• adi Pre

    Lmao all three are hilarious.

  • http://str8outdaden.com J.Good

    I'm sorry but that's clever and classic. I wonder how much he will make before someone steps in with a lawsuit?

  • http://udthreadz.com UDT

    I have a feeling a Miley Cirus is coming.

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    That shit is fucking hilarious, and with everybody so FB/INSTAGRAM/TWIITER happy, those shits are gonna sell. Might get the Drake one just to wear around all my friends who are Stans

  • http://cooliscommon.tumblr.com @Q_Hefner_

    Two buttons are best....three buttons? Thats just tacky. Ironic though i guess....