hort & Twista Live at iTunes Festival

blame it on JES7 September 1, 2013

During her performance at the iTunes Festival in London, Lady Gaga debuted “Jewels & Drugs” which also featured appearances from T.I., Too $hort & Twista on the DJ White Shadow produced, trap/edm-inspired song from her upcoming album, ARTPOP. Peep the video clip (albeit shit quality) here.

  • Matt

    always depressing when artists like lady gaga make better rap songs than half the game

  • yung

    ^too bad that’s not the case, as this is clearly just as generic

  • Fish

    Wow man. This is where mainstream Hip-Hop is at now huh? I wouldn’t say this is necessarily depressing like Matt said up top but it’s crazy how Lady Gaga just came through with T.I. – Too $hort – Twista and made a pretty dope single. Not dope like I co-sign it but dope like I know it’s probably going to be a big ass international single. We’ll see how this one plays out . . .

  • LA

    I’ll pass

  • who cares

    This is just… bad. The beat sounds really weird for a Gaga song (the way it switches up isn’t appealing either) and nothing really goes together. It just sounds like they threw a bunch of shit together and hoped it turned out good. I clicked play because I was curious, but this is a major pass.

    • mdj

      Who cares

  • fritzln


  • evil

    Her ass at the vma’s looked great.

  • Wicked22

    Ear Rape, fuck this ugly, talenteless dude.

  • J_Sleazy

    Lady Gaga’s ass >>>> Miley Cyrus’ ass