Exile - Zip Disks & Floppies (Album Stream)


Now that his new album Zip Disk & Floppies is available on iTunes, Exile offers up a free stream in the form of a stop-animation loop he and Tony Browning put together. Check the artwork above and head below to listen to "13 raw beats straight out the mutha%#kin MPC 2000 XL stereo jack."

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  • I remember recording beats straight from live piano onto floppy

  • read my comment

    now why cant blu spit on shit like this instead of that wack give me my flowers shit

  • Slim901

    I liked Give Me My Flowers... :{

  • QZA

    i don't even know what to say. this is unbelievable. i mean seriously, holy shit!


    Give Me My Flowers was on point. It's that NoYork! shit that was whack.


Drake - "Sweeterman (Remix)" [CDQ]

Several months later, the official version of his take on Ramriddlz' single is released.

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