Cory Gunz – Get Touched (Video)

blame it on the intern September 4, 2013

The Bronx native drops another street visual, off his Datz WTF I’m Talkin’ Bout project.

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    Haha man looks like he’s slowly dying in this video


    wtf happend to that aggressive, hungry fast flow he had?

  • Drugs

  • AR

    “I don’t give a fuck about life too much” That line said it all…this dude used to be a MONSTER on the mic….signed his soul away to the Young Money label…literally.

    Sad case man…

  • pick

    why the FUCK does he have a joker tat, and why the FUCK is he wearing a bulls snapback being from new york and why the FUCK is he not spitting.. this dudes trash whys he acting all hard if we all saw him being a little bitch with daddy pulling moves in that mtv show he had lol nick cannons harder than him hahaha

  • kiddjewce

    LOL @ the first comment. Sad but true, put the drugs down cory.

  • Hip Hop is back why the fuck did he not hop on that train?!

  • stupid

    The hook is not bad, Beat on fire. But them bars was weak has hell. Sounds like a Chief Keef record

  • T9FTW

    This new Cory needs a GBE deal.

  • muhahhaha

    LOL that indian at the start chucking up gang signs and a gun.. Fuck off back to the dairy cunt

  • Bamboo

    I find it quite humorous that the song is about “killing”, but its a bunch of niggas smiling, and dancing together in a basement.

    Fuck outta here!

  • Michael Rackson

    So this nigga think he hard cause he drinkin lean and got tats.

    You still a bucktooth dweeb inside, nigga dont even look comfortable rappin them goon bars