Cassidy – Catch A Body (Meek Mill Diss)


Yeah, I'd much rather continue flipping between Toonami and the NFL Network to really care to listen to this 8-minute dis over Canibus' "2nd Round KO." But You can give me an opinion of the song in the c-section, if you want.

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  • Jarvo

    So why post it? Lol but anyway heard it already and damn Cass is gonna have Meek pissed with that Snupe line, He went in but niggas gonna hate on it.

  • Dave

    ????? 8 mins of this shit? how do people listen to this crap

  • 206FRE$H

    this nigga trying to live off dising niggas lmao

  • David Stern

    @ Jarvo yup he went in and there's still gonna be hella frontrunners tryna say it's weak cuz he's not "on" or "relevant"...

    @ Dave you spent half that time clicking the post & commenting on it.

    @ Meka so you're on this condescending shit now too? You're sposed to be the down to earth dopeboy

  • David Stern

    @ Jarvo yup he went in and there's still gonna be hella frontrunners tryna say it's weak cuz he's not "on" or "relevant"...

    @ Dave you spent half that time clicking the post & commenting on it.

    @ Meka so you're on this condescending shit now too? You're sposed to be the down to earth dopeboy

  • j

    lol!! niggas dissin the niggas dissin, who wasn't even mentioned in the diss!!!!! WEST COAST FOREVER LOVE OR HATE IT!!!!!

  • martix

    r.a.i.d. is a little better but this 2nd round ko diss still go hard from cass. r.i.p. meek.

  • Flip

    Im always gonna have the fucking belt, imma body you so you could ghost write for your fucking self!!!!! - Cassidy!!!!!

  • AndOneill

    Man killed weak mill..!! Nobody beatin Cassidy in a battle. Bars all day

  • turth173

    dope beat. dope shit. this really hasnt been competitive

  • Jus10

    2DB going soft... what Meka meant to say was, "I'd rather listen to Meek Mill than Cassidy, because Cassidy is old school raw battle rap, and this 2013."

    Fuck that! Cassidy keeping that rawness alive. lol
    No disrespect Mek, but don't act like this ain't realer than most of what you gotta post.

  • robi

    because meka doesn't give a fuck about this fake beef, but he's posting it for people who do i.e. he's not being condescending at all

  • Jus10

    "Imma body you so you can ghost-write for yourself"

  • Canin

    Wack the entire song

  • Sprosma

    Fucking amazing . Nice one Cass!

  • jaysinghy80


  • Cage

    This shit was never fair to begin with.... Just hang it up meek

  • T9FTW

    Weak Mill was dead. "Kendrick, You Next" was the wackest shit ever, "ooh, Kill 'Em" was a little better but not good enough for Kendrick (no dick-rider).

    His delivery was fantastic on this. Almost better than "R.A.I.D.", which was about 9x better than "Kendrick, You Next".

  • T9FTW

    Meka, you have Meek to blame. Ain't nobody tell him to put out that wack "Kendrick, You Next" shit.

  • Grizzy

    ya niggaz still don't realize...cass is lyrically better than meek!

  • Mentaldagod

    Everybody talks that RIP meek shit but last time we all checked henis getting money... Still!!! Meek still can go home and be out in the streets and nobody is gonna run up on him from Cassidy's click and especially not Cassidy himself. Dont get me wrong Cass went but being from philly and nlknowing certain situations Cass isnt doing shit cuz he is noy built like that. Meek aint doing shit cuz him and most of his people got 2 strikes already.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know Cassidy but I do know some people who have done "business" with him back n the day and they said he's a solid cat and his ghetto report card good in the hood. It sounded like Meek was just saying whatever with his disses and Cassidy just came back to clear that shit up and clown on him. Anyway the line Cassidy said "Im doin me, I aint worried bout his monkey ass, it look like this nigga wearing a monkey mask. LOL, Cassidy killed this nigga lyrically.

  • who cares

    Yea, this is raw as fuck. Definitely on point with "R.A.I.D." Wish there was a download link, though.
    Favorite line: "You had to wait 8 months to respond back? Nigga you ain't ready for combat, your rhymes whack."

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    @Mentaldagod the fuck u talking about nigga? the fact meek getting money aint change shit. cass still murked him and he been getting money. cass has legendary tracks while meek mill has jack shit. nigga gotten hyped up by fat cats.

  • suge white

    you guys are retarded these lames are not battle rappers they need to stop, no lyrics cant flow at fucking all , and nothing even clever in any of these half ass diss records, these pop rapper need to die


    Lol @ suge white you sound like a salty bitch, they both came up on the battle scene. You probably just typed that for shock value though.

  • 2412


  • d mac

    lol, meek can barely travel w/o permission, that's why he in the hood instead of a worldwide tour! stop it noodlemouth. meek got bodied, twice!

  • jus10

    I though RAID was dope, but this took it to the next level. This is my 3rd listen.

  • Barto

    Watchin toonami

    Mah nigga

  • Ayoooo

    I only thumbed this up because Meka mentioned Toonami lol

  • bleezy

    yall should be ashamed to be meek fans b

  • FlyBoiTay

    LMAO "I go hard like a brillo pad" "I'm blow up like tryna microwave a canned good" I fuck with the track but Cass still won't drop a classic album...ever...

  • me

    he did a good job had bars but the rhyme scheme or flow just was very lame corny but cassidy did his thing

  • mclass

    Cass should have added that Kevin Hart clip where he's ripping MEEK backstage about tight jeans and shit.

    CASS > MEEK anyday, Cass came up on Battle rapping. fuck Meek tryna do?

  • LMAO

    same boring ass flow, rap thru ass

  • ric flair 6-1-9



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