Saturday Night Sexy: Savvy Delvecchio vs. Kim Killz

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With the return of the NFL season and a huge Sunday match-up tomorrow with the Giants taking on the Cowboys, Dynasty Series grab models Savvy Delvecchio and Kim Killz for a body paint shoot with the two vixens repping jersey-made body paintings of the two teams. Prepare yourselves for Sunday Night Football with Saturday Night Sexy after the jump.










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  • brad stevens

    1. look at how horrible those numbers are painted on haha
    2. NY has one of the most unattractive tattoos ever smack dab on her thigh

  • crackadon

    2dopeboyz really loves black women, huh?

  • thizzellewashington

    get some 49er girls on here fuck

  • T-Luv

    I thought those bitches had clothes on for a minute

  • Lupe Fiasco’s Bodyguard

    ...competiton's always nice

  • urtot

    they have shitty tattoos and shitty body paint lets go ahead and swoon over them

  • winston

    One of them has a nasty ass looking tattoo, the other has a nasty ass hairdo.

    It's sad to say but I would fuck these bitches, with the lights off though.

  • Check

    Kim Killz wins

  • godlike

    brunette has down syndrome

  • t

    Cowboys win

  • kiko

    you guys fell off again.

  • ThatDude

    I take Dallas in this match up

  • DatGuy

    For once I go with the Cowboys..

  • Kiddjewce

    Tough crowd... Fags

  • c’mon son

    worst. SNS. ever.

  • zlbMrOG

    ehhhh I give the win to the blonde ONLY B/C she has hair on her head...smh when will chicks stop this shaved head thing?!?!

  • CollardGreens

    I'd still smack tho. \_(o_0)_/

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    anybody criticizing this post is a faggot

  • me

    ...So we are thumbs downing pretty girls wearing nothing besides j's now. why? The internet has ruined niggas(and the rest of yall) on your expectations of a woman's looks. Niggas act like they get that rick james/ dave chappelle pussy. You wouldnt thumbs down either one.

  • iLL

    Man i cant belive all the thumbs down ...
    MTV made you gay ... this is why russia past a law again gay propaganda
    Vote : Dallas

  • fuk2dopebois

    id dog the shit out that blonde bitch and give her number to the homies the dallas trick can get wit it too shit



  • Rosebudd

    2dopenoyz need their ass whooped for this one

  • gregory kruxx.

    yo...what the fuck...dopeboyz must have fucked with a lot of subpar chicks cause 8 out of 10 posts are girls that 5s maybe 6s. Very disappointing. i know girls in the hood who will put most of these sat night chicks to shame...smh weak...very weak

  • malcyvelli

    kim is veryyyy on point, these fools are tripping but the other chick is a butterface to a T! her eyes are halfway down her dam nose on some picasso shit

  • Trill O’Reilly

    These hoes wack. Where the chocolate bitches at?


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