• LA

    Bout time! Fucking faggot

    • Krude1

      You are a homophobic moron! He's a hip hop legend and will be regarded as such. For you to dismiss that and call him a "faggot" just sounds like you're self projecting.


    This should not be happening, hes a fucking legend in the game. Did more to hip hop than anyone out right now doing it. Stupid fucking morons who cant accept that homosexuality is a part of this world and always will be.

  • smiffl

    Dude, just say you are gay and get it over with already. It's 2013, nobody cares anymore. Plus it's not like anyone will be surprised anymore.

  • RSX

    He looks like he enjoys the peen

  • Jay

    Run on sentence muh fugga

  • Jahsto

    @riiiiiight that's not the point at all, nobody likes a liar who keeps making excuses and playing the victim. last time i checked man woman gay straight soliciting a prostitute was against the law. dude needs to come out so he can stop this risky behavior

  • Thank Me

    ol dick in the booty ass nigga

  • gregory kruxx.

    Throwback at Noon??!! Shake where u been yo. They did away with that shit a minute ago..He plays an ol joint then ten new of the same ol bs..They said the ratings was done so they shut it down like 6 months ago maybe more.
    .N truthfully Cee sucks..not cause his personal life neither...homeboy cant mix for shit.
    They should have had Flex killin it and doing it but Ebro be on some corporate bs

    Cee do like like a trany luva though...fuked up but im sayin though look at this pic u used of him

  • $$$

    You can still catch him in central park looking for dick

  • Sex Ed Teacher

    He's mentally ill. Any man that thinks sex is putting his penis in another man's booty hole is sick. That is sex education 101. Penises go in vaginas to keep life going. Anything outside of that is a fetish and some are sicker than others.

  • nun.hyer

    this is a sad story for real. his achievements in the game are legendary. it's bad that it took this situation for him to come to terms with this. at the end of the day do you, but do it in a legal way, man.