Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy September 1, 2013

After a short delay, Tunechi calls on The Weeknd, T.I., Chance The Rapper, Future, ‘Sh*t, Mack Maine, Vado, and Jae Millz, amongst others, on Dedication 5, the fifth entry to his Dedication mixtape series hosted by DJ Drama. Stream and download the 29-track project after the jump.


DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 (Mixtape)

  • e-meka

    Tunechi! baq tho..

  • 50

    few good tracks with t.i. , chance & the weeknd. the rest… alllll traash

  • brad stevens

    lil chuckee and lil twist might be the least respected rappers in the world. just absolutely nobody taking them serious in this lifetime

  • real

    drama: STOP doing these stupid ass intros where you pretend to drop knowledge, it might be the most annoying thing in the world, being dropped fake knowledge from one of the most ignorant, unintelligent boneheads in the industry. “you know, sometimes….you just gotta go out and get it….aint nobody gonna get it but you….they said we never could…..but we did it…a wise man once said…….your biggest enemy is yourself……” yo shut the fuck up! youre not inspiring ANYBODY on the wack rappers’ mixtapes you shout all over!!!

  • Fish

    Before this sh*t get flooded with spam a** comments, let us remember – this is Lil Wayne we’re talking about here. From the couples songs I could tolerate, I can see people enjoying the tape. A couple highlights, some wack interludes and a handful of horrible features – D5!!!

  • scrouge mcfuck

    due to real’s comment, i’ll wait for the drama free no tags version to come out

  • Jizzle


  • kiko

    he went in on that new slave track though! i’m feeling it.

  • Real_talk_305

    No lie Wayne did his thing. Wayne need to keep this momentum and put out another classic album.

  • Unbiased

    looking at the “Dopes” and “Nopes”

    you can tell his image has taken a hit.

    because lyrically, this shit is pretty solid. easily the best shit hes put out since No Ceilings.

    Not as good as No Ceilings but much better than Dedication 4 and Sorry 4 The Wait.

    people just hate Wayne now.

    he spits classic Weezy bars on tracks like UOENO, Levels, New Slaves, Fuckin Problems, You Song, Cream and Started.

    I give it 7.8/10. Little too many features other than that, solid.

    • t

      Good review.

  • cm

    I remember when his shit use to be something to be excited about. now its all about eating pussy and weed and its all said 1000 different ways to make it sound like the subject matter changed but it didnt. start rapping out something else and maybe ill listen, until then, ill pass.

  • randomguy

    I bet most of the people that hit the nope didn’t listen to the tape…


    “Still got that Rock” cold as fuck…he brought out that N.O. in him.

  • even the women?

    “now its all about eating pussy and weed and its all said 1000 different ways to make it sound like the subject matter changed but it didnt.”

    people who actually believe this crap have obviously never heard of rap. this is all the rappers you hate and love. Kendrick, Cole, Drake, Jay-Z, DMX, LOX, 50 Cent, Tyga, Big Sean, Gucci, Waka, Wale, Tupac, B.I.G., Ross, Nas, & Wayne.
    they all talk about the same fucking thing, some have just found what makes the crowd move in a different way. really the only person who I’ve found that doesn’t do all that shit is Lupe but the nigga is a goody-two-shoes

  • cam

    this is sooooo FUCKING GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!

  • Kd

    D2 > D1 > D5 > D3 > D4

  • hova scotia

    its the old new weezy, move along

  • hova scotia

    “these niggas wear dresses and you call me weird?”….he got some noteworthy bars tho

  • Billy

    It was a lot better better than I though it would be but still wasn’t great 6.5/10

  • MusicHead

    D2 > D1 > D5 > D3 > D4.

    The shit was hard from beginning to end especially 19 down..

  • Pauly D

    Seriously though, Wayne smashed and snapped on this.

    A lot better than his last two mixtapes. Hell, better than IANAHB2 as well

  • mz

    Is mixtape weezy back?
    lol too bad I don’t want to risk wasting the time to listen to it.

  • epod

    dude needs to take a break

  • malcyvelli

    lil chuckee is a real competitor with ray j for whackest nigga alive ya’ll

  • James Dean

    1. Whoever said D3 wasn’t the worst Dedication go kill yourself
    2. I’ve listened to like 7 tracks so far it’s not bad….But 29 songs though? That’s like 13 songs to many lol

  • Rezo

    If you want to hear 6,888 “pussy” mentions and not an ounce of feeling in the music this is the perfect music for you. This asshole gets in the booth and just says ANYTHING that rhymes or goes with “pussy”. It’s sad that his own fans can’t even realize what’s really going on. He don’t give a fuck about you enough to even take it serious. He’s just releasing anything to stay relevant without having to stress about making good music. SHEEPLES.


    “she said hit it from the back, I’m tryna leave that crack alone”… yeah.. hell no I can’t tolerate this shit.

  • the realest

    Shit is dope. Went ham on uoeno and fuckwithmeyouknowigotit. Niggaz hate that nigga weezy tho. He a legend already so it don’t even matter.

  • Terri J. Perry

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  • tobombo

    “i’m cooking up two quarters, bout to get rich or die tryin”! I’m feelin this tape already after his first bars. Weezy back!

  • Superman

    I’ll save everyone some time; Lil Wayne wants you to know he’s rich, has a whole bunch of sex, gets a lot of head and smokes tons of weed. There you go, that’s D5.

  • El Zany

    sigh same shit he always raps about

  • J_Sleazy

    Seriously, twenty-nine songs?

    I listened to about six and gave up, I don’t want to listen to twenty-nine tracks talking about the same thing.

    Maybe, if it was like fifteen tracks.

    Weezy has fallen off, just because it is Dedication does not mean it will be good.

    The best will always be No Ceilings.

  • the realest

    That nigga stupid. The whole point of the dedications and mixtapes in general is to showcase bars. Not trying to make a hit or a classic, or some prolific shit. It may turn out that way. But mixtapes are for bars. It’s the ones who can’t put out albums that do so in mixtapes.