• Mucho Dinero

    I like how cardo is becoming more versatile , i can dig it ! Keep It Up !!!

  • Jays And Kays

    For real @MuchoDinero He's top 5 best producers right now , i didnt even know he produced Meek Mills "Levels" until last week . THIS NIGGA AINT PLAYING AROUND

  • Samson

    Shiiiiiddddd... homeboy gotta "EPIC" hit on the way according to his twitter . i wonder who it is or what it is . Cardo never lets me down when it comes 2 his production . and is he still Taylor Gang ?? I dont see him reppin them at all

    • Dylan

      Yeah Samson he is still TG. He was talkin a while back about a wiz mix tape all done by him and sledgren

  • Zone3UDAY

    Nah i dont think cardo is Taylor Gang anymore @Samson . he's focused on his EI$G shit from what i see... cuz i noticed the same thing

    • DAWC

      Cardo still is with Taylor Gang. He's just branching off making a name for himself with EI$G & is to help push the names of the artists he is supporting and merchandising his clothing

  • Asada

    Dope ass Mac Dre "California Livin" Cover.

  • Ray

    This beat was on the the new polyester the saint cd.. It's not that new

  • Pana Lama

    did u want a cookie? @RAY WHO THE FUCK CARES! still new to us

  • 206FRE$H

    mac dre u beezy

  • m.black

    Creez byaaaatch!

  • AndOneill

    This is smooth! Cardo dope on the beats, always good to see name on the production credits.

  • Ray

    pana lama is a bitch

  • DEEZ


  • justenjoythisshit

    Not showing any love to Polyester?? POP was dope.

  • soulife510

    aye so it's clean that he had a Mac Dre artwork, but if it's DJ Quik inspired shouldnt quik be on the cover? But that's the California Livin mac dre album cover right? so i guess thats clean...cardos groove is that california livin...TIP Ronald Dregan

  • Aston

    Sunrize, Track 10, P.O.P., dont be Lazy Cardo

  • http://antyon.tumblr.com Antyon

    Yeah POP was def slept on, Polyester deserves his shine

  • realdealp

    sunrize by polyester