Kendrick Lamar Responds to Meek Mill in Brooklyn

blame it on Shake September 10, 2013

During his sold-out performance in Brooklyn, NY tonight, Kendrick Lamar decided to take a few moments from his set to respond to Meek Mill’s recent diss.

“I been doing this shit for years. I mastered this shit! I have no time for irrelevant niggas… new niggas! There’s one nigga in particular that needs to realize that there’s ‘levels’ to this shit. I’m MOTHER F*CKIN’ KING KENDRICK!” – (AHH)

And since we live in 2013, Meek (who is also currently in NYC) has already caught wind of the words and has taken to Twitter. Check out his thoughts below and stay tuned as we keep you updated on the situation.

  • KINGkendrick

    of course meek mill responds on twitter. at least kendrick did it on stage

  • I hope this becomes a real beef. Because that means a wack ass rapper’s career is about to get ended by a genius emcee. Meek needs to be wiped from hip-hop.

  • Killaaa

    lol cosign @ Bizzy

  • brad stevens

    Meek is one of the lamest, overrated, uneducated dudes breathing right now in terms of rappers

  • brad stevens

    cosign KINGkendrick tho. thats exactly what kind of person meek is

  • w

    Not even kendrick fan but meek is such a god damn pussy. dude hides behind his fucking computer

  • KING

    Lmao. Meek is such a bitch. Tweeting ass bitch. King Kendrick rules all. Hope Meek turns into the irrelevant piece of shit he is.

  • who cares

    co-sign Bizzy up until “genius emcee.” Ya’ll need to stop putting the dude up on a pedestal. Still, it would be nice to get Meek the fuck outta Hip Hop.

  • malcyvelli

    no joke, I’m calling this shit the new drake/com beef of 2013, kendrick is cocky but he ain’t on THAT level of it, I’d put money down this shit is being orchestrated cause meek is losing his grip in rap and needs “king” kendrick to shout his whack ass out

  • KRIT>Kendrick

    Agree with “who cares”. I dislike Meek as much as the rest of yall but get off Kendrick’s dick. Genius MC my ass.

  • Jiggatron

    @w, it’s ironic, because you’re doing the same thing (hiding behind your computer)…if you saw Meek on the streets you wouldn’t have the guts to say anything. If you did he would bust your lame ass.

  • Royal

    That might not even be aimed at Meek. Pap has been talking reckless too, taking things way too personal.

  • armd

    Hip-hop is full of wannabe Kendrick stans. Meek may not be on that lyrical tip but dude does his own shit and does it well…he runs a different audience then Kendrick does. And Kendrick is cool, but dude is annoying the fuck out of me because he hasn’t put in nearly the amount of work nor has the amount of power to “run” all these goddamn cities he’s claiming.

  • j

    Meek should lay low

  • three

    the way kendrick has been acting lately makes me think hes headed for a sophmore slump. and im a fan

    • t


  • Chris

    @Bizzy thanks for speaking the fucking truth!

  • HesusDuece

    is Jay Rock gonna have to murk a nigga

  • koke

    Tweeting is pussy shit but calling him out at on stage when hes not there is cool? You fools need to get off this mans dick

  • Kingd760

    I wish kendrick started beef with freddie gibbs… Gibbs > kendrick

  • hiphopisdead

    I’m so tired of seeing the word relevant when it comes to hip-hop. Really disappointed in this dude for even saying that. Everybody pushed him as this lyrics matter again savior of rap but now that he’s blown up he’s going to be on that “I sell more records, I have more money, and I’m more popular” bullshit like all the rest of them.

  • koke

    Dude put out one album and think he runs the rap game smh

  • Kingd_760

    I wish kendrick started beef with freddie gibbs… Gibbs all day tho

  • Fuck Marty Mcfly

    the people on 2dopeboyz are such a big fucking group of bitch boys. with all the dickriding you niggers and cracker honkeys claim, I’m surprised you guys haven’t found another homosexual thing to call each other. Meek Mill doesn’t talk about shit but that doesn’t mean Kendrick is any better. that black midget talks about the same shit that you throw Meek under the bus for.

  • Kingd_760

    I wish kendrick started beef with freddie gibbs… That would be a way better match up, i think gibbs is better tho

  • Kingd_760

    Kdot should start beef with freddie gibbs

  • Kingd_760

    Lol my bad for all the posts it was telling me that the comment couldnt be posted..

  • DGR

    Why is it that when rappers hear their name dropped in a song they freak out like it’s some big thing? Wale said it best to TMZ: “It’d be more of a diss to NOT hear my name”.. This is all part of the game, some people just take it way too seriously. I like Kendrick’s approach on this because he’s proving he’s king by rapping on his own records and selling out shows as opposed to Tweeting back and forth. His response to the diss is what he’s actually currently doing not just empty words!

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick called Meek irrelevant but Levels is poppin in the streets and on radio right now. Not a Meek Mill fan but just saying.

  • LebanonDon

    Kendrick has mixtapes better than Week Mills album…this fool shouldn’t even mention K.Dot’s name until his product is up to par

  • suge white

    im glad thinks this nigga corny,,,, all these papoose ,cassidy, meek, weak as rappers need to go make tracks with beiber


    lol kendrick has officially made it, his posts have more haters than fans now..welcome to the #onceadoredbutnowhatedbecauseof’overratedsuccess’club

  • koke

    Its funny how Kendrick didnt call out Papoose especially since he was in NY at the time, Kendrick is soft

    • Jarvo

      I think he was talking about Pap wack ass when he said “irrelevant niggas”

  • thatrealshit


    if i paid enough i could record myself taking a shit and itd be poppin on the radio right now. and word, u kno wats poppin in the streets too right?…dumbass

  • marty mcfly

    Ya’ll might wanna check out the new song Troy Ave put out today called New York City featuring Prodigy, Raekwon, and Nore and before you say oh he’s “irrelevant”? That dont mean the song aint dope though and on it Troy had a line going at Kendrick. As I said before, let Kendrick keep going with this king shit and he’ll just continue to open the door to more lines like the one Troy said today.


    Nigga went platinum on his debut album in an era when rappers with more songs and experience than him cant barely crack gold..yall still think this cat is a lightweight?? lol I mean I’m not one to say success equates skill, but fuck I thought kendrick proved he had skill a long time ago? now he’s known, now he’s killing the game and droppin names, but now cats want him to “tone it down”???!!! lmao how’d yall not see this coming??? This kid been plotting, been hinting what kind of an impact he was going to attempt to make in the game, but naw yall want him to stop claiming titles? Yall want the kid to slow it down? Yall think thats “falling off?”..that logic is going to kill the culture one day, i swear..shit didnt use to be like this, we use to applaud the cocky cats, the ambitious emcees..the bold and we just call them overrated and write them off to the mtv fans and pepsi endorsements for the rest of their careers lol

  • marty mcfly

    @thatrealshit, then do it then. My point is Meek aint that “irrelevant” if Kendrick been paying attention for the last few weeks. So while Kendrick is running with this king shit, some of the people he’s claiming to wanna murder are putting out records that are connecting. Wale had an ok run, so did Cole and Mac Miller with his album, and Drake’s album a be out soon as well and then Pusha. Kendrick didnt mention all these names but his “irrelevant” bullshit aint quite the case. If Meek is irrelevant then maybe he shouldn’t have said his name in the first place.

  • j

    Are we gonna keep ignoring that kendrick said he wanted to make sure each artist’s fans, that he named would never wanna listen to them again.

    i would take that as a serious threat, yo think they want a career ending or their money to stop. meek real for speaking out.

    kendrick is nice at being a rapper/lyricist, he does the job pretty well but the whole platinum so fast and critically acclaimed thing was a right place at the right time and a couple illmatic comparisons sorta thing. it’s not that time.

    Watch when rappers step away from hooks and bangers.. for a minute kendrick is gonna get eaten.. only problem is he get the mainstream eminem, drake type fans with the stan goggles. he can get by with alien voices n gimmicks easy.

  • Mentaldagod

    I think he was talking about Pap and by saying levels letting merk know that he heard him and he is relevant to mention subliminally. Im a Pap supporter but he is irrelevant compared to Meek right now. Yall dudes gotta think and stop hating on meek. He said it aint beef with kendrick amd they just say each other. pap is talking mad shit. Do the knowledge

  • UrStepdad

    Ain’t nobody else bringing it to the table like K.Dot except for Hov and champagne papi since he’s got the soft rap on lock for you soft niggas , “at the moment”. Wait til Em drops!!
    Every response to Kendrick control verse has been weak… He straight up woke up the rap game up! What it take weak mills to respond to Cassidy?? 9 months .. That fool is garbage!

  • Money Team

    Meek be that nigga that yells all day on his fuckin songs, in New York they ain’t playing his lame ass, I was out in LA and didn’t hear his wack ass on the radio too..his album flop to begin with

  • Mentaldagod

    I think he was talking about Pap and by saying levels letting merk know that he heard him and he is relevant to mention subliminally. Im a Pap supporter but he is irrelevant compared to Meek right now. Yall dudes gotta think and stop hating on meek. He said it aint beef with kendrick amd they just saw each other

  • thatrealshit


    maybe to us meek mill is “relevant” but compared to kendrick? nah. not even sayin kendrick is some godly figure in hip hop, but if we’re comparin the two then yeah meek is a fuckin irrelevant as nigga, point blank, and kendrick is right. you kno it, i kno it, shit meek prolly knows it…i swear u just take the wrong side of every argument to entertain urself

  • UrStepDad

    Cassidy has weak mills shook! “Scared to death, scared to look”

  • Slruim

    Kendrick is not a king. He’s only dropped 2 official albums. He’s only been in the “game” for 3 years.

    Consistancy is key. Nas, Jay, Em & Black Thought are the God MCs. The only thing Kendrick is hot now but can he keep it going?

  • thacarter2

    yall some bitches. that nigga ain’t talkin bout yall, but yall takin it so personal. smh

  • marty mcfly

    @thatrealshit, yeah people are putting Kendrick on a godly level, im just watching his fans gas him up like a hot air balloon but its cool. In yours and Kendrick’s opinion Meek is irrelevant, and thats cool with me but I was just pointing out that Meek got a record in rotation, that is all. Even before Kendrick’s album came out people were saying he was the greatest ever so ya’ll can continue to pump that gas but this aint the first time I seen this kinda shit. All I know is that Kendrick himself is the starting point to all these chain reactions afterwards. Im sure that dont bother Kendrick cause he honestly feels like he’s the king but ok now you gotta wear that title every time you spit a bar cause again, its his claim in the first place. His fans will say whatever it takes to make everybody else seem less then Kendrick but thats ok too.

  • onpoint

    “i swear u just take the wrong side of every argument to entertain urself” lmao marty’s troll career summed up in one sentence.

  • Saywordson

    Y’all to infatuated with the fucking numbers, which make it easy for me to divide and conquer , This is where we at? I guess it’s entertainment
    I guess this is speculation making a classic came with
    If I ain’t have the patience I’d probably self destruct
    Real people want real music, the jig is up

  • UrStepDad

    It’s been more than 3 years … Mix tape Training Day (2005)

  • nystradomus

    Meek cannot be that irrelevant considering a thousand rappers have responded to Kendrick and he didn’t feel the need to go back at anyone but meek. And to whoever said kendrick has better mixtapes than meeks album nowadays that can be said for most rappers. Fabolous/slaughterhouse anyone?

  • kendrick aint king of shit

    yall just followers n lames that take whatever the internet tells u as fact

  • onpoint

    “His fans will say whatever it takes to make everybody else seem less then Kendrick but thats ok too.” Is it really ok to you though? because it seems like you have a problem with it, just an observation.

  • marty mcfly

    Its now a popularity contest in the culture and thats fine but one thing about that is skills dont actually control that opinion anymore. So the tables can so easily turn that I hope Kendrick got what it takes to wear that jacket that he put on himself. On this particular issue I dont really care either way it goes but im just saying… Levels is moving out here, 2 Chainz is moving, Big Sean moving, Kendrick? a verse here and there but how long are yall gonna be able to ride that “oh well Kendrick went platinum so that means he’s king”. Thats gonna get old soon

  • thacarter2

    @marty he came out wit a album 11 months ago, he don’t gotta put nothin in roation. He don’t need a mixtape, freestyle, nothin. He can chill til sometime next year and his fans and everybody else still gon cop the album.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah ok. The main point im making is Kendrick responded back by implying Meek is “irrelevant”. My point is he got a record out called Levels and maybe you should check it out, thats it. Your opinion that Kendrick aint gotta put out mixtape, freestyle, nothin… until his next album? In which I dont agree or disagree with, Hey we’ll see how thats works out for him.

  • thacarter2

    @marty Nelly has a song out too, whats your point?

  • marty mcfly

    And yes Kendrick used “levels” in the rhyme which could be clever or could contradict his calling Meek “irrelevant”. I swear that shit is one of the main reasons why the game is a popularity contest and another reason why lyricist should just make a whole new lane for strictly lyrical MCs and let the “relevant” rappers have the mainstream shit.

  • thacarter2

    you right. all this shit dumb to me anyway

  • marty mcfly

    @thacarter, yes Nelly does have a song out featuring Pharrell and Nicki so you can figure out the point to your own thought cause you are making one if its about who got hot records out now and who dont.

  • TH

    *Plays “A1” on Youtube*

  • marty mcfly

    Im just giving a perspective. Of course people gonna feel some type of way but if Kendrick put out a record tomorrow that was a banger I think that would be dope also so its all good. Again my point is some of these guys from the Control verse have been putting out records so dont act like you def now to anybody not named Kendrick.

  • I’m gonna be the only one standing up for Meek here because Kdot been dope forever and I was down since his freestyles with Game back in 05/06 era!! Meek still can flow and is a good rapper don’t care how much people aren’t siding with him, this could get competitive for real!!

  • sitthefuckdown!

    @marty mcfly wipe ya tears ma nigga, u getting way too emotional. Hahahahahahahahah

  • ToastToTheFrauds

    This”beef” or dispute,this shit is all promo…Self made 3 is coming out next week and so is DreamChasers 3. Hell, Meek admitted to telling Kendrick about his response to control before he even released it.They’re buddies, just like everyone in the rap game. This shit is like the NBA now.

  • MyWord

    Meek Mill got lucky he singed with Ross and Ross was abl to blow him up. Or he wouldve been just another Philly underground/battletested rapper tbh…GrandeMarshall>>>>>Meek. Also I don’t think Meek has gotten over how Kendrick’s debut completely took Meek’s debut shine and attention…

  • Fresh

    Niggas dying everyday and these niggas bitching to about each other…either sqaub it out or move on….TheRapGameIsPussy…FreshPussy

  • BiLLs ILL

    people are so amazed by kendrick is because hip hop was hip pop for a minute and since he made it big mainstream people are thinkin this dude is mad lyrical, especially the younger audience because they have been brought up with the pop radio bullshit that rappers be on and most of kendrick fans the ones that buy albums and go to shows are younger, i mean he is nice but i wouldnt put all my money on him. as far as this shit between meek and kendrick i think it would be good for the culture, the youngins need to see this side of hip hop which barely exists today. meek is the only one that kendrick called out responded and yous are sayin hes hidng behind twitter lol. what yous want him to do put on a concert to call kendrick out lol

  • Austin

    Kendrick is just challenging hip hop artists. I don’t think he means it in a negative way. He is trying to bring the competition back into hip hop, which at its roots has and should always be. People are taking him way too seriously. I don’t get how you all get so wrapped up in who has beef with who. Its honestly almost like watching one of those reality shows where a bunch of rich white women gossip and talk shit about each other. Meek does his own thing and people like him for that. Same goes for Kendrick. You are all such dick riders smh.

  • Pony

    Meek just killed control tho.

  • cirq

    Bye Bye Meek lol

  • the realest

    Kendrick hanging around 50 too much. 50 probably gave him the greenlight for that move. And meek is under Ross. So I’m not surprised at Kendrick and meek going at it. Especially when meek said Kendrick can have that backpack shit, he got the streets lol

  • the realest

    Co-sign bills ill

    And Kendrick didnt even respond with a song or some bars. The fuck niggaz getting so hyped for lol. Oh let me guess, “meek doesn’t even deserve a response” right? So Kendrick calls out all rappers for not being lyrical then after weeks of hiding responds with no lyrics. Yeah that’s how to do it.

  • K.

    just cuz you 2dopeboyz only got hip to Kendrick about 3 years ago and ya’ll think that Kendrick hasn’t been doing this. just because ya’ll don’t know about something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Kendrick has stayed consistent since the Kendrick Lamar LP too. 3 mixtapes that are better than some dudes (*cough* Meek Mill *cough*) whole catalogs and 1 platinum album.

  • BiLLs ILL

    So what a lot of artists made it big with mixtapes so far gone did better then kendricks mixtapes, dream chasers, friday night lights, meek got crazy buzz of flamerz he aint no new comer. just because kendrick too got shine of his tapes you cant disregard the rest. just because more kids relate to kendrick rather then meek who relates more to the streets doesnt mean hes better, well atleast so far. they both portray two different images two different styles. and drake on his smooth shit.

  • Champ

    Cosign what my brother Kingd760 said Gibbs > Kendrick and alot these new so called rappers!

    Meek is wack period, I don’t even have a track of his, be it a feature or his own shit, dude is coooorrrnnny. I even editied that shit he did with Mariah with just her voacal haha

  • the realest

    ^ this nigga got edited Mariah Carey vocals, but talking bout how meek mill is corny. Gtfoh

  • gregory kruxx.

    ya’ll corny muthaphuckas forget this is hip hop..this bravado king shit is buried in its roots…from busy bee n kool moe dee, krs n shan, cube n nwa, cube n common, cannibus n LL, jay n nas, eazy n dre…and the list goes on and on….
    @K is 100 percent correct… if yall dont know a dudes career thats on you…

    im a fan of both dot n meek but kendricks that dude…homeboy got bars for days…meeks nice but he dnt change is flow up…its always the same shit…

    this is sport…lets enjoy it… wen jay n nas went at it that shit was epic… i only wish sumtimes to see sum sparring like that again

    this is hip hop emceeing…lets see who got the barzz

  • top5alive

    Meek Mill needs to chill and let the boy shine lmaoo, but wait did someone comment saying that Gibbs would eat kendrick up? lol.

  • Gemneye

    Co sign Austin

  • the realest

    @ gregory

    Kendrick has to actually spit some bars to meek mill. Meek delivered a solid diss track. The shit had west coast influence and homage lol. Kendrick makes a statement in New York saying he’s king again. The fans write checks for these artist that they can’t cash. Meek 1, backpackers 0.

  • j1

    this site sucks. so since kendrick disses Meek in concert and Meek tweeted that small ass comment yall say he a bitch and wack? Kendrick ain’t say shit to his face tho but somehow he the man. Yall niggas bias as shit.

  • truth.

    Your soft if your calling people dickriders and stans this isn’t 2000 anymore grow up and stop hiding behind your computer. Meek isn’t irrelevant but seriously dude’s flow is recycled track after track, yelling all over place, glorifying drugs bitches guns etc. He’s corny and any next up rapper could easily replace him and he wouldn’t be missed. Rap hip-hop whatever you wanna call should stop giving passes to these wack emcees. Its cool to have brainless catchy songs sometimes but these dudes are sitting here making careers out of bullshit. Kendrick isn’t the best but at least he is skilled and any person who passed the 5th grade can tell he actually puts work into projects. If you want street shit anyway like other people said freddie gibbs is the way to go.

  • Real Hip Head

    Ya’ll all dick riders for kendrick westcoast buys album east coast buys mix Tapes it levels to this shit ya not making it any better he worked with Dre Meek Rick Ross his album had to be who worked with Dre and didn’t have a bangin first album EM 50 all the way back to snoop so get of his dick Dre orchestrated the album don’t make him a genius DICK RIDERs

  • brad stevens

    trying to defend meek as relevant? dudes got 1,000 songs but never even had a top 40 single!!

  • the realest

    Freddie Gibbs? Ain’t no Freddie Gibbs going in the clubs or banging out if cars. Backpackers stay where the backpacks are.

    Kendrick is a joke. You don’t call out all of hip hop about being competitive and about sport, and respond with press statements. You can’t be king by just giving yourself the title lol. This isn’t beef where we can wait for subliminals on the next album. This sport. He got “bars for days” right? Go in the booth over a hard beat, spit, and release it to the Internet and give to the culture like you “said” it was. But that’s all bullshit. 50 got in his ear. Is all marketing and remaining relevant. No one was talking about Kendrick till his verse.

  • fuckinlames

    y’all so concerned with who relevant or not all that says to me is you can’t think for yourself. y’all only fuck with somebody if enough other people fuckin with em. why don’t you try thinkin for youself for a change and not base your opinions off everybody else’s opinions. it’s really easy to spot the people who weren’t kendrick fans until he blew up. it’s the ones talkin all this “he ain’t relevant” nonsense because apparently his music wasn’t shit before then if that’s how we judge rappers.

  • Wat

    don’t like Kendrick. don’t like Meek. but I’d rather see Meek just never speak again. ever. imo.

  • LeVeL

    Lyrically they are both good but both are weak and soft niggaz.

  • QZA

    haha just listened to A1 Everything by Meek ft. Kendrick, for the first time in a while… kinda forgot about that song

    kendrick bodied meek, plain and simple

  • oldassman


  • AAA

    Can someone explain in full detail how you can decipher what Kendirck said to be directed at meek mill?… he said absolutely no ones name….

  • K.

    @AAA “Levels” is a Meek Mill song so when he said 1 dude in particular needs to know theres “levels” to this shit. subliminally everybody knew

  • AlonsoVerdugo

    It’s all entertainment, lmao. Responses show weakness, K knows that. All these posts are “irrelevant,” whatever that means to people now-a-days.