• BigFigga

    lmfao mustve not got the memo

  • j

    DOPE. Gibbs is the best doing story songs. anyone have a link to Harold's????

  • da boss

    One day people will call Gibbs a legend…along with others Kendrick, KRIT, Cole and a couple others. How many other artists have 6, about to be 7, album quality projects? So what if the industry doesn’t fuck with him?!? I refuse to consider dudes like Ross, Wiz, Wale, Meek Mill, Tyga, Wayne, Drake, Ace Hood, Big Sean, Mac Miller, etc as legends. HELL NO! Gibbs been out rapping all those dudes and been getting a tenth of the shine. Gibbs = the King of the Underground

  • iLL

    MADGIBBS for the win ! but yeah give us a full album

  • iLL

    right : Piñata due out for a Feb 2014 release

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    lol mac miller

  • http://www.crowdkingclothing.com Mark B

    gangsta gibbs!

  • chea!

    Got to make room for the vinyl. Make 3 for 3 and room for 4.

  • Ray

    Gibbs is the shit..

  • http://asda wr

    brilliant...best shit happening in rap right now is this project full stop

  • Joe Bananas

    Yeah we gonna NEED that Gangsta Gibbs and Roc Marciano shit, together on wax... SOONER rather than later [aswell]...

  • HoeRunna

    Yo krit and cole ain't on this dude level. Freddie gibbs doin shit in a whole different league. Idk of any current new cats out doin what he does and how he do.

  • HoeRunna

    Yo krit and cole and possibly even kendrick ain't on this dude level. Freddie gibbs doin shit in a whole different league.

  • RoB

    Casey Veggies, Mac Miller?

    Gibbs is a beast!, Feb :-)

  • j

    @hoerunna Krit is, so is Kendrick...j cole tho, FUCK NO...Gibbs the best gangsta rapper in the game no doubt, top 3 of any genre

  • Evelyn M. Caddell

    just as Louis said I’m taken by surprise that people can get paid $9840 in 4 weeks on the computer. hop over to these guys… C­­a­­f­­e­­4­­4.ℂ­­ℴ­­ℳ

  • hey

    dat baseline!!