• brad stevens

    never liked this beat at all from the second i heard it and it hasnt grown on me at all

  • YallPostAnythingHuh

    Rill Boody

  • Rob Carter


  • Rob Carter


  • WeWantRapBack

    This kid can actually rap

  • DJ Ricochet

    THIS DUDE IS NEXT UP !!! #RicochetApproved The Word Play is crazy !!! really make you think !!

  • DJ Ricochet

    THIS DUDE IS NEXT UP !!! #RicochetApproved

  • TJ

    This is killin. Can't wait to hear the next one he drops .

  • TeFFtv

    Chill Really Sharpened up on this One!!! Gotchu wonderin who he's Talkin about bcuz everything he spittin is Definitely True! #NumbersOnTheBoard!

  • Mac

    been watching this guy for a while, he is very consistent, very talented. need to see him on these bigger sites more, he is going to be a problem when the right people hear him

  • Dilemma

    #bars Always good to hear new music from this wordsmith. Philly definitely has a diamond in the rough. Chill Moody is Dope.

  • Writelaughdream

    Nice to see Chill finally speak highly on what he's done and come at a few necks. He's repping for Philly and definitely one of the next to be outta here.

  • RapGod

    who is this guy this shit is lame in all the comments where left by chill moody his self