Kanye West Performs “Bound 2” w/ The Roots on Fallon (Video)

blame it on Illy September 10, 2013

Yeezus made a surprise unannounced appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday to tape a performance of his new single, “Bound 2” alongside Charlie Wilson backed by The Roots. Kanye hits the road with Kendrick Lamar for the Yeezus Tour in November.

“Brandy little sister lame and he know it now, when a real brother hold you down you supposed to drown.”

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  • ey


  • Wtf

    He know it now*

  • Wtf

    Brandy little sister lame and HE know it now.

  • Wtf222

    Brandy little sister lame and HE know it now.

  • joshestes

    those kids been growing dreads since birth?

  • damn if that was really him singing, props

  • I see Mike Dean on the keys.

  • jobie

    wooah, that soulful kanye is still there. that was great. song needs to be remixed with that choir. charlie is amazing btw

  • Ray J YOU MADDDD #visvimgang

  • TonYG

    Great performance, great song!

  • Nova

    Great live performance. I hope he pushes this as a single

  • Pauly D

    I agree, but I don’t think it’ll get anywhere past 20’s.

    One of the best songs from Yeezus, which isn’t saying much. But still good.

  • kiko

    this was cool.

  • Obi Juan

    One good girl is worth a thousand chickens lololol

  • JAyP

    Do you ask your chick for other chickens?

  • Truth

    Kanye is wack as fuck and that light jab at ray j was really weak

  • NC Chef

    That was ill…can we get a Kanye unplugged album with the roots please.

  • Me


  • dagel

    nice skirt bro

  • gru please say the dot

    kanye is a bitch he put on that chain so you can walk him. He goes at R&B cats but would never go at any MC Rapper that shitted on him. Plus he’s got a picture, no a video of ray j fucking his girl. Both dues are cornballs but how does that make kanye look when he beefing with a singer but not rappers.

    But at least we can all agree that it’s about time he stopped wearing a dress while preforming.

  • gru please say the dot

    I stand corrected he IS still wearing a dress…damn what a bitch.

    Oh, I got it… I call that my black bitch, Kanye.

    Supa dupa flow my niggaz.

  • timmr

    Great performance….but kanye was the weakest link… with his “HUHHGH” and what not. get the handicap kid off stage

  • Menno

    Whoops… what did you say at 2:33 Ye?

    Well, still biggest inspiration as an artist for me!

  • kingnigga

    what the hell he say at 3:03 ????????