Random Acts of F*ckery: Twerk in Flames Edition

blame it on Shake September 6, 2013

And this is why the whole infatuation with “twerking” needs to be shot dead (twice). Just click play.

  • I watch hundreds of twerk videos a day and have to say this one is fake: 1) The friend who opens the door doesn’t do so with enough force to knock the actress (twerkist?) over. If you look closely you’ll see the actress push off the door with her left foot in order to fall in the planned spot; 2) The sound effect of the actress crashing into the table starts a split second before she even hits the table, proving the footage has been doctored; 3) If the table was really glass and not a prop the actress would have cuts and shards in her clothing; 4) The actress lacks the human instinct to hit the fire out with her hands even though her crotch is in danger of being burned in a manner that antibiotics won’t cure.

  • hahahahah

    ROFl bahahahhaaaaaaaa guk guk guk. This shit is hilarious.

  • yeah seemed fake to me.

  • DatGuy

    @Dewan 1) I’m pretty sure she was trying to regain her balance with her left foot, but her right foot was already too far behind her. 2) If you look at the girls mouth, it moves a lil late when she says, “Oh my God.” That could be with the camera. 3) Not necessarily. 4) She looks like a natural blonde.

  • Anthony Starks

    Screw you guys. Fake or not, Funny as hell

  • swish15

    that bitch set herself on fire, shit aint fake bruh bruh. lol

  • dead @ i watch hundreds of twerk videos a day…. LMAO i can’t read anymore of your comment remotely seriously if i could see you I’d point my finger and laugh

  • barbosa

    God twerks in mysterious ways

  • Tell em that we more FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Sorry everyone, I couldn’t resist lol.

  • Scott Scumbag Jr.

    I’d still hit.

  • DaBandir


  • JAyP

    This nigga Dewan needs a fucking life LMAO

    this video is hilarious as fuck btw

  • dirk

    Well played, Jimmy Kimmel! We all thought it was real!