Kendrick Lamar Responds to Meek Mill in Brooklyn (Video)

blame it on Illy September 11, 2013

Last night, we got word that Kendrick Lamar had some words to say to Meek Mill in response to his recent diss. Today, thanks to Miss Info, we now have footage of how it all went down during last night's sold-out show in Brooklyn. Where does it go from here?

  • wat

    Probably won't go much further. Meek will probably put out another weak Kendrick diss but that's about it. I don't see Kendrick putting out an entire Meek diss track. He'll probably just speak on the "issue" in interviews but that'll be about it.

  • brad stevens

    shit that was pretty fuckin epic. they need to make a studio version sounding like that

  • He need to be going at JS THE BEST he dissed him the hardest in my opinion anyway but I guess since he's a new artist kendrick will try to hide behind that.

  • He need to be going at JS THE BEST he dissed him the hardest in my opinion anyway but I guess since hes a new artist kendrick will try to hide behind that.

  • Ayeee

    Yoooo I need the whole video of this perfromance.

  • i crazy? no. not me sir

    "He’ll probably just speak on the “issue” in interviews but that’ll be about it."
    and this is ok with the Kendrick dick suckers because anything Jesus Christ Lamar does is always going to be over people's heads. There's never any hate for Kendrick. The Kendrick fans on the other hand are a big group nut swallowers who continue to make this kid bigger then he actually is. Meek's shit wasn't weak but the size of the Kendrick's figurative dick has fans blind

  • Exhibit C

    Kendrick's my guy, I still think Jay Electricity had a better verse on Control though. Big Sean's was dope too, that was just a classic song.

  • Mike Wallop

    @i crazy? no. not me sir

    Wouldn't it have been easier to just type, "I hate Kendrick"?

  • Shawn

    @i crazy? no. not me sir

    You just proved you're a fucking idiot. Meek is fucking garbage in all facets compared to Kendrick. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

  • Dmxtreme

    what is the song ? download audio?

  • dicksquad

    yo! with the live band behind him? thats fucking insane, i would love to see that

  • Wblace

    shhity crowd...

  • it's the first half of m.A.A.d city. it's just a live version of it, with an actual band playing.

  • JR

    i cant believe i saw this kid with only 20 people in a club. gave daps to everybody. now he's selling out shows.

  • mynameismyname

    dot came along way since myspace promoting tde and his stuff. Now everybody on his dick how funny.

  • Will Da God

    I cannot believe how people dick ride this dude. He said some bullshit and his fans are like he killed meek damn. This dude is garbage sorry, but its true. His lyrics are not so much different from Cole and his content is average. I think Rock and Soul are the only true talent in TDE, they both are better lyrically and have much better content. You want lyrical listen to KA or Cannibal OX, that is lyrical not this bullshit.

  • Rex Ruger

    A lotta trolls out these days. Kendrick doing everything right to get so many>

    How is Kendrick garbage? Cuz he's shitting on your favorite rapper? Going on world tours? He's not desecrating the game. He's not on some gimmicky bullshit. He's not a one hit wonder. I bet most of you who come here to just talk shit have never even listened to the KL EP, OD, and Section 80 end to end. Ya'll gotta be trollin. Meek Mill for damn sure isn't better than Kendrick.