Papoose – First Chain (Big Sean Diss)

blame it on Shake September 6, 2013

Apparently Papoose didn’t take kindly to the “who is Papoose?” portion of Big Sean’s recent interview with The Breakfast club as the Brooklyn rapper just issued a new diss track. Giving Kay Slay the green light, Pappy takes aim and sends shots Sean’s way over his Hall Of Fame cut. Listen below.


  • jeff

    I hate this guy.

  • miles

    papoose went hard at dude

  • j

    damn that was amazing lol

  • dom.G

    niggas nope this with out giving it a listen.

  • John

    Any response was bound to be a loss.

  • wat

    Papoose is the living embodiment of desperation lol

  • Damn

    Worst cover art I’ve seen in a minute.. Lol

  • A

    The real loser is the guy who’s paying for Papooses studio time.

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    it doesnt matter if the song is good or not, Papoose is a real bitch for doing this. Instead of going at people for no reason how about you make some good music. Papoose is just a fucking hater and bitter he never made it.

    • MusicIzLife89

      Fuck are you doing with ur life ya bum

  • atm

    This shit is dope and all .. but at the same time i think he media hungry cuz remy finna get out and he need some money to afford the lifestyle she come with lol … Lyrically its dope but it is quite “haterish” and uncalled for

  • koke

    Glad someone called Big Sean faggot ass out, dudes gay as hell

  • atm

    I would rather he Put together a Good Project to Prove he is a better artist that big sean than do a diss song just cuz of a radio interview.. why should it matter to you if someone act like they dont know you. make him know you by putting out good music instead of diss that He is prolly not gonna Listen to yet alone respond to it

  • nyc22

    Leave your eyes puffy like the nigga that made Ma$e hot…

  • Jumpman23

    If Kendrick, Drake, or any other “cool” rapper dismantled another rapper as bad as Papoose just did Sean the internet would be DEAD. I been saying it and I will say it again. Dudes are fans of RAPPERS, not actual music. That goes for you too, Shake.

    • ra


  • koke

    Cosign what Jumpman23 said, Kendrick’s verse on Control was below average, dont see the big deal in that verse, Papoose just murdered Big Sean but he’ll get no credit for it

  • Jumpman23

    It’s popular to hate anything Papoose, so this is whack. Fucking high school girls aka grown men on the internet. I’m saying that as someone who has never even fucked with Papoose. lol

  • who cares

    My response: Meh
    Seems kind of trivial to respond over an interview. I don’t know, the entire thing just felt unnecessary to me and nothing he said made me go “Oh shit! Did he really just say that?!?” It didn’t help that the beat he chose was whack as fuck and didn’t compliment him or his content at all. I don’t see this going anywhere to be honest. This is like Meek Mill responding to Cass eight months after the fact. They’re both (Papoose and Meek) just trying to garner some buzz around themselves. We’ll see what happens with both situations, though.

  • atm

    Im still waiting on nacirema dream too pap! claim his shit weak .. but atleast he put it out!!!!

  • If you didn’t want Pap to do this, then Big Sean shouldn’t have mentioned his name and dismiss him like that. Once you do that, you put a target for him to get at you.

  • jumpman23

    Here is proof dudes only like rappers and not the actual MUSIC. Read these lyrics from Kendrick’s Control verse and tell me how they make any fucking sense. Dude just rambles fast and therefore he’s dope. lol

    “Who tryna jump and get it? You’re better off tryna skydive
    Out the exit window of 5 G5’s with 5 grand
    With your granddad as the pilot he drunk as fuck tryna land
    With the hand full of arthritis and popping prosthetic leg
    Bumpin Pac in the cockpit so the shit that pops in his head
    Is an option of violence, someone heard the stewardess said
    That your parachute is a latex condom hooked to a dread

  • wat

    @koke: Lol Kendrick’s Control verse was below average, but this was hot? I fucking hate people who go against popular opinion simply because popular opinion is popular.

  • koke

    @wat, the only reason it was hot is because he called out all those rappers, if he dont mention all them names bet he gets no buzz and no one is talking about that verse

  • wat

    Papoose didn’t murder Sean at all. This was one of the most unlyrical disses I’ve heard. He basically called Big Sean feminine in as many ways he could think of. Please get off Pap’s dick. He could rap his ass off in his Alphabetical Slaughter days, but lately he’s been INCREDIBLY wack. His Kendrick diss was a disgrace. This diss was better but still wack. And not even because it was uncalled for and pointless, but because the lyrics were literally wack.

    • Machetê

      The struggles of trying to become relevant…. hang it up, pap. There was a time when I was a fan, but inconsistent music releases & digression in narrative have 86’ed that. Plus, dude is too fuckin old to make a diss track bc of a bruised ego. Combining that with another long ass explanation of the feminization of the black man, pointing out trivial flaws & lack of real inspiration, I’ve concluded that Papoose has a bruised labia & is responding to it in a way thats similar to when a baby is teething.

  • jumpman23

    The names are the ONLY reason that verse got buzz. He literally talked about nothing at all in that verse. He just rambled on and on. I can think of 100 better Kendrick verses, but as fan (not a stan) I can admit when something is average.

  • REAL

    Pap is King!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    Big Sean’s album was some weak shit though. I gave it a honest listen cause the nigga was saying his shit was all that but that was not the case at all. Pap the new MC killer these days… DOPE

  • wat

    @koke: Obviously that’s why it’s buzzing, but it was still a good verse. Clearly it wouldn’t get buzz without the competition portion. However, you saying it was below average obviously is because of your distaste of everyone going crazy over it.

  • koke

    @wat, ok is wasn’t below average, it was average at most, it got buzz cause of the names and him saying hes the King of NY

  • sirj

    Ok i’m a pap fan but you can tell it take him hella time to put a rap together, these quick disses mediocre come on this a nigga that got alphabet slaughters, he cant do better diss’s then these gtfoh

  • killa

    lmao this nigga pap good shit calling out this nigga

  • hova scotia

    everytime they play control, they skip ya verse *DEAD*

  • David Stern

    I only had to read about 10 comments before being able to tell that half those nopes are from stuck up rap “fans” who most likely didn’t even play the song. niggas talkin bout “Papoose a bitch for dissing him for no reason” , “Papoose is the embodiment of desperation”…Big Sean took a small shot at him with the “Who?”…so what the fuck you think he’s gonna do? Big Sean’s cool but Papoose went in, and with good reason.

  • David Stern

    Jumpman23 knows what it is

  • wat

    @David Stern: Yeah, Big Sean says “who?” conveying Papoose’s irrelevance in his life as well as the rap game so that greenlights Papoose to come back with an incredibly weak four minute diss track showing his pettiness. I’m not sure about you but a simple brief response to an interview question wouldn’t make me want to strike back with an entire song. A twitter response was all that was needed. Had Sean said more and been more disrespectful, sure, go right ahead with the diss track.

  • Sha-king

    Peace to tha God. He slayed that savage on his track. Pap is a medina warrior n sean lame.. No bars or substance in his work while the God go in on every chance he get on tracks he take n Freestyles on stations, do the knowledge awake , stop supporting these fools n weirdo..Peace to tha Gods n Earths

  • MartyMackFlyy

    Bout Dam Time… Big Sean’s Music Is Ass..Lyrics Is Ass,All Those Weird Noises And That Annoying Ass Voice.I’ve Been Waiting For Someone To Get At His Ass.Papoose Need To Get His Hands On A Budget For Some Production.Thats The Only Thing That’s Holding Him Back.Better Yet,Lock His Ass Up With Harry Fraud.I Bet You Something Marvelous Would Come Outta That.

  • KING

    Hahaha! I fucking love Papoose. Fuck you Big Sean!!

  • David Stern

    @Sha-king what in the titty-fuck are you talking about?

    @wat …… may prefer twitter responses and lil interview shots (like acting like you don’t know who someone is when you obviously do) but this is hip-hop…so I’ll take a song over all that any day. Yes, he’s obviously tryna get his buzz back up (I for one thought he should’ve toned down the Kendrick diss)…but this isn’t petty whatsoever…and this wasn’t weak. He just should’ve picked a better beat. Bottom line is, to echo what jumpman said…if a “cool right now” rapper like Drake, KDot, Gambino, Cole spit these EXACT SAME bars…everyone would be going crazy…but since it’s Papoose and he’s “not hot right now” / “washed up”…it’s weak.

  • hanibal

    pap to talented to tryna fame whore

  • Eatadick

    Man pap! I loved your response to “Control” but for real this is like picking on someone to revive a career worth less then Sean’s album cover …taking that shit – Sean’s album doing good for the game and this track straight disrespecting yourself Pap. Too loose cat. Word

  • rew

    man sean having the worst week ever. dudes album flopped now this? let him grieve in peace.

  • David Stern

    Now lets see if Big Sean takes the real rap route..aka comeback with some quotables and punchlines, which I know Sean is capable of……or the Meek Mill route…aka comeback with some weak shit talking about how much more money he has. Bars people….bars.

  • wat

    @David Stern: I prefer tweets and interview shots when there’s no big issue. Why waste your time writing bars for no reason? Put out good music nigga. Get buzz going the right way, not petty uncalled for disses. Just makes you look butthurt and niggas lose respect for you.

  • Rosebudd

    He started out slow but after a minute in he murdered it

  • Kash Only

    Not feeling it. He basically just used the same format that he dissed Kendrick with: “Feminization of the black man,” yadda, yadda; “This is what you look like on your album cover,” yadda yadda; “I saw your MTV interview,” yadda, yadda; “New York does this and that” yadda, yadda; “Jay-Z started you,” yadda, yadda… Like wtf??? Nigga only made 2 tracks in a month and he’s already redundant.

  • ImDone

    Yall liked this? Really? Soft ass beat for a diss too smh. Sounds like hes battle rapping with weak metaphors thrown out with no audience. I mean Seans no better, but still. Next.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah Pap smashed on Sean and within the bars its shit that some people might not catch but Sean will know what he’s talking about based on his own interviews over the last few years. This is hip hop folks, save all the political shit. Somebody tell Pap that J Cole been talking shit about him. LOL

  • three

    again, who is papoose? you cant be an artist without a body of work

  • jay bravo

    to papoose: please use your own beats and make original records. all i hear of him is how all other rappers are gay but him haha. you a joke bruh. no bars.

  • Seriously

    Jumpman23’s comment is the truth.

  • bo bo

    Thank you Big Sean Is A lil Bitch POW!

  • trufax

    anybody who is an objective listener would say that Papoose killed this and also killed Sean, hands down

    • Mosizl

      Naw. Papoose rhyme scheme is tired AF. All that rap cypher divine non sense, no one tryin to hear that shit. This is coming from a Papoose fan

  • Scottie


  • Champ

    Finally these new wappers and tweeners been getting away with murder!!! Drake, Asap, wayne, wale etc…. Faggot ass Sean is soooo wack it’s beyond belief

    Finally someone getting at this skinny gay bitch nigga ass

  • raw

    i love it when pap be dissin other rappers, but hate him for dissin K.DOT

  • skittles4hoes

    @Jumpman I can agree with you on his below average verse but that quote from K dot’s verse definitely serves purpose and imo it’s fucking great. It’s like the equivalent of one of Eminem’s stretched-out metaphors that turns into crazy imagery for the listener to picture. Think Forgot About Dre…

    “I don’t give a fuck if it’s dark or not
    I’m harder than me tryna park a Dodge
    When I’m drunk as fuck
    Right next to a humongous truck in a two-car garage
    Hopping out with two broken legs
    Trying to walk it off
    Fuck you too bitch, call the cops
    I’mma kill you and them loud-ass motherfucking barking dogs”

    That’s EXACTLY what Kendrick did…

  • k

    @skittles4hoes NEVER compare kendrick’s weak ass bars to em’s. in no way are they similar.

    @wat you are pussy. you’d rather a rapper respond in a TWEET?! its “fans” like you ruining this genre. if a rapper takes offense to another rapper a diss is more than appropraite, no matter what the circumstances. anything else is cowardly. i bet if he responded in a tweet half of you would still bash him so fuck you so called “rap” fans.

  • truth1732

    this site has been taken over by idiots….everyone cries when someone puts out a diss track. its clear u r new to the game if ur only response to this is “put out a good album”.

  • adi Pre

    Pap’s end flow was sick.

  • King

    That was epic

  • jimmythirdeye

    pap just demolished this fuck nigga and I’m from Michigan!…fuck big sean.

  • SforMusic

    Pap did good on this tune but the reality is NO-ONE is checking for him right now… lets not lie he is the hater rapper now. We only gonna check for him if he is dissin other rappers u guys hate. outside of that u are not supporting his music or even projects. This guy tried soo hard to get our attention for 2 times this year and almost nuffin has come off it. C’mon he made a diss track just cos Sean said “Pap-who ?” thats lil sensitive dont you think. Outside of this diss , nuffin will benefit him nor harm Sean the only ppl who will enjoy this are the rap fans who hate Sean in the first place.

    By the way Papoose wore a BOY hoodie at SummerJam. those who know their streetwear will know that it is one of the most feminine brands out there so his male feminine agenda is a lil inconsistent

  • NiggaFromParis

    I dont even care about Sean, but that nigga PAPOOSE is a waste of time for himself cause de better move is just to put out a better album than #HOF or #GKMC but WE all KNOW he can’t, and that’s make him look like a hater searching for any shit he can put his nose in… #LOVEtotheHATERZ

  • NiggaFromParis


  • NiggaFromParis


  • Streetz


  • Boosie BadAss

    this reminds me of the g unit days…dont look at it for more than what it is tho lol he obviously jus ridin the control wave while he can but as far as diss tracks go this was the best i heard in a minute i doubt anyone will respond but he gonna get some good press for it…..i guess haha – anonymous kendrick fan

  • sn

    damn he is a funny looking mother fucker. lil sean sucks but papoose is terrible.

  • Canin

    Who is papoose?

  • LOUD

    This nigga is the new yung berg. A walking talking breathing L smh

  • dagod12

    u retards always talk about relevancy. who gives a shit if other people like him or not. u cant decide if u like someone on ur own? pussies


    That Ralph Tresvant line though!! Go google a picture of that niga lmao

  • MegaJumpman

    @Jumpman I like how you used the dopest part of Kendrick’s verse as an example of how it’s weak. Like, do you really not understand/like dope lyricism or are you just ready for that new Gucci to drop for your life to make sense? And all those dudes co-signin him are clearly just him with a changed username, there’s not that many morons on 2dope.

  • I’m a fan of both dudes and own albums from both. I love the competition though. I don’t like artists havin real animosity but they should be battlin on the regular, even if friendly.

    Again, I’ll say, that statement was one of the main reasons why’s verse had impact.

  • sulls

    “Every time they play Control they skip your verse”. Word.

  • wedontknoyoubruh

    but Big Sean RAP BETTER than this Clown Body dude I Hate this newyorkie lil pup tryna get some shine couldnt glow in a rave FUCK whoever this guy is …PAPOOSE WHO?

  • yessir

    ^ if u dont know who papoose is u r basically showin u r a tween and have no respect for cats who been doin it before ur retarded ass ventured over to listen to our genre

  • KRU

    does Papoose’s standing in the rap game really matter? take this track for what it is and stop over analyzing. Big Sean and his whole steez been wack as fuck. this is dope shit.

  • yessir

    ^ truth..the clowns start comin in talkin relevancy when their favorite rapper they thought was talented gets exposed

  • marty mcfly

    All the people talking about relevancy and saying aint nobody checkin for Papoose, what did you just do? If you listened to this song then you are checking for Papoose. He just got you.

  • SforMusic

    den he’ll make a mediocre project and no one will care @mcfly , the only reason we are for this is cos it is a Big Sean diss, you wouldn’t say the same if he had original music wouldn’t you. He is only gonna be relevant as long as he disses someone or tries some random stunt. This ain’t even about supporting Papoose, it about giving ppl the excuse to hate Big Sean . Stop pretending lol

  • truth1732

    ^ have u even tried to listen to the nacirema dream? go listen to the track with premier, better than any big sean song without a fuckin question. im not sayin pap is the dopest, cuz hes not. but u got a guy who can occasionally drop dope shit (pap) vs. a guy who been corny since day 1 and really doesnt have many skills, just a corporation backing him (big sean)

  • beastman318

    Let’s face facts here guys n gals!
    Papoose is a nobody. Simple n plain. Its like if I dissed someone in the rap game no one would care. Samething with Papoose. You gotta have some type of status for anything you say to be relevant. Kendrick’s verse was important cuz he is relevant. Big Sean could respond to this and it would be important cuz he is relevant. Papoose is irrelevant. So no one cares about his disses but the NY people on this site becuz everywhere else in the world, PAPOOSE IS IRRELEVANT!

  • Jay


    I almost never comment here but Pap got at this lame ass dude. I can tolerate Big Sean. I can tolerate almost anyone making an effort at putting bars together. But to be dismissive of another cat when you’re not even all that is not cool. That’s why he got dissed, period. I just laughed when homie questioned why he wasn’t talked about among the top MCs. It’s because he’s not an MC. He is a rapper (big difference)…and not an exceptional one. Good rapper=Jeezy, 2 Chainz, etc. Average rapper=Big Sean. I obviously don’t know the guy but he comes off as very phony and scripted compared to the other two I mentioned who SEEM (keyword) more authentic.

  • buzzin

    @beastman – relevant means a lot of people like/care about his music…u dismissing him cuz he’s “irrelevant” means u need other people to like him for u to like him. anyone that doesnt like a track cuz the cat that made it is “irrelevant” is lame

  • marty mcfly

    @SforMusic, if he’s only gonna be “relevant” if he disses other MCs then maybe he should make a diss song every week and call it a new lane then? He’s dropping substance in his diss songs that only pushes what his intended goal was from day one anyway. The nigga gave ya’ll years of dope lyricism and you all slept so if he chooses not to make a new record of his own at this point in time then its not like people dont know he’s capable of making songs. He’s done that for years but he just dont suck industry dicks so maybe thats why people say he aint “relevant”. I happen to think Big Sean is a good MC but lets not get it fucked up. The reason he’s poppin is because he makes songs like Ass and he makes commercial songs with every mainstream artists in hip hop. Papoose chose to go the lyrical route and thats why people count him out now. Its because of the price you pay for ‘keeping it real” and staying true the essence of the art in its purest form. Papoose put out Nacirema Dream and Sean put out Hall Of Fame so clearly its two different agendas. Papoose speaks for the people who aint into commercial candy bars, Sean speaks for those who dont mind it. The same people saying he’s irrelevant just got finished listening to his song and thats the point im making. If he’s irrelevant then you dont listen to his music period and a diss song counts as his music.

  • SforMusic

    @buzzin but he isnt though….. I will give your last sentence cos the diss was actually straight and he got at Sean but at the end of day, this wont go pass the song and the moment cos Paposse aint had the project or song which ppl had cared for (Control may be the only exception but it was also a similar situation). Until he actually has an original song or project that ppl actually care about, he will only be relevant as long as he disses rappers

  • marty mcfly

    If your an artists that plans on making “real” hip hop and I mean real to the point where your gonna offend people that disagree with your perspectives then the only way you will succeed in mainstream hip hop is if your rich as fuck period. Why? because there will be a cost to pay for keeping it too real. The cost you’ll pay could be in the stores when people feel some type of way about buying your music or it could be in business where you gonna have to pay for a certain level of mainstream visibility. Papoose falls into the lane of an artists that keeps it too real (there have been others and almost NONE have become mainstream). The only thing he can do his attack from the underground because Pap is too much “nigga” for commercial audiences. Every single time you’ve seen a nigga come out with similar views as a Papoose, what happens? They stay underground or have one good year of commercial success and then start to go down from there. The few others that stayed and had long careers like Nas… I cant even think of another MC, only stay “relevant” because they was rich as hell and was in position to pay for connections.

  • marty mcfly

    The reason Pap aint “relevant” is because he’s prolly more intelligent then the average consumer of hip hop music.

  • SforMusic

    @Mcfly but we have all heard artists who dedicate their time making diss songs to the point where no one gives a damn cos they all know their motive which isnt about real hiphop but getting a come up, if he spend years not tryna be an industry tool he could have spend time creating a big independent following which could not have been denied then to this time but it didn’t happen as well so he got fazed out and his name is now next to irrelevant. He has the skills to even get a following no doubt but its obvious that that he didn’t work on getting a following without the backing of a cooperation. You can “keep it real” and still be super successful but u cant use that as an excuse to limit yourself cos you will lose out. And what kind of knowledge is he dropping; Illuminati in Hip-Hop ? really ? Defeminization of Black Males – A theory which is largely fuelled by a rapper’s attire.

  • Jay

    this dude is doing what rappers were doing 10 years ago.. trying to get his name out there by making all these diss records. we all see what you are trying to do papoose.. we all know you can spit but all your songs are wack

  • hova scotia

    if he put out an album like this, i KNOW you would listen to it…and it would be way better than some of the music that’s been put out recently

  • yup

    i actually agree with this man.

    The reason Pap aint “relevant” is because he’s prolly more intelligent then the average consumer of hip hop music.

    marty mcfly

  • Oh okay

    He can come with all these diss records all he wants… But still can’t make one.. Good… Song…

  • marty mcfly

    What you mean build an independent following? Obviously Pap did that already. Of course his motive is to come up. Every MC in hip hop has that same motive. If he’s irrelevant then who are we talking about right now? Thats the point. Irrelevant to me means we never even would’ve heard this diss song at all because its “irrelevant”. You talk about how he didnt get the backing from a larger corporation but its alot of dope MCs that haven’t done the same thing and its not easy to have a multi million dollar or billionaire machine behind your music influencing public opinion. You ask what kinda knowledge his he dropping? Well its there and its always present every time he opens his mouth to say a rhyme and that particular knowledge will NEVER be backed by a corporation. Wu Tang took nine members and a whole army of their own employees to push that kinda lyrical knowledge. Jay Elec had to sign with Jayz and we still aint got that record and Lupe has struggled his entire career for the proper push that he deserves. Nas is the only one to kinda reach a certain level of respect in mainstream hip hop and still push the same kinda messages that Papoose is but the sad truth is that Nas had to attach Escobar to his shit and give you the tales of drug dealing in order for a mainstream machine to support on an equal level as the other commercial players at the time. Pap did his thing and imo sometimes an artist can be too intelligent to succeed on a level enough to where people say he’s “relevant”.

  • SforMusic

    he obviously aint cos the general consensus is he is irrelevant. and the only reason we are talking about him for the MOMENT is the diss song to Big Sean outside of that he aint leaving a lasting impression with his original music or projects either. You can also say that he may be too “intelligent” for the average hiphop audience but it’s not dat intelligent to go at other rappers when your body of work aint really that superb either

  • marty mcfly

    Common is probably the only MC to reach a mainstream level with similar lyricality (thats not a word but you get it) as Papoose without ever compromising his artistic integrity. The others similar to Common and Papoose like The Roots and AZ have had a struggle on a mainstream level for damn near they whole career.

  • marty mcfly

    You say “general consensus” but even to have that it would take a large group of people discussing that one artist. Thats not a good way to prove someone is irrelevant if it takes a bunch of people that know of him to make that point.

  • marty mcfly

    And you talk about a body of work? Again go listen to Nacirema Dream and then listen to Hall Of Fame. Now who really wins that body of work argument artistically? The difference is Sean got millions of dollars and Pap does not.

  • big sean dick sucker

    someone neeeds a hug (papoose)

  • marty mcfly

    And again I think Big Sean got skills too but how many records he sell in Detroit independently? Exactly cause even his mixtapes say Def Jam on em. I hope Pap starts to look at the whole culture the same way he defends the honor of New York and gives the underground some new life like what Currensy been doing since forever now. The “irrelevant” MCs is still making noise to a degree.

  • FOH

    fuck outta here whoever saying he’s “too intelligent” to be relevant.. he can’t make no buzz with his mixtapes and he had to steal summer jam slot from kendrick, whom he dissed later, to promote his new record.. if this guy is as intelligent as you guys think, he would be making it happen one way or other. all i see in this guy is thirst. trying to make diss records and shit cus someone doesn’t know you.. they dont know you cus you dont make any decent song! like i said, FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • antinerdrap

    This is straight trash. This the dude from the block who read one book & try to kick knowledge. I always thought this dude was trash trying to sound like Big L.

  • nolie

    He’s irrelevant not meaning people don’t hear his music, he’s irrelevant because he doesn’t get any real attention to his music with out dissing another rapper. Its not like you need a big budget for you’re music to be received well, all you need is great music and the internet. Even his fans will tell you he took 7 years to drop a real album and it was lackluster. Of course people are going to notice you when you diss a POPULAR rapper, but can you he get a buzz like that with his own music? well, he hasn’t and that’s why he’s “irrelevant”. And if you could be too “intelligent” to succeed in the industry tupac wouldn’t be one of the biggest rappers ever. You think kanye west doesn’t know the same things pap knows?? kanye’s a perfect example. Been a rebel since the beginning, he’s proof as long as you make GOOD MUSIC you can succeed in the music business. Papoose just doesn’t make good music, he can rap his ass off, but music is more than just rhyming words

  • TNT

    @ nolie. Big Sean slighted Papoose. Papoose responded, regardless of his relevance, and it’s a solid track. Nice story though. Big Sean is your male hairdresser’s favorite rapper.

    People are dumb as fuck.

  • nolie

    @tnt, he responded like a bitch, he didn’t say anything disrespectful, pap just took it like that because he’s sensitive lol What kind of man gets mad at another man for not knowing who they are? who’s fault is it that he isn’t a big name? He asked who that is, like a lot of people might ask, pap isn’t the biggest rapper in the world. It would sound disrespectful if he said he doesn’t know who jay z is because everybody knows who jay z is, but if someone says they don’t know who papoose is, its a good chance they’re serious. Pap is clearly just trying to buddy hustle off of other peoples names, so yea I agree, people are dumb as fuck

  • nolie

    @tnt, and it was actually papoose who disrespected sean first with his control response, get your facts straight. Pap dissed big sean, and then got mad because big sean didn’t even give him the time of day or acknowledge him, typical BITCH shit lol

  • David Stern

    @ nolie
    @ FOH

    Sean obviously knows who he is. Take your frontrunner / dickriding glasses off for one second and analyze the shit without politics. A rapper disrespects another rapper, there should always be a song. It’s what they do for a living. If a mainstream rapper or one that’s “relevant” (yall definition) did this exact same song, you’d have a different opinion, I can already tell.

  • David Stern

    Yall prolly think Meek Mill is a better rapper than Cassidy since he’s more “relevant” and has more money/current fame. Yall prolly think Steve Kerr is better than Charles Barkley since he has more rings. FOH

  • Ty.oja

    Lol just stop it pappussy, he the one getting all in his feelings over a interview terrible. Dude can rap but he can’t make music, that’s the difference between him and kendrick ,big Sean. Nobody cares about ur diss record dude, make some great music and be the soundtrack to somebody life for a summer, a year , sumthin, cause ur wasting ur time bruh with diss record no respect comes from that anymore. What a lame lol.

  • nolie

    @david stern, bad example genius, if a mainstream rapper did this it would make sense because they were POPUAR and it would sound disrespectful to say you don’t know someone who is popular. Pap aint have a mainstream buzz since he was fuckin wit busta 7 years ago. And for the record cass is only slightly better than meek as far as technical skills go. Even though im no meek fan, meek makes better record than Cassidy. You’r just generealizing anybody who feels differently from you and putting them in a boxas if they’re the same dickriders when I haven’t said anything but facts and is not a big fan of anybody mentioned, so you GTFO with that bullshit

  • George Jung

    Everyone in here saying that Papoose should’ve just continued going about his day after getting dissed (small one, but still a diss) is either a preteen or fucking lame. Fans like yall are part of the reason hip hop is way less competitive, atleast until Kendrick lit that fire.

  • nolie

    @david stern, wtf has papoose done to make a statement like “he obviously knows who papoose is”. Pap ever made a lot of noise outside of nyc besides his touch it verse 7 years ago?? any albums widely regaurded as classicls? NO he’s a mixtape rapper that never blew up GET OVER IT. Seems like you’re the one with the dickriding glasses on because your man ain’t that special.

  • David Stern

    (Long sigh)……….again….sean knows who he is. So whether anyone else does makes no difference on if it’s disrespectful or not. And you just proved my “you’re a dickrider” point by once again mentioning “popularity” and “buzz” . That’s more generalizing than anything. Think for yourself. Oh and Meek turned down battling Cass. I guess Meek agrees with me.

  • David Stern

    I could give a fuck if Pap blows up or not……I just think BARS are more important than all that other shit you’re talking about.

  • nolie

    @david stern, where’s your proof big sean knows who papoose is? I didn’t prove any point of yours by MENTIONING words like popularity or buzz because I didn’t make any reference to who I thought was better between big sean and papoose I simply said IT WOULD MAKE SENSE that big sean doesn’t know who pap is because papoose is not a big name rapper so how hard is it to believe a rapper doesn’t know who he is? other than an ignoran nigga who just makes assumptions based on what you want the outcome to be

  • nolie

    @david stern, And how could you dickride someone you’re not a fan of? does that make any sense? Wouldn’t matter if bars are more important than what im talking about, most of pap’s bars aint much less cornier than big seans bars anyway.

  • adam

    I got something for everyone on this discussion board: they both suck. It’s two of the worst rappers from both extremes of the spectrum: the mainstream rap/radio rap/hip-pop whatever you want to call it. and street or underground. Big Sean is a corn ball and Papoose (AKA struggle bars) is dissing him in attempt to stay relevant. I refuse to listen to this bullshit. Petty, bullshit internet feuds is what drags hip-hop down.

  • nolie

    ^^exactly, someone with sense. The irony is that half of the people calling other dickriders for saying this was unnecessary are just dickriding the underdog because they’re hipsters and they hate everything mainstream.

  • David Stern

    Nice generilzation attempt but I have plenty of mainstream (including some Sean) in my library, I’m universal. I called you a dickrider because you talked about popularity and buzz, not the music. and you know damn well there’s no way for me to prove that he knows who he is, but it’s obvious, just watch how he says it in the interview. this isn’t a court of law anyways

    Ab Soul >

  • marty mcfly

    The context in which I said Papoose is “too intelligent” and the way your using it is two different ways. I didnt say he’s too intelligent to be successful, I said he’s PROLLY more intelligent then the AVERAGE consumer of hip hop music. My opinion comes from knowing that over the years music with less substance seems to be more “relevant” then music with alot of substance. Thats one, 2nd for someone to be as ”irrelevant” as your saying Papoose is, you seem to be very aware of who he is and know alot about his history in hip hop. My comments are basically saying what cant be argued and thats basically the mainstream and the underground is not the same playing field and the artists that makes radio candy music vs the one the makes Lay library series is obviously gonna have more positive public opinion but again that dont make Papoose “irrelevant”. If he was “irrelevant” there would be no comments in this section and furthermore you wouldn’t even have pressed play on this song.

  • nolie

    ” I called you a dickrider because you talked about popularity and buzz, not the music”, I talked about buzz and popularity in what way? in describing why big sean is better than papoose? NO, you’re generalizing and assuming im that guy that does that just because you’ve heard other people make claims like that and because I simply used the words buzz on popularity im dickriding? KILL YOURSELF
    ” you know damn well there’s no way for me to prove that he knows who he is, but it’s obvious, just watch how he says it in the interview”…so why would you say it? so because how he said it you’re right? then you write ab soul> someone who has nothing to do with this discussion after calling people dickriders this whole time? KILL YOURSELF LOL

  • marty mcfly

    LaW Library… Furthermore if your implying Papoose cant make songs then you probably should go listen to some of them. I dont care what the radio thinks about this guy or what fans of mainstream hip hop have to say about who’s more “relevant”. If Big Sean had to put out music underground and make a lane for himself based on skills without any mainstream visibility, I doubt he could do so. Pap has done that for ten years now off upholding what most would call “real hip hop” and he has had his moments of breaking through off pure lyrical ability. THAT should be respected right there. I dont care if MTv or somebody says Ass is a better record. FOH

  • marty mcfly

    My thing is, is Pap a dope MC? Bottomline? Now if you say no then thats fine but if you think Pap has skills and as done what he was supposed to do artistically whether he’s poppin or not then fuck whether he’s relevant or not because that dont mean he aint got skills now does it. Ok then

  • abe

    What’s all this macho bullshit? Feminization? Fucking get over that gender role nonsense, Poose, or I’m going to start thinking you’re overcompensating for some kind of serious insecurity.

  • marty mcfly

    And before Pap even made these disses all you people claiming he’s “irrelevant” already knew who he was and have been knowing who he was since the early 2000s. So he might be “irrelevant” to some of you but he been around longer then whatever new cat you looking up to and probably is lyrically better as well. You dont have to be a fan of Pap or Sean to recognize where im coming from.

  • nolie

    @marty, “The context in which I said Papoose is “too intelligent” and the way your using it is two different ways”, I didn’t use the term too intelligent differently, you just took it that way. The 2 examples I used kanye and tupac are both clearly intelligent AND had substance in their music. The difference they made good music.

    “If he was “irrelevant” there would be no comments in this section and furthermore you wouldn’t even have pressed play on this song.”…FALSE, irrelevant doesn’t mean people don’t know about it , it means its NOT IMPORTANT. Its not about people noticing it, clicking it, and commenting as much as it is about how they feel about him AFTER. People click on lil b videos and comment, that doesn’t mean he’s relevant, because listen to what they say when they do comment. Its not about how he’s a big deal, its mre about how he’s not a big deal. Just listen to what the general consensus is, weather you think its a good or bad record, will it make an impact? PROBABLY NOT, that’s why its “IRRELEVANT”. Pick up a dictionary before you start speaking on words you clearly don’t understand.

  • marty mcfly

    @nolie, ok in your opinion he dont make good music. So that makes him irrelevant? Your opinion on relevance is yours but not everybody feels the same way because again before this diss Pap already had a name and people that support so the irrelevant opinion would doesn’t hold weight with everybody. You can keep talking like you mad but your making a hundred comments based on an artist you call “irrelevant”. You got more to say then people who call up the radio in NY the last week or so wanting to hear the Papoose response to Control.

  • nolie

    @marty, looks like you’re misunderstanding what people are saying. From what I understand, people aren’t saying papoose is irrelevant not because he don’t got a machine behind him BUT BECAUSE HE DOESNT MAKE GOOD MUSIC so this diss means nothing. That’s why I think he’s irrelevant, he has some skills, corny bars here and there, but he cant make records so even if killed big sean he’s still irrelevant because big sean makes better music than him. I could care less about the “hype” and machine and who’s “popping”.

  • nolie

    “Your opinion on relevance is yours but not everybody feels the same “….clearly most people feel that way on this section and everywhere else on the net. Didn’t say it was a fact he’s irrelevant, in fact the comment section is for opinions

    “your making a hundred comments based on an artist you call “irrelevant”…not a good point because I was replying to someone back and forth. Had it not been for that, I would have said what I said and left it

  • marty mcfly

    And yes Flex was dropping bombs on Paps Control response so I guess he was irrelevant then too. For people saying he’s just trying to get a buzz? Go ask any MC who makes music would their trying to do. Get a buzz but before the Pap diss, he was on the summer jam stage and before that he had videos for Get At Me, On Top Of My Game, and Turn It Up and he had a full body of work out with the album and YOU was already aware of him even before that so when you use the word “irrelevant” how irrelevant we talking because the fact you dont like his music dont really make him irrelevant.

  • nolie

    “And before Pap even made these disses all you people claiming he’s “irrelevant” already knew who he was and have been knowing who he was since the early 2000s”…Yea they knew who he was, he was “known” as the nigga who can rap but cant make recrds his whole career. Hot 97 even made a long video about how wack his music is lol Knowing someone doesn’t mean there relevant, they’re irrelevant because there known, but NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM lol besides a small group of course. Relevance is not about popularity but about importance, you learn something everyday lol. LL cool j is known by almost anyone who knows what hip hop is. Does that mean he’s relevant? NO

  • nolie

    “Go ask any MC who makes music would their trying to do” obviously, but dissing someone to get a buzz is corny

    “he was on the summer jam stage “…that’s because Kendrick gave him a shot, his music didn’t get him there

    “how irrelevant we talking because the fact you dont like his music dont really make him irrelevant.”…irrelevant to the point I give it a listen and not revisit it lol…and I didn’t say me not liking him makes him irrelevant to you, or anybody else, im talking for MYSELF, and others are talking for THEMESLVES, its actually a general consensus that he’s irrelevant , get over it lol

  • nolie

    Flex dropping bombs doesn’t mean its releavant. That’s 1 man playing a song and pressing bomb sounds on a record, that makes something relevant? he could drop a bomb on a vanilla ice record, that don’t mean the people at home gone like and care about what they’re hearing

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah and Pap is an underground artist so the fact im saying that your are aware of what he’s doing is just proof that he might not be as irrelevant as you think. Again, even before these disses, Pap was popping up and there is no major label machine behind him so if your saying he’s “irrelevant” thats your opinion. You sure have alot to say about this irrelevant artist and if Hot 97 made some kinda video about how wack he is then damn they really paying attention to this irrelevant MC. You say LL Cool J aint relevant? Trust me there’s a few million people out there that disagree. He passed that simple way of thinking long time ago but as for Papoose? keep talking about this irrelevant MC that you seem to not wanna listen to but I bet you played this though. LOL

  • nolie

    “so if your saying he’s “irrelevant” thats your opinion”….yea, I kinda said that already

    “if Hot 97 made some kinda video about how wack he is then damn they really paying attention to this irrelevant MC”…would make sense since he does send them music to play

    “You say LL Cool J aint relevant? Trust me there’s a few million people out there that disagree”…maybe more like a couple 100 lol,

  • LA

    marty mcfly’s opinion is irrelevant lol stop debating this troll

  • od

    ^^ This

  • Yessir

    1. Big Sean doesn’t know who Papoose is? Shut up.

    2. Do y’all know how many cats made control disses that barely got any publicity afterwards? That dissed Kendrick just like Papoose did. But we are still talking about Papoose’s control verse right?

    3. Do y’all know how many diss tracks in general get swept under the rug? Why are Papoose’s always getting views and listens? I’m going to go ahead and guess there are some people interested enough to see what he has to say. And it’s not just cuz it’s dissing a popular rapper. It’s cuz who’s doing the dissing

    Fucking lames can’t have an opinion on the music itself. Always has to go back to accolades. And I’m not a huge Pap fan either, I’m just not a fuckin retard

  • rosewoodmcgee

    Dudeee I reallly hate papoose!!! like why though!!?

  • berserk

    all nolie does is answer questions with questions lol fuckin lame

  • nolie

    @yesser, stfu lol its always that one person that doesn’t carefully read through comments but wants to have an opinion on something. People haven’t said there opinion on the music itself? looks like most people are saying its not that great. I didn’t say big sean doesn’t know who papoose is, there is no way I could know that, I said if he asks who is that, that would make sense because papoose is not a big name, you’re just assuming he does. But its pretty believable if you ask me, he’s no jay z, he’s an underground rapper that most people outside of the tri state area probably never heard of

  • nolie

    @berserk, im a lame but you named yourself after eminems lamest song ever? how’s that for a question fuck nigga

  • Yessir

    LOL papoose was the biggest mixtape artist around 03. Yes the biggest. Maybe u weren’t listening then.

  • Yessir

    While u were in diapers, Kay slay was dropping the most listened to mixtapes when mixtapes were the best way to get new music before blogs posted every single. Guess who was all over those mixtapes? If u don’t know who he is u either rarely do any digging for music or u r brand new to the genre period

  • marty mcfly

    @nolie, no he’s right you do answer questions with other questions as well as a series of other stupid things. You never hold to one point because you create side arguments consistently and you base it on what other people say or how you think other people feel instead of speaking for yourself. You comment in a way as if your trying to clown the other person as a distraction from the points made. You make broad generalizations and assumptions about how you think thousands if not millions of people feel and then you spew that out as fact. You factor in your point of view and completely disregard anything the other person has said even as you take pieces from others opinions to use as ammunition to make your lightweight points that consistently morph as your foundational statements and opinions begin to crumble like the truly weak arguments they started as. You comment on what Papoose is not without recognizing what he is and again for someone to be so irrelevant you have alot to say about. You speak as if you have personally sat down with every hip hop fan in america and got the view of things when really your speaking for yourself and you not even really good at that because even if you made a point, the obvious would be so clear that your overall point would be as small as a single molecule in the end anyway.

  • nolie

    I didn’t say I didn’t know who papoose is, I heard about him in 05, but you do know 03 was 10 years ago right? lol And I wasn’t in diapers when pap was on them mixtapes, but if you don’t know who papoose is you’re brand new to the genre? lmao papoose is a mixtape rapper, the underground knows him well, but ask people on the streets outside of the tri state area its a good chance they’ll respond the same way big sean did lol idk if you know this but papoose aint that big kid…

  • nolie

    @marty, well thank you marty for that break down of how you feel about my comments, but my point about my breakdown of what irrelevant means is still clear…you can continue trolling now

  • marty mcfly

    I takes you 20 paragraphs of writing about Papoose just to make the point he’s not relevant. My point is Papoose stands for what the core values of hip hop should be about and that should be respected regardless of how you feel about his relevance. This is a diss song and even in this with one verse, Pap spoke on more subject matter then some rappers whole albums do.

  • marty mcfly

    Subject matter thats RELEVANT btw for you type of people.

  • nolie

    ” You never hold to one point because you create side arguments consistently”…that’s funny, because that’s literally what you’re known to do on this site lol I even saw multiple people call you out on that just recently

    “you base it on what other people say or how you think other people feel instead of speaking for yourself”….never used how other people feel in regaurd to my opinion, only to prove things like relevance, general consensus etc which makes because those things have nothing to do with you or my personal opinions

  • Yessir

    Most people don’t educate themselves on hip hop. U think everyone that buys a hip hop album actually knows their shit? Of course a lot of people on the street won’t know who Papoose is. What the hell r u sayin with that? Big Sean is a rapper who claims to be dope and claims to be a student of the game. Papoose and Kay Slay together made a huge impact on the mixtape scene, if u give him nothing else. He has no reason to not know who he is. It was a cocky comment to make himself feel more important than Pap. Simple. Ur point is now invalid

  • nolie

    “My point is Papoose stands for what the core values of hip hop should be about and that should be respected regardless of how you feel about his relevance”…did you say that before? cuz I don’t remember…and the irony of you saying I don’t hold on to points when you haven’t mentioned that this whole discussion lol now all of a sudden that’s your point….not to mention that’s your opinion of what the “core value of hip hop should be about”, but you wrote that as if it were fact…no? that’s kind of exactly the very thing you’re telling me im doing with my opinions. Only difference is I haven’t done that. You just take it that way because you’re either stupid sensitive to opinions or trolling

  • marty mcfly

    Oh how could I forget LOL, you love to quote the other person as if that makes your point of view stronger. Then you continue to talk about what other people do and say…

  • marty mcfly

    My point was already proven clown, then I made others. Smh If I pointed out how my point was proven and exactly what comments proved it you would just move the target to a side argument. That aside from the fact that when the simple minded strive to prove the other opinion as wrong, it really doesn’t prove there’s as being right especially when their basing it on generalizations and assumptions that can be debated by using reality.

  • nolie

    @yessir “It was a cocky comment to make himself feel more important than Pap. Simple”…ok, that was your interpetion of it, but we allhave interpretations of things

    “Ur point is now invalid”…not really, why because you say so? lol sorry it doesn’t work like that

    ok, kay slay and papoose made a “huge impact” on the mixtape game, who told you big sean followed the mixtape game? because he said he’s a student? did he tell you he was a student of papoose? lol cuz when people say there students of the game they usually refer to people like jay z, nas, etc not papoose, he’s never been that big outside ny and the mixtape game, get over it

  • marty mcfly

    And on top of that even when you are giving proof that what was just said you still dont consider that evidence in your next comment. My point about Papoose artistic ability in regards to what hip hop should be about can be proven with almost a decade of creative lyricism but you still would be argumentative instead of just saying maybe that point of view is correct.

  • Yessir

    LOL. The only rappers a rapper knows is nas and jay z

    U r way too biased to have a discussion with. All good though. Peace

  • marty mcfly

    And on top of that even when you are givEN proof…

  • nolie

    @marty, I actually got the quoting thing from you lol consider yourself a little important…’ve done that in multiple troll debates on here, ive seen it

    and you’re point is an opinion, could never be proven as fact. My point is that papoose is not big enough for you to assume big artist know who he is. Now that can be proven with radio play stats, youtube views , different social media etc

  • nolie

    @yessir, I said etc dickhead do you know what that mean??
    more than likely you’re more bias than me because im no fan of EITHER big sean or papoose

  • nolie

    @marty…” My point about Papoose artistic ability in regards to what hip hop should be about can be proven with almost a decade of creative lyricism but you still would be argumentative instead of just saying maybe that point of view is correct” why wouldn’t I be argumentative, that’s your opinion. You cant prove what hip hop should be about, you can only say how you feel. But the world doesnt revolve around how you feel

  • marty mcfly

    I have not done that alot of times and you did not get that from me so please cut the bullshit. The ONLY times i’ve quoted others is in the very few times when there are so many comments that one might not know what comment im referring to. I did it here as well but its something I rarely do overall. I’ve seen you do it when your shooting back a response to argue something as if quoting the other person and addressing that side argument does anything for your point of view. It does not, thats a distraction technique and a way to troll the other person without having to back up your own opinion. Now your talking about facts and how my points cant be proven as facts but thats a simple minded way of trying to devalue my opinion as if yours is fact or of great substance.

  • Yessir

    Nas knows who Papoose is. Snoop knows who Papoose is. Kendrick knows who Papoose is. Nicki Minaj even liked Papooses Versace freestyle. But special Big Sean has noooo idea who Papoose is… aight im done, gettin nowhere

  • marty mcfly

    Its not about “proving” my opinion (now that you’ve gravitated to that word after I used it on you). Its about maybe, just maybe you dont speak for everybody else. Maybe you just speak for yourself and maybe Papoose is not that irrelevant based on a few things that are so easily seen that one would have to consider that maybe Pap is kinda relevant at this point.

  • marty mcfly

    Most of the things said to you should have to be proven because if you have a brain and a basic understanding of hip hop culture then you would be able to ask yourself these same questions and you wouldn’t need any proof based on your own knowledge. Its like if I say that being a great lyricist means you have great wordplay. You could say yeah well thats just your opinion but no idiot thats basic common knowledge. Much like the very simply understood points made to you in which you keep trying to argue like a fool.

  • nolie

    “just maybe you dont speak for everybody else. Maybe you just speak for yourself”…..don’t know why you would say that other then troll purposes but Ive consitantly said I was stating my opinion. I think you just are sensitive to opinions to the point you believe everyone is trying to tell you what they’re saying is fact…its pretty weird lol

    “and maybe Papoose is not that irrelevant based on a few things that are so easily seen that one would have to consider that maybe Pap is kinda relevant at this point.”…I don’t care if he’s relevant to you, im not speaking for you, I can only speak for myself

  • marty mcfly

    Most of the things said to you shouldN’T have to be proven because…

  • marty mcfly

    And now you alter the intent of many of your own statements that clearly have already came out your own brain. What is the first point you started with? Now your trying to say that some of your evidence to back that opinion up wasn’t bullshit? Of course you are FOH

  • nolie

    “thats a distraction technique and a way to troll the other person without having to back up your own opinion”…that’s you’re interpretation of it, I actually think its an easy way to respond to different things with out confusing myself

    “thats a simple minded way of trying to devalue my opinion as if yours is fact or of great substance” thata actually true, I AM letting you know you’re opinion cant be proven and in this case MINE CAN…great observation.

  • marty mcfly

    You argue shit thats not even necessary because either way in regards to a side argument, none of that effects the basic premise of your opinion. Thats one way I know that your main goal here is to appear like your somehow right and the other person is wrong. That does not make sense after while because if a person says 20 different things to you then certainly some of that had to be good points made. You cant accept any of that cause you so caught up about your opinion that you just say anything after a while. Next you’ll come back and say I do the same things and that will further let me know you dont really read my comments. You generalize and assume shit based in the lowest most easiest conclusions and then got the nerve to say the other persons opinion is wrong if they just giving you theirs without all the dumbass generalizations and assumptions

  • nolie

    “What is the first point you started with? Now your trying to say that some of your evidence to back that opinion up wasn’t bullshit? Of course you are FOH” my point from the beginning was papoose is irrelevant because he cant get this type of attention from his music, only from dissing bigger artist. I can get stats to prove how much attention he gets from his music and compare it to when he disses somebody. These comments are a start. Has a papoose record ever got this many comments with out dissing someone? doubt it….now YOUR POINT was what papoose represents makes him relevant right? well how can that possibly be proven to be fact? IT CANT

    ” Its like if I say that being a great lyricist means you have great wordplay. You could say yeah well thats just your opinion but no idiot thats basic common knowledge”…..That’s not common knowledge actually…that’s just YOUR definition of a great lyricist.

    I might say a great lyricist is about being able to paint a picture, and you wouldn’t be able to prove me wrong because that’s all opinion

    a lyricist is someone who puts words together, a GREAT lyricist is what ever you consider it to be

  • marty mcfly

    And no your points cant be proven as fact because again, you could be shown a mountain of evidence that maybe Pap is kinda relevant in 2013 and you still would deny the shit as you continue to write paragraphs about the guy you say is “irrelevant”.

  • nolie

    “if a person says 20 different things to you then certainly some of that had to be good points made”… not necessarily

    “You cant accept any of that cause you so caught up about your opinion that you just say anything after a while”…funny because I just said you were right about what you said about me devaluizing your opinion…

    “got the nerve to say the other persons opinion is wrong if they just giving you theirs without all the dumbass generalizations and assumptions” idk if you were paying attention but yessir said “If u don’t know who he is u either rarely do any digging for music or u r brand new to the genre period”….that sounded like more than an opinion, he said it like it were fact…I DIDNT..your point about what papoose stands for making him relevant wasn’t stated like a fact?

  • marty mcfly

    Here you go countering my latest quotes when that doesn’t do much for your overall opinion. You add up everything I said to back up my opinion and then look at your responses as you pick apart my quotes. Youd see that I add on to my opinion each time. You just use the simple response of saying well this cant be proven as fact and that well thats your opinion… Smh of course idiot, by pointing out the obvious you do nothing to prove my wrong about anything. Meaning a stack point after point on top of each other thats are based in FACT (meaning go look up the specific things i’ve said and you’ll see they are indeed based in reality) and not only that but are so easily understood that it only takes common sense to see.

  • nolie

    “And no your points cant be proven as fact because again, you could be shown a mountain of evidence that maybe Pap is kinda relevant in 2013″…And you could probably be shown more evidence that he isn’t relevant… saying that maybe he is relevant could possible be proven as fact. But why wouldn’t it be possible to prove that he isn’t factually? if you’re going to use a counter argument atleast be consistant lol If he can be proven relevant as fact, doesnt that mean if the opposite info as presented he would FACTUALLY be proven irrelevant? proved my point thanks

  • nolie

    And you can quit mentioning how many times im commenting as an argument to how relevant he is because im replying to comments, not commenting 100 comment by myself about how I feel about papoose…

  • nolie

    and you can stop replying to me if you don’t want to waste your time because I got business to handle, and definitely wont be thinking about what you’ve said once I get back on the computer, just a heads up

  • marty mcfly

    As you continue to talk about how you feel about facts being proven instead of saying maybe my opinion is right and yours is not. Its been PLENTY of times that I have said the other persons opinion was right, especially after they have explained their point of view. YOU are to basic to believe anything other then your own bullshit.

  • bill

    it does not matter who is relevant or more popular, at the end of the day its all about who is the nicest with the pen and microphone.

  • Ski

    If what is popular forms your opinion kill yourself you are wasting air. Papoose bodied Big Sean o some real shit every point he made in this diss was valid. hip hop fans these days are gay af & pussy brainwashed sheep. Learn to think for yourself

  • David Stern

    what Ski, Jumpman23, bill, Yessir, and the 2dope legend marty said. If I missed you my bad.

    Not popularity, not relevance, not sales, not bitches, not web hits…..BARS. If every fan thought this way the game would be alot better imo.

  • Danjamouf

    Lotta assholes in this section who don’t know shit about HipHop. Fuck relevance, its about skills and alot of these ‘rappers’ including Bitch Sean wouldnt have stood a chance when skills meant something. Pap has skills, who gives a shit how many records he sells or how relevant he is currently?? when was that ever a measuring stick for skills?? Is Trinidad James a better rapper than Papoose because he had a hot single last year? Pap could easily drop a hot record tomorrow and all these dumb arguments would be irrelevant. Bitch Sean could never in his dick sucking life make a Law Library or an Alphabetical Slaughter record, which are both songs that any rapper would’ve been proud to call their own. He won’t respond to Pap neither cos he knows he’d get eaten like a subway sandwich

  • dun

    wooooow, if only he did this to KENDRICK instead of wasting it on wack ass sean

  • Riad

    what the fuck this is awful. he is so ignorant. this doesn’t even make sense. he should focus more on making actual music not going after a rapper much superior to him.