Miguel – Can’t Sleep Together

blame it on Meka September 9, 2013

The Mighty Migs – alongside MadGibbs and Run The Jewels – is the latest track from the [adult swim] Singles series which has been going on all summer.

  • motor city mike

    trash…trash…trash….this guy 15 mins is about up…1 hit wonder as prince knock off…fuck outta here

  • you serious?

    1 hit wonder? did you even listen to his album, hater? this is quality ass music. miguel is winning right now and making great music


    @ you serious? you got a point but at the same sense this song sucks. He said “Guess we can’t sleep together” about 25 times; this record isn’t hitting for. Miguel is a great artist though hands down. So i can’t say his 15 minutes is up yet, but he is a dope musician.

  • motor city mike

    you me a hit record besides “ADORN” he got 2 albums out and 1 hit record stfu nigga is a opener 15mins and counting clown

  • three

    ummm how many drinks? all i want is you? lotus flower bomb? you can add ashley to the list in a few months too..

  • Chopz

    Chill out, it’s just for adult swim.

  • FakirWise

    It’s “Let’s can’t sleep together” which is being said in the chorus. Not “guess we can’t”.