• who cares

    Well I'm keeping it on all my shit anyway. I'm not having two separate names for the same artist on my iPod.

  • Antinerdrap

    The industry needs to drop his wack ass.

  • Ralph


  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    didn't he officially drop it a few years back? ...

  • brad stevens

    This dude is really, really bad at rapping

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "didn’t he officially drop it a few years back? …"

    JEEZY was shown on a few single artworks but that was it.

  • Mac Dre

    @Starks @Shake I remember that too. He did drop it when he was on that single with Rihanna "Go Hard" and announced it, but except for a few single artworks, he didn't follow through.

  • Mac Dre

    I wonder if Def Jam was worried that "Jeezy" would get mixed up with "Jay Z"

  • Fiend

    Dude has had the same name for around 10+ years. He's still gonna be called Young Jeezy for the rest of his rap career.

  • j

    Stop fuckin wit dude since Gibbs left his goof ass

  • http://www.justintime410.com justinTime

    Hands down the most overrated rapper in the last 10 years

  • jeezjizz

    young jeezy -> jeezy -> jizzy

  • Stop

    smh this nigga drops the young every other week


  • Sally

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  • $tyles

    Ima miss that "YOUNG!" adlib though :(

  • http://2dopeboyz.com dsj

    Cte world