Small Eyez - Jolly Ranchers


Snatching a beat off 14KT's Nickel & Dimed project (available now on iTunes), the ATLien offers up the tripped out "Jolly Ranchers." Listen below and let us know your thoughts in the c-section.

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  • Michael

    This motherfucker missed the point of the album about BEAT JACKERS. Giving away another mans work to try and get some shine - NICKEL & DIMED the man he pretends to respect. Fuck that and fuck small eyez.

  • smalleyez

    cool. Support Nickel & Dimed! which you can buy right there in the link. i ALREADY DID.

    small eyez.

  • Austin

    "Let's say you drop a project. They hear some dopeness on it and feel they gotta rock it… Might even give you credit like you was cool with it- like you had something to do with it."
    -14KT on the *first track* of Nickel & Dimed.


Nyck Caution - "Vulcan"

The Pro Era rep returns with a new single.

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