Who Wants a Rocksmith x Curren$y G-PEN? [Part Two]

blame it on Shake September 2, 2013

On top of their Fall lookbook, Rocksmith and Curren$y also collaborated with G-PEN on an exclusive limited-edition personal vaporizer. I’ve got one to giveaway to one lucky dopeboy/girl and all you’ve gotta do for a chance to win is enter your email below. I’ll pick and announce a winner at random. UPDATE: We’ve decided to push the deadline until Wednesday of this week. Good luck!

  • patrick B

    Rocksmith x Curren$y

  • #JetsAtYourNeck

  • Patrick B.

    I need that! My G pen has been out of commission for months @June_sKinnyBlak

  • Terri J. Perry

    like Jennifer responded I’m startled that a stay at home mom can make $4942 in 1 month on the computer. Recommended Site… C­­a­­f­­e­­4­­4.ℂ­­ℴ­­ℳ

  • Ryan

    Where haven’t we been yet!

  • Gus

    in the middle we stay calm we just drop bombs!!!!!! 2DBZ

  • Wiz

    My nigga Spitta!

  • Dlo

    Jet life jet life jet life

  • Dope gotta get one




  • jetlife

    can we enter twice

  • tiiks

    perfect for that breakfast shit.

  • Ryn


  • sk8brdg


  • CABNumber


  • sk8brdg

    I ain’t mean to enter twice – y’all comment board fucked up

  • DonJuan

    Jet Life till the Next Life, Keep it Jet life wit the G pen.

  • adam croghan


  • G’sus


  • Zach


  • Al1

    Need 1

  • AS


  • dope boy @soundcloud/dopekneegrow

  • pelle


  • Z


  • JC

    Been needing one of these….

  • Merc

    This is live

  • ant coop

    jetlife to the next life

  • yung nino

    aye shawty

  • Grandaddy Purp

    jet lifeeee

  • laker6


  • dope


  • spitta


  • yelland


  • ryan


  • lemme get that Shake

  • Joe

    Gotta have it

  • zane poletti

    soooooo im moving to australia in 3 weeks, and this would make adjusting to down under MUCH easier

  • straightpathjewlz[at]gmail[dot]com

  • you

    Just hook me up ONE TIME

  • dabby dan

    fucking smoking weed is so chill

  • djns87

    Plz Let Me Win #BasedGod


  • The Renaissance

    This would be an early bday present!!!!!!!!!!


  • SEB

    maddhator @,

  • Flair


  • J


  • factac

    Oh yesssss jet life

  • Jay Cee


  • RonRon

    Lets go.

  • Joschi


  • Genesis


  • Rudeo

    i need this for the DOPE events! Show the Beast Coast Love.

  • Trolley

    Damn, this is dope. Sign me up

  • pedro


  • i need that

  • jernts

    jernt life

  • Maddmike

    Lets GO!!!


    J.E.T.S., fool!

  • Munchilum Biggums

    “i’m watching action jackson, in the palace smoking cabbage, just relaxing mixing hashes till i feel like i know magic” no idea why, but the second I saw a Jet’s G-Pen that shit just bumped on repeat in my head.

  • Manny

    Just Enjoy This $hit

  • Frank E.P.

    Bless it!

  • mastered the flow alaska cold, silent foot, assassin approach, high when I stroll, not even leavin foot prints in the snow, you know

  • G pen flavors, OG wax in lumps

    xsomethingmorethanink[at]yahoo .com

  • Awesome Ave

    My Favorite Artist, and my Favorite Smoking utensil!!!!! Sounds like a match to me.

  • Andy

    Love the G. Pens man. Bless me based god. tisaandy(@)

  • BT

    biggie smalls is the realist

  • sweet leww


  • Ondre

    Spitta would want me to have this, FYI. #JETLIFE #INTHECLOUDS

  • JMTL

    Any word on a winner?

  • Matt

    I need this !!! #jetlife