Boldy James – Jammin’ 30: In the Morning (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 5, 2013

Detroit’s Boldy James links up with too many DJs DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ray Ya Dig and DJ BJ 3525 for his latest mixtape offering. 17-new tracks for y’all to jam to until his Alchemist-produced album, My 1st Chemistry Set, drops on October 15th. Stream/download below.


DOWNLOAD: Boldy James – Jammin’ 30: In the Morning (Mixtape)

  • alexander

    excited to hear this, loved cosignment

  • Bongwater

    damn I like Boldy but he needs to learn to stand on his own…

    literally every song after the first one has at least one feature on it

    and its a bunch of nobodies…. come on Boldy

  • ATM

    boldy blocks is dope.. but the amount of features is turning me off it aint bad to put yo homies on ..but damn my nigga you should have 1 a song .. if i wanted yo hear these niggas id go download they shit lol i wanna hear boldy

  • ski

    This nigga wack af …ppl still smoke crack? ouldn’t make it pass the bbq fritos in his pocket. wtf can a nigga like this spit that I aint already heard. Ok I get it another nigga keeping us from ever having unity in our neighborhoods big fucking deal.

  • D-Boy Frosh

    I have been listening to Boldy for a while now. One of my favorite cuts is HBO (Hell Block Original) on his Consignment album. The song’s only flaw, FUCKING WACK ASS FEATURES! Quit putting all these pussy ass fuck boys on your shit! Them niggas sound horrible! I know you want to put your boys on but, damn. Niggas trying to hear you not Kook Tha Kashcow, Yank Jones, & Poppy Bricks!