Russ – Color Blind (Album)

blame it on Shake September 5, 2013

The DIEMON producer-on-the-mic is back with another full-length offering. Stream/download below.

  • Zillis

    Russ fell off after SFL

  • KING

    @Zillis How? Russ has actually made better music every album he’s put out. Color Blind is a work of art. I’m in shock at how many Nopes there are for dude.

  • who cares

    Yea I’m surprised at how many notes this has too. I haven’t listened to it yet, though. Still, saying he’s made better music every album is a bit of a stretch. His last album was weak.

  • kev

    This is dope as fuck. Best album he’s dropped so far. Wtf r these fools smokin? Russ been had next

  • sedric

    not surprised by the nopes, 2dopeboyz is full of underground hip hop fanatics. russ went next level with this one. gonna be huge. wake up

  • Advance

    I’m guessing the other Nopes are for the same reason I gave it one. I just don’t really like it

  • ben

    i love this album. its the best one hes put out out. the other ones were all dope but this one tells a story. and the beats are nothing but extraordinary as usual

  • joshua

    @zillis that doesnt make sense. he just did MTV off his most recent album. color blind is sick shit though. dope story. hoes are the plague


    Russ coming for the throne. Fuck these whack niggas.

  • Squat420

    I sat there stairing at my screen for like 5 minutes waiting for the album art to load.

  • MariaX48

    I dont know what you guys are talking about. This album is a love store.. he talks about how this girl and relating her to his drug he needs her and wants her. she is his addition. i think it is powerful and beautiful if you listen to the words. Amazing work.

    Number one fan.

  • Zill15

    Russ slowly fell off since SFL. Still doing his thing but wish he got back to what he was doing for that and Apollo 13. Both of those were just awesome and I highly recommend starting off there with Russ