Flatbush ZOMBiES – Better Off Dead (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy September 11, 2013

The Brooklyn trio Flatbush ZOMBiES liberate their much-awaited 19-track Better Off Dead mixtape which features contributions from Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Harry Fraud, and more. Stream and download Better Off Dead under the cut.

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  • Jiggatronnn

    Without a doubt the best project I’ve heard this year. And I haven’t been slouching.

  • Bongwater

    Mixtape of the year easily

    Fuck it, best project of the year

  • Herbclouds

    Regular and Complex.

    But definitely far from best project of the year, woah there.

  • I’m gonna check this out!! It’s gonna take a lot to top Audio Push Come as You Are mixtape (Album)

  • $$$

    “Mixtape of the year easily” We must not be listening to the same thing haha

  • Allen Spitz

    4 people don’t know how to listen to music

  • alex

    first project with thug waffle was wayyyy better.

  • schuyler

    No this is waaay better than DRUGS.

  • 60sin13

    dope tape, erick killed this shit on the boards

  • DatGuy

    Bliss, 222, Thugnificense, Regular And Complex… This tape might be better than the first one. But I could do without all the rock influence. That’s just me.

    Live In Concert
    Honest Cowboy
    Watching Movies With The Sound Off
    Pink Flame
    Summer Knights
    Magna Carta Holy Grail
    Born Sinner
    Trap House III
    Better Off Dead
    Nostalgic 64
    Acid Rap
    Trap Lord

    • Lo

      with Magna Carta, if your talking production wise yes! But lyrics included hell no those lyrics were mediocre!

  • T9FTW

    Really dope. Definitely better than the first one. Some tracks weren’t too good though. Really strong and different from current ish (although they do take from older artists).

    4.2/5 maybe.

  • Underground>

    better than all of the overhyped albums that come out by “big” nigz this year. for sure. i agree with the above poster, this tape is like a 4.243267 – 4.41938542.
    them overhyped albums by Ye,Jay,Cole,Wale,Mac Miller – all 3.09342754’s

  • wowww

    man if you put live in concert on a top releases of the year list…. SMH and im a huge spitta fan

  • Trizzy

    Cosign wowww, and just came from seeing Spitta rock San Diego.

    But this will at least be top 5 all year. No doubt. And I didn’t even like DRUGS

  • Ricki Lutes

    been looking forward to this one!

  • 206FRE$H

    76596753542345365476979875746545634524130948534 some were around that and 90852305983495723409687324095734906243687459064

  • jones

    My Team, Supreme > All songs this year

  • Just My Opinion

    I have to sit with it a week or to see if it’s mixtape of the year or better than D.R.U.G.S. But this tape is CRACK. I don’t think I hate any song. It’s way darker and feels more polished than the first one tho. Feels like a real album. Club soda with Bronson tho…. #BeastCoast

  • NoWuff

    Perfect time for a release, I feel like they’ve been gaining a lot of random hype the last two weeks. Swag

  • real talk clark

    I didn’t like the beats much… this whole trap 808 influence is too much… I also think that dude sounds like NINE.. remember nine? an ill posse and my name up in lights N I N E lol..

    i can’t really get with the voice over these type of beats… I think if the beats were on some gravediggaz shit, it’d work…

  • adolfmayne

    where is when i roam??

  • realness

    Good shit here, a step up from DRUGS, glad to see the year off brought a dope tape!

  • hova scotia

    word to adolf…when in roam is one of my fave tracks by them zombies

  • Bongwater


  • DeZiRe

    Dope instrumentals and Dope Tape… although, I do feel like Darko uses that deep sorta “Monster” voice too Much! I get why he uses it, but after awhile it just get annoying… just saying.

  • Reeko

    i havent stopped listening to this since it dropped

    definitely top 5 rap album of the year

  • Eric Cartmen

    what the fuck are u guys smoking this shit is hot doo doo

  • Will

    This is one of the best if not the best project of the year, because it is unique. The whole beastcoast movement is unique, from Pro Era to World’s Fair, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, Cannibal Ox, El-P, Underachievers and this is just a few. That is why I laugh at chumps who say bullshit like king of East Coast and shit. Kendrick is not even king of the west coast that garbage he is spittin is average at best. I will say that this was better than D.R.U.G.S because it was more polished and the production was more ambient and spacey. They took their conventional talent up a notch.

    This tape was album worthy, and if it came out as an album would be one of the best albums of this year, because of its lyrical prowess and its creativity. FZ have made themselves become a distinct anomaly all of their own, and if they keep this up they could be legends possibly a new age Pharcyde but darker.

  • Rick O Shea

    Tracks are hit and miss. Far from being the best mixtape of the year. I’m a huge fan of Danny Brown but his feature was fucking awful. 2.5/5