Kanye West Rants at Pusha T’s MNIMN Album Listening Party (Video)

blame it on Illy September 11, 2013

Pusha T held his official My Name is My Name album listening party at Industria Superstudio in New York City tonight and before going into the playback of the album (arriving October 8) Kanye West — who was indeed in the building — had a few fairly loud words to say. But what else do you expect from ‘Ye? Video courtesy of Mikey Fresh of

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  • LA

    I predict 60-70K first week sales

    My Name is My Name! should be dope

  • Dookie

    This is amazing lol. He came at drake for having the 24 on back of the nwts t-shirts.

  • D

    I love Kanye, but what happened to his Kris Jenner voice?

  • Read a book

    “I don’t give a fuck bout none of these corporations, none of these fucking sellouts!”

    *Clicks on Miley cyrus/Kanye West remix article

  • realtalk

    someone needs to clock this guy, and knock him the fuck out… to bad everyone wants to be in the industry so bad, they dont have to ballz to

  • DeezyThaDon


    He didn’t do this for Big Sean & “Hall Of Fame”. This album has to be amazing. Pusha’s been dropping quality projects & I’m sure his debut will continue this trend. He hasn’t let me down yet. #MNIMN

  • Dom.G

    ^ Didn’t do it for Big Sean because Ye ain’t do shit on the album. Looking forward to MNIMN, prod will be crazy. Subs at Drake talking about numbers on the shirt? But Ye was just at the OVO Fest…

  • DoubleClutch95

    Damn, is it October 8 already!?!

    For as much flack Kanye takes, you gotta love his passion!

  • Smh

    RANTS??? Really Shake?

    No this is Kanye showing mad Love to one of the dopest Mcee’s in the game right now…Yall kill me with that rant bullshit

  • thatDude

    fucking Drama Queen. You would think that this ninja never had pussy or was not famous with all the attention he needs.

  • A whole bunch of yelling without saying much, just like the Yeezus album.

  • elduderino

    AMERICA…..haha ye puts the douche bag in mainstream

  • elduderino


    oh yeah and shake isn’t the only person calling this a rant on a website

  • KIM

    @elduderino STFU.

  • ew

    “oh yeah and shake isn’t the only person calling this a rant on a website”

    ao that validates it? because everyone’s doing it?fuckin follower

  • Mario Stanfield

    …STILL attention whorin at another motherfuckaz listening party?! This fool got Napoleon syndrome… Pusha BEEN dope… this prick OVERLY thirtsy; fuckin post-THIRTSY… ‘Ye musta received ZERO childhood parental attention cus the way this fool NEEDS to perpetually feed his ego [like this] and constantly self-reassure himself by pattin himself on the back with his histrionics… fucka you a definitive lame… you blatant… no confidence in your life choices coupled with their heavy social criticisms [all of which you implore and court yourself]? Fuck outta here bruh!

    Someone NEEDS to check this fools jaw an’ quick cus this hubris has transcended irritating… STOP actin like you some sort of untouchable fighter/g… actin all boasie car you pushed over a Pap?! naa fool you got shit totally twisted and backwards, front to back and inside out… your a loud-mouth pussy in a skirt so fall back and behave yourself… dickhead…

    Co-sign @realtalk

  • Mario Stanfield


  • aye

    @Mario Stanfield

    You mad ain’t it.

  • LOL at internet weirdos!

    “STILL attention whorin at another motherfuckaz listening party”

    I knew some faggot as gone come alone and say that bullshit Smh i just knew it! LOL
    Ye was showing love! that’s it bitch….and you got too much time on your hands

  • LOL at pusha T trying to keep a straight face.

  • Hahah123989

    ye’s old work with jay – late reg – dropout – fantasy – Good Fridays killed the blogs and people mimic that shit to this day… People have been biting the artwork style since! Keep telling ye to shut up as he continues leading the rest of the numbered rappers lol lol lol lol he has been helping shaping hip hop since jay did black album – and isn’t going anywhere soon lol

  • yeezusjustroseagain

    Ya’ll dont get it… THIS IS MOTHERFUCKIN PUSHA T!!!!

  • boutta take it too far now

    Mario stanfield is soooo mad

    must be a drake fan

    i wont reply either, because i dont live in comment sections

  • HesusDuece

    all that yelling i’m wondering is this a YESUS bonus track?, and @hahah123989 that good friday shit was bit from Crooked I’s hip hop weekly series, get your fucking facts straight

  • Feris Bueller = Pusha T? Lol that was a couple minutes of Ye straight talking out his ass. For the culture? What culture? Pusha hasn’t kept it grounded. He’s turned into a lil’ fashionista with the times. Only thing he hasn’t changed is his subject matter, which is coke, and the distribution of it. I’m an old fan of Push but c’mon son. Just like somebody earlier mentioned, Ye just did a track with Miley. And talking shit about Drake with the “numbers on the back of the shirt” while he just went to OVO fest? Fuck kinda two-faced fake ass female shit is that? Just like these hoes be talking to their friends how they hate a bitch, but then be “besties” with that same bitch a week later. The only true part of his rant (yes it was a rant for those of you trying to defend this shit) was how he explained how he was off the goose. Clearly, that part was true.
    Anyways, here’s hoping MNIMN is a solid project, and that Pusha can break out of his mold of making tracks only about coke and/or how he is some sort of god-send to music. Just put out some fucking good music and skip this hypeman shit.

  • KNZO

    this is kanye hyping up pusha t’s album. plain and simple.

  • Pauly D


    Co-sign every word!

    “Too many niggas; not enough hoes. And some of you niggas ACTIN like hoes”

  • pol

    too much coke

  • rq

    So apparently Hit Boy took the “numbers on the back…fuck you” shit as a diss and tried to fight kanye lol.

    look at his “hits since 87” mixtape cover

  • That’s mother fucking Pusha T! lol Yee gone off of the Goose! I’m about to go play Pusha’s old mixtapes just because of this right now! Video has me hype in the a.m.! Should have done this on a mother fucking Monday morning!

  • Silky Johnson

    Yes Kanye, you make that ‘good’ music…..I’m sure this Pusha album won’t be full with the same old played out drug raps and cocaine-based wordplay.

    It’s so ‘good’, he had to put 14 features on the fucking album.

  • AndOnell

    This funny shit!! Ye flopping around the place, this album hopefully will be dope, I’m a huge huge clipse fan but his solo tapes just ain’t lived up. This SHOULD be dope tho

  • assface

    Sounds to me like niggers acting like niggers is all.

  • my2cents

    Ye should lay off the C.

  • meh

    dont he have a baby to be home with?? pusha t is garbage with a garbage ass album title. this is all hype.

  • shamiqua holsclaw

    I love Ye posts. Here’s why:
    It clearly separates the stans from the haters.
    Niggas defending him like he family.
    He always sound like he just popped 8 prozacs.
    but the main reason i love Ye posts is because they always seem to be about someone else, but kanye gets all the attention.
    Im predicting this shit right now. Pusha’s shit gon be nice if there aint too much yeezus on it.

  • Exhibit C

    I don’t know why I continue to read the comments on this site, they just annoy me. Wack people talking like their opinions are facts and calling Pusha T a “lil fashionista”. You got Pauly D up there quoting Kendrick of course.
    It’s funny cause marty mcfly is the most rational, realest commenters on this shit but he gets the most flack.

  • I hate when people are so delusional they ignore facts and try to push them off as opinions. Let’s ignore that Pusha is wearing all kinds of gaudy “fashion” pieces adorned with leather and tight-fitting pants. Definitely hip-hop culture. That’s sarcasm by the way, in case you have trouble comprehending that last bit as well.

  • hiphop

    ^^Hip hop started with rappers wearing funny clothes like that, just because it changed and got on some gritty shit in the 90’s doesn’t mean its not hip hop to dress like that now. That would mean “the message” wasn’t hip hop.

  • QZA

    “I don’t give a fuck bout none of these corporations, none of these fucking sellouts!”
    *Clicks on Miley cyrus/Kanye West remix article
    Read a book said this on September 11th, 2013 at 11:22 pm


  • Atlantic Sea Child

    He didn’t do this for Big Sean & “Hall Of Fame”. This album has to be amazing. Pusha’s been dropping quality projects & I’m sure his debut will continue this trend. He hasn’t let me down yet. #MNIMN
    DeezyThaDon said this on September 11th, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    he put big sean in the game. this is what he made for sean.
    (look i love big sean, he’s a top rapper ,period)
    now kanye is about to release the first solo album from pusha-t the legend, from the also lengendary THE CLIPSE. kanye is a real fan like me,as I see. i got the same feelin.