The Weeknd – Kiss Land (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake September 2, 2013

Two and a half years after first catching our ears with the release of his House of Balloons mixtape, The Weeknd is finally ready to release his official debut Kiss Land on September 10th. And for the next week he’s given NPR the green light to stream the LP in it’s entirety. Take a listen below and pre-order on iTunes now.

  • good stuff.

    very Dark Side Of The Moon-esque. The only album aside from GKMC that sounds so cohesive. Feels like I’m listening to one song the entire time and he’s definitely matured his sound to the next level. My problem with it is that he doesn’t showcase his vocals as much. I hope he had a huge role production-wise because it sounds like the instruments were the main star here. if I’m being real, 6/10. I really like what he’s done here and it shows he has more potential before.

  • good stuff.

    more potential than before

  • nyc22

    This the dude from Counting Crows… right?

  • brad stevens

    i feel like every month i care about this dude less and less

  • malcyvelli

    @nyc22 I see what you did there lololol

  • yep

    Decent album, not what I was expecting. Best tracks are the singles that were already released.

  • LA

    This guy is so OVERRATED!

  • Me

    Album sucks. Feel like he didn’t even try. Super generic.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    This Album Sux.His Vocals Are Horrible.He Sounded Way More Polished Behind Zodiacs Production in his early works.

  • The album is great, he delivered exactly what he said he was going to deliver. If you were expecting a House of Balloons sound, you’re not a fan because he has said clearly on a number of occasions he was not making an album that sounded like his mixtapes.

  • Terri J. Perry

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  • this mainstream crowd is so surface skin its ridiculous.

    This album has deeper meaning than any pretty face singing on point. Fuck the Ushers and Taylor Swifts of the world if I can just listen to what they say for the meaning, you have to think about the Weeknd’s lyrics long after you’ve listened to them. If you think he’s simply talking about girls or his fans, you’re the same crowd that took Kendrick’s Control verse as a diss.

  • yep

    ^^True, after a few more spins this cd grows on you and this dude is far superior to any other R&B artist in the last two decades.

  • dante

    damn. this is super dope. his shit is so atmospheric.