• Jlee

    I'm buying the album as soon as I get my funds together. I have to support somebody from that the city that is really making moves.
    901 we in here

  • hesusduece

    big sean sucks, just another drake clone, detroit needs obie trice back

  • Untuchd_Reno

    Ranked #12 on said list!!!

  • gt

    no bueno

  • ba

    Hall of Flop

  • Smh

    If a album didn't do at least 90-100K it's a FLOP!

    And who wants to use that bullshit excuse about illegal downloads while Taylor Swift and JT are doing a mill in a week.. The Hip Hop community ain't shit

  • evil

    Only white girls buy albums these days. Niggas about that downloading. No one wants to to throw money at these bs record labels. Artist's make money at their shows.

  • Sally

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