blame it on the intern September 7, 2013

G4SHI decides to give fans a freebie over a production by Successmusic.

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  • dchillin

    no you aint Godddddd. banger. good shit

  • mikeb

    not bad for a throw away song.

  • the mack

    that nigga sound like jay rock!

  • cornyrappers

    this guys terrible. not to mention fake as shit lol. cant believe 2dope would stoop to posting this corny dude


    ^^^ @cornyrappers you know him personally and feel some type of way. this shit rare

  • nor

    amazing freebie

  • chitownsonly

    shit is fuckin ass

  • shtoopy

    Hating ass nukkas!!! Hating is for suckas! Let him get his, you just mad you cant do it