Eminem – Berzerk (Video)

blame it on Illy September 9, 2013

Slim Shady returns. Eminem goes blonde in his vintage-style clip for the first single off the The Marshall Mathers LP 2, due November 5. Watch the visual featuring cameos from Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouse, Kid Rock, Rick Rubin and more.

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  • PapiRich

    New Eminem Album will be CRAZY wit Rick Rubin on production!! Hopefully will get some jewels on Slaughterhouse joint from Rick too!!(Hint Hint)

  • f12

    no al shout out on the guest spots?

    and this video actually made me appreciate the song a little more.

  • Seriously This Is Probably One Of The Dopest Videos I’ve Seen In A Long Time Especially Cause It Contains Alot Of Old School Hip Hop Video Angles…Good Job Director!

  • SFamilyRep

    This shit wack as fuck song and video. Slaughterhouse in the back forlorn looking like tools jumping and shit like wtf? & I’m an Em fan. He’s been wack for the last 2 albums as well. This might sound fucked up but I preferred when he was on drugs and talking about killing his moms and baby moms type of rap. I hope this is just a warm up track

  • #mmlp2

    I’m pretty sure I saw Yelawolf, Alchemist and Mr. Porter in there too… Dope song, dope video!

  • marty mcfly

    In Em’s mind this is what taking it back to his original style sounds like. Im not really into the song but it was an ok attempt at sounding like a 2000 version of his self. He coulda had this same beat and the same lyrics and I think if he changed his delivery a bit it might’ve sounded a iller but whatever. This might be his last album so all the stans a prolly make it go platinum about 10 mins after its released but I cant fuck with this shit.

  • Sosa

    Oh hey look, Eminem’s putting his new project into a conceptual box, how shocking. I didn’t think his delivery could devolve even more but it did, congrats I guess.

  • Mike Tomlin

    This song was really starting to grow on me and this video just makes it even better. This is tooooooooooooooooooo dope.

  • Dee

    It’s official…… Rick Rubin is anti shoe from here on out.

  • nigga

    Awful beastie boys impression. The video is cool though

  • eint

    lol @Dee. Rick about to say “Fuck it” and give up his house for the streets



  • Jayjay

    I fuck with it actually.

    it’s nice to see Em with the blonde again, shit brings back memories.

    I will say young kids probably won’t feel this.

  • BNF

    When I saw the preview at the MTV Awards I was very pessimistic toward whatever this song was. I wasn’t feelin what I saw and thought the song was gonna be wack. Fortunately, this shit is dope and the video makes it even MORE dope.

  • mark persaud

    muhahahahah!!1 GUESS WHO”S BACK? SLIM SHADY

    BERZERK is high and the video makes it even more dope yeah this is it!!!!!

  • Kiko

    @mary Mcfky why do you think this will be his last album?

  • Da Spaniard


  • marty mcfly

    @Kiko, It might be? Of course like everybody else I haven’t heard this album but depending on how it sounds and how people feel about it, it might be his last. Its like what more does Em have to do? He sold a trillion records already and he pretty much said everything he could say. He might pull out some interesting material for this album but it could be just one last lyrical tantrum for the fans and thats it. Idk but it just feels like it might be his last because I dont think he’s the type to just pump out solo albums at will like that after this one. In comparison to Jay cause I know someone will probably make that comparison based on them being vets. Jay pulls from an emotional place and a vibe when he creates (assuming of course), like he could just feel a certain kinda vibe in the air and then go create a whole album outta that. Em strikes me as a technical MC meaning he gotta lyrically sit there and organize every word like a long puzzle and then make it an album. So it might be his last unless he can make something else to top this effort but of course I could be wrong. This album MMLP2 was probably years in the making and he might not wanna go through that process again. Anyway I keep hoping one day I’ll come here and see a release date for Patents Of Nobility, smh but im keeping my fingers crossed. One

  • jhock420

    Kendrick fuck yeah

  • who cares

    I still can’t fuck with this. I’ve tried, but it’s not gelling with me. I think I know why, though. 1) The beat is too overpowering. It makes it hard to hear what he’s saying most of the time. 2) Everything about the hook is terrible and 3) The last verse is awful. I don’t hate the song like I originally did, but I still don’t like it.
    The video is alright. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s fun and it fits the song pretty well. My only complaint is seeing the man rocking some skinny jeans. That’s a no no. It was nostalgic as fuck to see him with the blonde hair again, though.



  • Pauly D

    “The last verse is awful.”

    u kidding yourself? That Birdman line was genius

  • iLL

    Who made the kut(scratch)!?

  • Wat

    I appreciate the song more after watching the video. I think the song itself has every essence of an old school hip hop track. I think it’s great. however, calling the album MMLP2 is fucking with my head when I listen to this song and realize how it’s not like anything on the original MMLP. Definitely going to check out the album though. We all know how his goofy ass singles sound nothing like the rest of the album.

  • Silent OG

    When I first heard this single I had nightmares of this being a new “old times sake”. After three listens I started really digging it and the video makes it even more dope. Actually reminds Em pre-The Eminem Show, which is the point. Yeah he is older and obviously doesn’t have the same sound as he did 13(!) years ago but this shit is dope and has more of a back to roots feel than recovery.

    I can see why all the young kids ain’t feelin it, this isn’t the cookie cutter beats/flows of meek, 2 chainz, A$AP.

    Still betting Ems, Jays, and Drakes are going to be the only 2013 albums I’ll still be bumpin 3 years from now tho

  • Big George

    @marty mcfly… U said dar this is probably Ems last album n shit but why u didnt said that about Jay Z?? MCHG was one of his worst album.

  • you niggas are sleeping hardbody….remember 3.A.M. and how big of a beast he was on that Track????that’s that horrocore 2000 Eminem flow right there. Lower your expectations fellas. Eminem changed for the better. I remember when that Im Having a Relapse freestyle came out and everyone was bitching about how tired they were of listening to Em rap about killing and raping bitches. As fans, you guys will never be content.