• Joe B

    Everyone better thumb this down considering Meek re used his verse from Travis Scott's Bandz.

  • rjs

    fab looks like a giant bandana

  • asd

    This is the type of "Hip-hop" that everyone should automatically dislike because the truth is.....if we can picture in our heads what it sounds like from the features. It's not worth listening to. FUCKING TRASH SHIT.

  • Shane

    Wow he re-used his Bandz verse...

  • bc

    french look different

  • JBsIlla

    Already legendary. Forever in the streets. Thanks Meek for all the great music XOXO The JB Boyz

  • Sharkzulito

    Smh. This is that new shit he was talking about? Ffs.

  • brad stevens

    meek mill in pictures literally looks like he has no brain in his head. just a dumb, blank stare

  • MusicHead

    Smh Meek really gon re-use the same verse he did on Bandz ..

  • marty mcfly

    Rappers re-use verses all the time. Calm down, bitches.

  • Fiend

    @marty mcfly doesn't make it any more acceptable

  • mad

    didnt listen only hit nope cause that goofy ass picture

  • Quickstrike

    This shit is straight basuda. "I be on that" on that what? Incoherent raps.

  • http://breezyexcursion.com eBagatron

    He "ain't" forget and he's gonna catch Kendrick on the intro? He better catch amnesia then cause he "ain't" seeing Kendrick at all.

  • rew

    niggas complaining that he re used a verse when he been reusing the same beats and flow for the last 2 years

  • Brainwave

    I agree with rew and asd. These cats call themselves artists but paint the same damn picture ever damn time. Some days I don't get why I even support this genre anymore.

  • Kiddjewce

    After the first bar I knew it was trash

  • truth173

    good music...for people without brains

  • epod

    damn that Future karate chop style all thru this track