• quasiquasiquasi


  • Curalina

    Mez Phonte and Cole are the best NC rappers more than likely

  • King Tyrone

    clicked for Oddissee production...solid

  • http://RealerMusicGroupNC.com BombsOverBagdad

    Curalina, you obviously haven't heard of a group called Wreck N Crew from Durham NC. They're dope too! I like this jam though. Mez is definitely that nigga.

  • 1

    oddisee on some justice league shit with this, incredible production

  • RealSeesAll

    King mez is easily going to take the game by storm. Put another video like that Monte carlo out! Probably one of the illest most underrated videos i've seen!

  • Viacommmm

    Clicked for the Oddisee name and Mez surprised you eh. Expected.

  • Cinda K. Wright

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