Meek Mill – I Be On That f. Nicki Minaj, Fabolous & French Montana

blame it on Illy September 4, 2013

Meek will bring us the third installment of his Dreamchasers mixtape series on September 29th and has decided to gear us up for the release with the first leak off the project. Listen to the Nicki Minaj, Fabolous and French Montana-featured “I Be On That” below. UPDATE: Explicit/NoTags version added. And for those wondering if Meek was gonna respond to Kendrick, look out for the project’s intro.

  • Joe B

    Everyone better thumb this down considering Meek re used his verse from Travis Scott’s Bandz.

  • rjs

    fab looks like a giant bandana

  • asd

    This is the type of “Hip-hop” that everyone should automatically dislike because the truth is…..if we can picture in our heads what it sounds like from the features. It’s not worth listening to. FUCKING TRASH SHIT.

  • Shane

    Wow he re-used his Bandz verse…

  • bc

    french look different

  • JBsIlla

    Already legendary. Forever in the streets. Thanks Meek for all the great music XOXO The JB Boyz

  • Sharkzulito

    Smh. This is that new shit he was talking about? Ffs.

  • brad stevens

    meek mill in pictures literally looks like he has no brain in his head. just a dumb, blank stare

  • MusicHead

    Smh Meek really gon re-use the same verse he did on Bandz ..

  • marty mcfly

    Rappers re-use verses all the time. Calm down, bitches.

  • Fiend

    @marty mcfly doesn’t make it any more acceptable

  • mad

    didnt listen only hit nope cause that goofy ass picture

  • Quickstrike

    This shit is straight basuda. “I be on that” on that what? Incoherent raps.

  • He “ain’t” forget and he’s gonna catch Kendrick on the intro? He better catch amnesia then cause he “ain’t” seeing Kendrick at all.

  • rew

    niggas complaining that he re used a verse when he been reusing the same beats and flow for the last 2 years

  • Brainwave

    I agree with rew and asd. These cats call themselves artists but paint the same damn picture ever damn time. Some days I don’t get why I even support this genre anymore.

  • Kiddjewce

    After the first bar I knew it was trash

  • truth173

    good music…for people without brains

  • epod

    damn that Future karate chop style all thru this track